Destiny's beta comparison video: PS4 versus Xbox One -
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Destiny's beta comparison video: PS4 versus Xbox One

Polygon - 23 Jul 2014
Now that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have access to the Destiny beta we thought it would be fun to compare what the first few minutes of each looked like. Do keep in mind that while the PlayStation 4 beta runs at 1080p, the Xbox One beta is ...
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Destiny 2 Strike-Specific Loot is on the Way - 16 Jan 2018
Many veteran Destiny players were upset that many of the aspects of the first shooter were lost in translation during development of the sequel. Though Bungie did deliver on their promise of an in-depth narrative, something that was a huge gripe during ...
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Report: Destiny 2 Could Be Getting A Crimson Days Event Next Month - 09 Jan 2018
However, some data miners have managed to look through Destiny 2's most recent files and have come across some new exotic weapon ornaments, and while they don't have that much significance in themselves, there is a Crimson Days icon that appears in the ...
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Destiny 2: Bungie Makes Requested Changes to How Eververse Works - 12 Jan 2018
This weekend's Dragon Ball FighterZ beta has been quite eventful, but it's also been laden with particular problems, including connectivity issues. Bandai Namco was considering extending it at one point, but we haven't heard about when it would be ...
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Metal Gear Survive is always online, has microtransactions

VG247 - 18 Jan 2018
Follow us: Release dates: every game confirmed for 2018 · Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta guide: tips for winning in Square Enix's RPG fighter · The best free games on PS4 and Xbox One · The best PS4 accessories – the cheapest must-have accessories ...
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Goddess protein could be a gift for medicine, study shows

AOL UK - 17 Jan 2018
An anti-ageing protein named after a Greek goddess who spun the thread of life has untapped potential in the treatment of multiple diseases, scientists have discovered. Understanding the structure of the beta-Klotho molecule could lead to new ways of ...
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Tomorrow's 'Destiny 2' Beta Is A Watershed Moment For The Series

Forbes - 17 Jul 2017
It's genuinely hard to believe that three years ago I was playing the original Destiny beta, and here we are about to test out the sequel for the first time. The Destiny 2 beta goes live for pre-ordering PS4 players tomorrow (because of course), with ...
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What's included in Destiny 2's beta

Polygon - 06 Jul 2017
Destiny 2's beta test kicks off in less than two weeks, giving Guardians a small taste of what's to come when the full game launches in September. Today, Bungie confirmed what content will be available during the Destiny 2 beta, and if you've been ...
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Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started The 'Destiny 2' Beta

Forbes - 21 Jul 2017
The open beta for Destiny 2 has arrived, with the previous three days being an early access period to pre-ordering Xbox One and PS4 players. I started playing earlier in the week so I'm more or less done with the beta at this point outside of a few ...
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Destiny 2 Guided Games guide

Polygon - 22 Sep 2017
Destiny 2 is a social game. Just about everything (in the game) is better with friends. A full Fireteam is a requirement if you even want to experience some late-game content like a raid. That means you're going to need some friends. And that's where ...
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Destiny 2 beta hits PC on Aug. 28, system specs revealed

Polygon - 27 Jul 2017
Windows PC gamers will be able to try the Destiny 2 beta for four days starting Aug. 28, developer Bungie announced today. Players who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 will get a day of early access. Bungie will open up the beta to all PC gamers on Aug. 29 ...

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