Destiny: Rise of Iron Review in Progress -
destiny rise of iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review in Progress

GameSpot - 19 Sep 2016
In its third year, Destiny is finally trying to explore the myths that have pervaded its world since launch. The Rise of Iron expansion brings a new storyline with fantasy elements, more cooperative strikes, additional public events, an assortment of ...
destiny rise of iron

Bungie's next 'Destiny 2' update backtracks on DLC 'mistakes'

Engadget - 12 Dec 2017
Foregoing the expansion basically kept you out of Prestige versions of the Leviathan raid and weekly Nightfall strike on the PVP side, and Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner in the PVP Crucible. Plus, completionists on consoles couldn't get their hands ...
destiny rise of iron

Turns Out Curse of Osiris has a Good Hook

Hardcore Gamer - 18 Dec 2017
If having kept up with the last few Destiny 2 articles to come out featuring some heavy concerns over Curse of Osiris, then let me eat my words. Curse of Osiris adds just enough content to flesh out more of what Destiny 2 is, but it still needs the ...
destiny rise of iron

Is Rise of Iron the last and the least of Destiny's expansions?

Ars Technica - 24 Sep 2016
But after a week with Destiny: Rise of Iron, the fourth expansion to Bungie's endlessly injured shooter, I'm mostly befuddled. That's not just because the expansion is lighter on content than I could have imagined, but because it seems light on care ...
destiny rise of iron

Destiny's remaining PlayStation exclusives finally arrive on Xbox

Polygon - 03 Oct 2017
All of the original Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content is, at long last, available on Xbox, finally bringing people on Microsoft systems up to speed after multiple years of lagging behind their Sony counterparts. Thanks to a marketing deal between ...
destiny rise of iron

'Destiny: Rise of Iron' – Age of Triumph Launch Trailer

Breitbart News - 23 Mar 2017
Developer Bungie invites players to “enter Destiny's Age of Triumph and celebrate your legend” with the final live event for sci-fi shooter Destiny. Age of Triumph brings all of the game's raids up to the current end-game level and will reward players ...
destiny rise of iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - 28 Sep 2016
I have been playing Destiny diligently since it launched in fall of 2014. I've devoted full weeks in aggregate to raiding and striking and grinding along with my core cadre of friendly fellow players. I've played every mission and map and mode ...
destiny rise of iron

The 5 Biggest Problems With 'Destiny: Rise Of Iron'

Forbes - 27 Sep 2016
Destiny: Rise of Iron has been out for a week now, and I've played quite a bit of it, though I still have unexplored content. It's been really fun getting back into Destiny, after having been absent for some months during the Long Content Drought of ...
destiny rise of iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron guide: How to get Gjallarhorn

Polygon - 23 Sep 2016
This is the a frustrating platforming section that takes place right in the Iron Temple. Head to the rocks overlooking the Iron Temple where you found the first Medallion. Now you're going to have to climb rocks. Be sure to max out your character's ...
destiny rise of iron

Rise of Iron Exotic Quests

IGN - 25 Sep 2016
There are two ways to initiate this questline, which culminates in the acquisition of an exotic Khvostov auto-rifle. 1. Dismantle a Y1 Khvostov - It is not uncommon for nostalgic players to keep the first gun they ever acquired - though those willing ...
destiny rise of iron

Rise of Iron Story Missions

IGN - 21 Sep 2016
Rise of Iron Quest. Best Deal: %displayPrice% @ %seller%. Search this wiki. Expand Navigation. Destiny Wiki Guide · Updates · Walkthrough · Rise of Iron · Rise of Iron Story Missions · King of the Mountain · The Walls Come Down · The Iron Temple and ...
destiny rise of iron

Rise of Iron

IGN - 09 Jun 2016
The point here is that you'll be able to level them up right away once you get into Rise of Iron. Go to your current faction and hand in a few heavy ammo synths (the most efficient way of leveling up, but you can use whatever you want) until you're ...
destiny rise of iron

Here's how Destiny 2 will honor Destiny veterans

Polygon - 22 Jun 2017
Laurel Triumphant: You completed a Moment of Triumph during Destiny's first year. Laurea Prima II: You completed all 10 Moments of Triumph during Destiny's first year. Slayer of Oryx: You owned The Taken King and completed a Moment of Triumph during ...
destiny rise of iron

Watch The Launch Trailer For Destiny's 'Rise Of Iron' Right Here

Forbes - 14 Sep 2016
It's nearly time to start playing Destiny again. Bungie's shared world shooter is gearing up for Rise of Iron, a major expansion promising a new story, a new raid, new crucible options and, of course, the requisite suite of new weapons and armor. Rise ...

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