Dewey Bozella (born 1959) is a former amateur boxer who is best... -
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Dewey Bozella (born 1959) is a former amateur boxer who is best...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
Dewey Bozella (born 1959) is a former amateur boxer who is best known for being imprisoned for a conviction which was eventually overturned. Convicted in 1983 for the murder of an elderly woman, Bozella served 26 years in prison before his conviction was overturned in 2009.
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Dewey Bozella to speak on his 26 years of false imprisonment

SUNY Oswego - 11 Sep 2017
SUNY Oswego's public justice department and its David F. Cutler '74 Public Justice Excellence Fund will feature Dewey Bozella, who spent 26 years in prison before his murder conviction was overturned, speaking at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, in Room ...
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How a Boxer Fought Free After Years of Wrongful Imprisonment

New York Times - 09 Dec 2016
To ESPN fans and New Yorkers the story of Dewey Bozella will be familiar. An amateur boxer imprisoned for two and a half decades for a murder he didn't commit, Bozella, freed in 2009, was the network's 2011 Arthur Ashe Courage Award winner. He was ...
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263 Overturned Murder Convictions—Just 16 New Suspects Charged

Daily Beast - 02 Jul 2017
In December of 1983, a 24-year-old black man named Dewey Bozella was convicted of her murder and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. In May of 1990, a judge found that prosecutors had improperly excluded black people from Bozella's jury and ...
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Abandoned Justice: Who's Looking for the Killers?

Crime Report (subscription) - 05 Jul 2017
Bozella was convicted again. Then, in 2009, another judge vacated that conviction. This time, the district attorney declined to file new charges and Dewey Bozella found himself, after 26 years behind bars, a free man. The court's decision to overturn ...
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After 26 Years in Prison, Settling a Wrongful Conviction

New York Times - 13 Jan 2015
WHITE PLAINS — Dewey Bozella was once the light-heavyweight boxing champion of Sing Sing, a distinction he won while serving 26 years in prison for a murder for which he was eventually exonerated. More recently, he stepped into the ring for another ...
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Dewey Bozella's Next Challenge: Life On the Outside

VICE - 25 Sep 2015
Dewey Bozella's life has only just begun. He has a 20-year plan. He wants to be an actor. And a director. Action films. Drama series. All of it. And he wants to open a boxing gym to help kids near the troubled cities where he lives, so that they might ...
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Wrongful-conviction case cost Dutchess $9.4M & may increase

Poughkeepsie Journal - 05 Apr 2015
$9,391,354. That's how much Dutchess County's settlement of Dewey Bozella's wrongful murder conviction lawsuit is costing taxpayers. The county has paid $7.5 million to settle Bozella's civil court case, but a Poughkeepsie Journal investigation has ...
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Exonerated of Murder, a Boxer Makes a Debut at 52

New York Times - 11 Oct 2011
Cliché or not, it is hard not to imagine the familiar trumpet score along with the thwock, thwock, thwock of fists on punching bags as Dewey Bozella trains for one of the least likely boxing matches in history. After 26 years in New York State prisons ...
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Shootaround Report: 12/2 vs. Magic - 02 Dec 2016
Coaches, players, and members of the team's basketball operations staff alike heard from Dewey Bozella, a 57-year old former boxer who was wrongfully incarcerated for 26 years. In October of 2009, murder charges against him were dropped upon the ...
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Who killed Emma Crapser? Ex-prosecutor: Bozella; ex-cop doubts it

Poughkeepsie Journal - 24 May 2015
The decades-old brutal murder of 92-year-old Emma Crapser is still an unsolved crime. Or is it? It depends on who's asked. Dewey Bozella, who always maintained his innocence, was twice convicted of Crapser's 1977 murder. He spent 26 years in prison but ...
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Dewey Bozella agrees to settle suit against Dutchess County

Poughkeepsie Journal - 13 Jan 2015
Dewey Bozella and Dutchess County agreed to settle his $25 million wrongful imprisonment lawsuit, though the exact dollar amount of the settlement is still to be approved. Bozella, a current Beacon resident and former City of Poughkeepsie resident ...
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Unyielding in His Innocence, Now a Free Man

New York Times - 29 Oct 2009
SEVERAL times over the 26 years he spent in prison for the 1977 murder of a 92-year-old woman, Dewey Bozella was dealt a potential get-out-of-jail card. In multiple plea-bargain offers during his trial in 1990 and in four subsequent parole hearings, ...
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Dewey Bozella to get $7.5 million lawsuit settlement - 13 Feb 2015
Boxing fans learned about Dewey Bozella when he was set to make his pro debut, a 52-year-old man stepping into the ring after serving 26 years in prison for a murder he did not actually commit. Bozella sued a county in Upstate New York after his ...

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