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Birder's Eye View: The thrill of something new

Bluffton Today - 10 Sep 2017
I quickly developed a case of bird envy as I looked at the three roseate spoonbills perched on the dock railing. Yes, bird watching is definitely an exhilarating and habit-forming hobby. Good birding! Bird enthusiast Diana Churchill can be reached via ...
diana churchill

What to Know About the Royal Blood in Princess Diana's Family

TIME - 30 Aug 2017
The fourth royal paramour, Arabella, daughter of the first Sir Winston Churchill, was a favorite of James II (1633-1701) and bore him a daughter. In short, while Diana's blood may run blue, even purple, scarlet women and black sheep have added to its ...
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Birder's Eye View: One good 'tern' deserves another

Savannah Morning News - 18 Sep 2017
Terns range in size from extra-large (Caspian) to small (least and black). Young black tern pictured here in front of a royal tern. (Diana Churchill/For Savannah Morning News). Royal and Caspian terns side by side. Note that Caspian never has a ...
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Wayland Hall of Fame: Susan Carls Churchill

Wicked Local Wayland - 22 Sep 2017
My mom, Diana Humphrey, was a tireless volunteer for Wayland High School and the town of Wayland and a very dedicated fan. She's tough and at 78 has a huge amount of endurance and still competes in the Tufts 10K. And my father, David Carls, worked ...
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Diana's death was a moment of truth for the royal family

Financial Times - 28 Aug 2017
Just about anyone in Britain can tell you where they were and what they were doing on the morning of August 31 1997, when the world learnt that Diana, Princess of Wales, had been killed in a car crash in Paris. The same is almost certainly true of ...
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Princess Diana's relative on the road to sainthood

Crux: Covering all things Catholic - 31 Aug 2017
(Spencer is also the great-uncle of Winston Churchill.) He grew up on the Spencer family estate at Althorp, where Diana is now buried. Originally ordained a priest in the Church of England, Spencer began studying the writings of the early Church Fathers.
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TIFF 2017: 5 things to look forward to on Day 5

CBC.ca - 11 Sep 2017
With movies focused on the Cold War, Watergate and the Second World War, period dramas will dominate the Toronto International Film Festival's fifth day. Here's what TIFF has in store for Monday.
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Diana's death has mixed legacy for royal family

gulfnews.com - 30 Aug 2017
It is now some six-and-a-half decades ago that she assumed the throne when Winston Churchill was UK prime minister, Joseph Stalin was leader of the Soviet Union, Harry Truman was the US president, and Mao Zedong was the Chinese Communist leader, ...
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Corrections: September 1, 2017

New York Times - 01 Sep 2017
An article on Thursday about the legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales, misstated the nationality of Meghan Markle, an actress who is dating Prince Harry. She is American, not Canadian. •. An article on Thursday about thousands of Rohingya who have fled ...
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Essay: What do Americans see in British royalty?

Newsworks.org - 23 Sep 2017
And despite its occasional false steps, such as when the Queen failed to acknowledge public grieving over Diana's death, the monarchy retains its popularity at home — and in the former colonies. True, there's a small Republican movement in the U.K ...

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