Destiny's beta comparison video: PS4 versus Xbox One -
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Destiny's beta comparison video: PS4 versus Xbox One

Polygon - 23 Jul 2014
Now that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have access to the Destiny beta we thought it would be fun to compare what the first few minutes of each looked like. Do keep in mind that while the PlayStation 4 beta runs at 1080p, the Xbox One beta is ...
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Destiny Media Technologies Announces Beta Release of Play MPE Version 8

Canada NewsWire (press release) - 21 Feb 2018
VANCOUVER, Feb. 21, 2018 /CNW/ - Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY) (OTCQB: DSNY), today announced the beta release of the much anticipated version 8 of its release publishing tools for Play MPE®. The most significant update to the Play MPE service ...
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'Destiny 2' beta: Here's how and when you can play

USA TODAY - 18 Jul 2017
The blockbuster action game Destiny 2 won't reach PlayStation 4 or Xbox One until September 6. But you can try out an early slice of the game as soon as Tuesday. Bungie, the game's developers, are rolling out a beta for Destiny 2 on the video game ...
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Bungie Gives Players A Warning About The 'Destiny 2' Beta

Forbes - 15 Jul 2017
The Destiny 2 Beta is nearly upon us, giving Guardians the world over their first chance to get some hands-on time with the follow-up to the strange, vexing and powerfully addictive Destiny, a game that really came into its own over the course of its ...
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Destiny 2 beta hits PC on Aug. 28, system specs revealed

Polygon - 27 Jul 2017
Windows PC gamers will be able to try the Destiny 2 beta for four days starting Aug. 28, developer Bungie announced today. Players who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 will get a day of early access. Bungie will open up the beta to all PC gamers on Aug. 29 ...
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An enormous space fish has been found in the Destiny 2 beta

PC Gamer - 30 Aug 2017
But due to some pretty clear connections between a leaked PlayStation trophy description and some recently updated concept art, some players think our massive fish friend could have something to do with Destiny 2's as-yet unannounced raid. The trophy ...
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'Destiny 2' beta begins July 18th on consoles, hits PC in August

Engadget - 06 Jul 2017
If you want to get your hands on Destiny 2 before it comes out this September 6th, Activision and developer Bungie have you covered. Folks who pre-ordered the game for PlayStation 4 can start playing July 18th, while everyone else on consoles will have ...
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Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started The 'Destiny 2' Beta

Forbes - 21 Jul 2017
The open beta for Destiny 2 has arrived, with the previous three days being an early access period to pre-ordering Xbox One and PS4 players. I started playing earlier in the week so I'm more or less done with the beta at this point outside of a few ...
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A 'Destiny' Addict Plays The 'Destiny 2' Beta And Loves It

Forbes - 19 Jul 2017
I've spent my time in Destiny. I've sunk hours into games before, but there was something about Bungie's space shooter that grabbed me hard: the addictive mix of moment-to-moment gunplay and endless loot chasing, the story and world so inscrutable you ...
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Here are Destiny 2's PC system requirements (update)

Polygon - 12 Oct 2017
A 4K screenshot of Crucible action in Destiny 2. Bungie/Activision. Between now and then, Bungie will launch the Prestige version of Destiny 2's Leviathan raid. It was supposed to go live this week, but the studio postponed it to Oct. 18 after ...
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Destiny 2 early access beta preloads are now live

PC Gamer - 25 Aug 2017
Updating drivers to the latest version grants the best experience when playing Destiny 2 on PC. The Destiny 2 Beta may not run when installed to a folder with some localized character types in its name (e.g. Greek, Cyrillic, Kanji, etc.). Players ...
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Destiny 2 Guided Games guide

Polygon - 22 Sep 2017
Destiny 2 is a social game. Just about everything (in the game) is better with friends. A full Fireteam is a requirement if you even want to experience some late-game content like a raid. That means you're going to need some friends. And that's where ...
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How to Access the Destiny 2 Beta

IGN - 20 Jul 2017
Those who pre-ordered on PS4 will gain access on 18th July 2017 at 10:00 am PT. Those who pre-ordered on Xbox One will gain access on 19th July 2017 at 10:00 am PT. Public Beta for console opens on 21st July 2017. The PC Exclusive Beta will start on ...

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