Watch a Devil Baby Terrify New Yorkers in Prank Video -
devil baby

Watch a Devil Baby Terrify New Yorkers in Prank Video

ABC News (blog) - 15 Jan 2014
You may want to think twice before poking your head in the next passing stroller. You never know if it might be harboring a terrifying zombie baby. As a promotion for the upcoming horror film “Devil's Due,” filmmakers made a remote-controlled stroller ...
devil baby

“Baby Driver” and “My Journey Through French Cinema”

The New Yorker - 26 Jun 2017
Time and again, he is hired by a villain named Doc (Kevin Spacey), who says of him, “He's a good kid, and a devil behind the wheel. What the hell else more do you need to know?” Near the start of the film, we find Baby in a Santa-red Subaru, waiting ...
devil baby

'Baby Driver' marches to the beat of its own iPod

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 29 Jun 2017
The longer Baby drives for Doc, the sloppier and more dangerous the jobs become. Eventually, Baby has Buddy (Jon Hamm), a former Wall Street-type with a serious drug problem, as the devil on one shoulder and Bats (Jamie Foxx), a hair-trigger sociopath, ...
devil baby

Artists give 'the devil at the dance' a feminist spin

San Antonio Express-News (subscription) - 12 Jul 2017
In “Angel Baby,” a video installation organized by Lady Base Gallery and on view at AP Art Lab, the artists tweak the story, reworking it from a feminist perspective. For the piece, Chávez and Flores recast the devil as a woman. Self-possessed, their ...
devil baby

Kansas Rocks The 'Supernatural' Panel Stage With Carry On Wayward Son

Bleeding Cool News - 24 Jul 2017
The lights dimmed, the screen showed Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in “Baby”, as themselves, ready to take off on a road trip to Comic-Con! The screens on the side walls of the hall lit up with “Supernatural” stretched across it. Familiar music ...
devil baby

'Baby Doe' Killer Convicted, but Her Mother Walks Free

Daily Beast - 26 Jun 2017
BOSTON — After 23 hours of deliberation, a jury has found Michael McCarthy guilty of murdering the two-year-old girl that became nationally known as “Baby Doe.” The homicide case drew national attention when a woman walking her dog on Boston's Deer ...

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