The incident might have been forgotten, except that when Truman was pa... -
dewey defeats truman

The incident might have been forgotten, except that when Truman was pa...

wikipedia - 10 Nov 2016
The incident might have been forgotten, except that when Truman was passing through St. Louis on the way to Washington two days later, he stepped to the rear platform of his train car, the Ferdinand Magellan, and was handed a copy of the Tribune early edition. Happy to exult in the paper's error, he held it up for the photographers gathered at the station, and the famous picture (in several versions) was taken. Henning's obituary in 1966, published in the Tribune, makes no mention of the event.
dewey defeats truman

Trailing Cramer, Heitkamp aims to defy polls - again

Grand Forks Herald - 12 Oct 2018
Heitkamp, a Democrat, is hoping for another Dewey-defeats-Truman moment next month. She shrugged off public polls showing her behind Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer, noting that President Donald Trump was expected to lose in 2016. "If polls decided ...
dewey defeats truman

'Truman' to recreate visit to Danville

Danville Commercial News - 11 Oct 2018
Danville was just one stop on a 30,000-mile tour that many attribute to Truman's unexpected re-election. Dewey was so favored to win that predictions were still going his way late into election night and culminated with the infamous "Dewey Defeats ...
dewey defeats truman

Broom Street Theater "Unpresidented" - 13 Oct 2018
Broom Street Theater performs a series of short plays based on the Oval Office occupants - with barely a mention of the current guy. Beg Pardon by Philip Heckman. Dewey Defeats Truman by Dwayne Yancey. Local Pilgrimage by Phillip Kaplan. President Of ...
dewey defeats truman

On other side of familiar position, Indians need 3 straight wins

Houston Chronicle - 08 Oct 2018
The last time the Cleveland Indians won the World Series, gas cost 16 cents a gallon, the first Polaroid Land camera went on sale and the Chicago Daily Tribune was three weeks from declaring “Dewey Defeats Truman.” The world has changed a lot since ...
dewey defeats truman

11 iconic newspaper front pages from world-famous events

Business Insider - 25 Sep 2018
Newspapers offer a glimpse into the past and inform us of the events of the present. Some newspapers are remembered along with the significant historical event they reported on, like the Chicago Tribune's front page featuring Obama winning the 2008 ...
dewey defeats truman

Stressed-Out September Reading Update

550 KTSA - 24 Sep 2018
“Whistle Stop: How 31,000 miles of train travel…saved the Presidency of Harry Truman” by Philip While (2014) Stumbled across this book recently, and it was a gem. We've all seen the “Dewey Defeats Truman” photo from 1948. This quick read takes you ...
dewey defeats truman

In St. Louis, Landmarks Are Given New Life As Fine Hotels

Forbes - 02 Oct 2018
"Dewey Defeats Truman.” The famous photograph of Harry S. Truman holding up the equally-famous newspaper headline goof was shot in the historic St. Louis Union Station. Today, as the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton it is a ...
dewey defeats truman

Donald Trump vs. Harry S. Truman: Two china shop bulls

Jackson Clarion Ledger - 12 Oct 2018
Truman was given no chance for reelection in 1947. The Chicago Tribune's misplaced headline “Dewey defeats Truman” is still one of the most quoted malapropos in journalistic history. The president was opposed by some members of his own party.
dewey defeats truman

'Fahrenheit 11/9' is Moore at his best

Toledo Blade - 21 Sep 2018
In fact, when he made the “Truman Defeats Dewey” prediction months before the election, he was chastised by fans and mocked by liberals. And now that we're approaching the second anniversary of the election night — which was actually called on Nov.
dewey defeats truman

WAGUESPACK: Dewey Defeats Truman

The Hayride - 04 Dec 2017
Unfortunately, they can also be confusing…misleading…or sometimes flat out wrong. The most extreme American example of this happened on November 3, 1948. The banner headline of that morning's Chicago Daily Tribune read, “Dewey Defeats Truman.
dewey defeats truman

A 'Dewey Defeats Truman' Lesson for the Digital Age

New York Times - 09 Nov 2016
All the dazzling technology, the big data and the sophisticated modeling that American newsrooms bring to the fundamentally human endeavor of presidential politics could not save American journalism from yet again being behind the story, behind the ...
dewey defeats truman

Clinton-Trump Probably Won't Be The Next 'Dewey Defeats Truman'

FiveThirtyEight - 18 Oct 2016
We're getting to that point in the presidential campaign — with one candidate leading by a lot — when the losing candidate's supporters start to bring up the 1948 election — the one with the famous “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline when the polls were ...
dewey defeats truman

NOVAK: No “Dewey defeats Truman” effect in 2016

University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily - 03 Nov 2016
In 1948, N.Y. Gov. Thomas Dewey defeated President Harry Truman to become the 34th president of the United States. Or so claimed the Chicago Tribune, in one of the biggest mea culpas in campaign reporting history, perhaps second only to the Literary ...

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