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Diane Sawyer Signs Off from ABC World News

People Magazine - 27 Aug 2014
Without much pomp and circumstance, Diane Sawyer quietly bid adieu to her 5-year role as World News anchor Wednesday night. "I just want you to know what a deep privilege it has been to sit in the anchor chair these years … where Peter Jennings ...
diane sawyer

Here Are 50 Facts About 60 Minutes You May Have Forgotten

TVNewser - 24 Sep 2017
After Diane Sawyer's 1988 story of a man's crusade to ban the steel-tipped lawn dart that killed his daughter, Congress passed legislation banning the sale of the darts. • Steve Kroft's report from Chernobyl included eerie music playing on loudspeakers ...
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Books Reviews: Looking Closely at Nature

The Epoch Times - 23 Sep 2017
It's widely believed that regular contact with nature enhances our lives and is something that all people can enjoy. John Burroughs said, “I am in love with this world . . . I have climbed its mountains, roamed its forests, sailed its waters, crossed ...
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Ellen shares the one word she was told not to say after coming out

PinkNews - 05 Sep 2017
Ellen decided to come out in real life before her character did on the show, with interviews on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Diane Sawyer and the cover of TIME Magazine. “It's something I decided I wanted to do and thought it would be wonderful for me as a ...
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Caitlyn Jenner opens up to Diane Sawyer

ABC News - 21 Apr 2017
I'm breaking a good Diane sorry where she talked for the first time. About her transition phase generally serve back with a powerful new conversations and air on twinkling night. Take a first. Two years ago this is where it began. Bruce Jenner Olympic ...
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Diane Sawyer Takes Us Inside America's Struggling Middle Class

ABC News - 14 Jan 2017
A new president will be inaugurated one week from tonight in so many Americans who voted said their paychecks drove their decision at their families are barely getting by in this country. For more than a year Diane Sawyer has been traveling the country ...

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