Derrick Gordon's family had mixed reactions when he came out as gay -
derrick gordon

BISHOP | Robinson debunks conspiracies with arrival to campus

WBKO - 10 Jul 2017
A lot of this, for the modern Western Kentucky basketball fan, the fan coming of age during the era of message boards and Twitter accounts and digital coverage, is new. Not since Derrick Gordon, a four-star guard from New Jersey in 2011, has there been ...
derrick gordon

Jason Collins continuing to push for LGBT acceptance in sports

Chicago Tribune - 10 Jul 2017
Derrick Gordon became the first male Division I basketball player to come out when he played at UMass in 2014. Former NFL lineman Ryan O'Callaghan recently came out by telling his heart-wrenching story about the anxiety he faced as a closeted athlete.
derrick gordon

New Tavares coach Derrick Campbell in it for the kids

Daily Commercial - 18 Jul 2017
A member of Eustis High School's record-setting team in 2003-04, Campbell learned the nuances of the game playing for coach Rob Gordon and later became his understudy at Orlando Maynard Evans, one of Central Florida's top programs over the past 45 ...
derrick gordon

Gordon Hayward Sign-and-Trade Options

Celtics - 06 Jul 2017
That means that if the Celtics were to stash Yabusele and waive Mickey but then trade Rozier and Jackson to Utah (or one with the other going elsewhere) in a Gordon Hayward sign-and-trade they would land $500,000 under the salary cap. Salaries do NOT ...
derrick gordon

After Gordon Hayward: Heroes and Villains

SLC Dunk - 08 Jul 2017
After all, this has been done before: when Deron Williams was traded out of town like a scapegoat with the sins of Jerry Sloan's retirement place upon him, fans looked to Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors as the new faces of the franchise. These ...
derrick gordon

Utah Jazz: Still confident after Gordon Hayward's Miami meeting

Hoops Habit - 02 Jul 2017
Whiteside isn't the player Rudy Gobert is, while Joe Ingles' reported re-signing will excite Hayward more than playing alongside Johnson. Udonis Haslem might be the ultimate locker room guy, but even an injured Derrick Favors is going to light him up ...
derrick gordon

Could the Utah Jazz be better without Gordon Hayward?

SLC Dunk - 14 Jul 2017
Maybe even a great one. The other thing we have not considered is before last season, Rudy Gobert and Gordon Hayward weren't even considered our best players, Derrick Favors was. If “the Beast” can get healthy and return to the player we know and love, ...
derrick gordon

2017 NBA Free Agency: What's Left To Sort Out?

Sports Illustrated - 19 Jul 2017
Gordon Hayward took his time by modern NBA standards. His decision was made by July 4th, three days after free agency officially began. Within a the most pressing business had been squared away: Hayward, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, ...
derrick gordon

Brutally Honest, Too-Early Offseason Report Card

SLC Dunk - 23 Jul 2017
There are things yet to be seen that could improve this offseason grade; the Utah Jazz are still an exciting team to watch this upcoming season, but it has been underreported just how bad losing Gordon hurts this Utah team in the short term. While the ...

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