Destiny: Rise of Iron Review in Progress -
destiny rise of iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review in Progress

GameSpot - 19 Sep 2016
In its third year, Destiny is finally trying to explore the myths that have pervaded its world since launch. The Rise of Iron expansion brings a new storyline with fantasy elements, more cooperative strikes, additional public events, an assortment of ...
destiny rise of iron

The Art Of Bungie's Destiny 2

Kotaku - 22 Sep 2017
With the release of Rise of Iron, Destiny is now bigger than ever. As is this gallery of the game's … Read more Read. Below you'll find an ever-growing catalogue of pieces that went into the development and promotion of Bungie's shooter, with work ...
destiny rise of iron

'Destiny 2's' First Expansion release date

Blasting News - 18 Oct 2017
After that, there were three more expansion packs for "Destiny." The second came was "House of Wolves" on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. Then, "The Taken King" hit on Tuesday, September 15, 2015. Finally, one year later, "Rise of Iron" came out on Tuesday, ...
destiny rise of iron

Destiny's remaining PlayStation exclusives finally arrive on Xbox

Polygon - 03 Oct 2017
All of the original Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content is, at long last, available on Xbox, finally bringing people on Microsoft systems up to speed after multiple years of lagging behind their Sony counterparts. Thanks to a marketing deal between ...
destiny rise of iron

Destiny 2 Iron banner details confirm return of classic vendor

PlayStation Universe - 27 Sep 2017
According to info from the game's database (via Destiny's Reddit page), the Iron Banner will once again see the return of Lord Saladin as the vendor for the Crucible-based event, who was previously absent in Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion. Saladin ...
destiny rise of iron

China's destiny on track with global prosperity

Global Times - 18 Oct 2017
During the past five years of Chinese President Xi Jinping's leadership, we have seen the destiny of China and of the world converging. The world has been eager to know the impact of China's rise on human civilization and the global economy and how ...
destiny rise of iron

Is Rise of Iron the last and the least of Destiny's expansions?

Ars Technica - 24 Sep 2016
But after a week with Destiny: Rise of Iron, the fourth expansion to Bungie's endlessly injured shooter, I'm mostly befuddled. That's not just because the expansion is lighter on content than I could have imagined, but because it seems light on care.
destiny rise of iron

Something Just Feels Off With 'Destiny: Rise Of Iron'

Forbes - 22 Sep 2016
I've been playing Rise of Iron for the last day and a half now, which is the largest, substantive expansion for Destiny since The Taken King that arrived last fall. I wrote up my early impressions yesterday, and I've since doubled my playtime. The new ...
destiny rise of iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - 28 Sep 2016
Rise of Iron is Destiny's last substantive expansion for the foreseeable future, until an overhauled Destiny 2 launches in late 2017 or beyond. It consists of a brief new story campaign, a new patrol zone, a new competitive mode, a few new multiplayer ...
destiny rise of iron

Destiny 2 - Первый престижный рейд был пройден за час - 18 Oct 2017
Первый престижный рейд MMOFPS Destiny 2 был запущен этим утром. Игроков ожидала сложнейшая версия рейда Leviathan, которая должна была проверить навыки и меткость каждого рейдера. Но, судя по всему, серьезной проверки не ...
destiny rise of iron

The 5 Biggest Problems With 'Destiny: Rise Of Iron'

Forbes - 27 Sep 2016
Destiny: Rise of Iron has been out for a week now, and I've played quite a bit of it, though I still have unexplored content. It's been really fun getting back into Destiny, after having been absent for some months during the Long Content Drought of ...
destiny rise of iron

'Destiny: Rise of Iron' – Age of Triumph Launch Trailer

Breitbart News - 23 Mar 2017
Developer Bungie invites players to “enter Destiny's Age of Triumph and celebrate your legend” with the final live event for sci-fi shooter Destiny. Age of Triumph brings all of the game's raids up to the current end-game level and will reward players ...

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