Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (born November 28, 1... -
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Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (born November 28, 1...

wikipedia - 12 Nov 2016
Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (born November 28, 1946) is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant.
dick morris

Hillary Destroys Bill's Legacy

Creators Syndicate - 06 Nov 2018
Hillary Clinton has been toxic for Bill Clinton's legacy. Since he left the White House, his history has been one of sharply declining favorability ratings whenever she runs. Those ratings recover afterward. Then they decline when she runs again. And ...
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40 Percent of Election Polls Were Wrong

Creators Syndicate - 10 Nov 2018
The polling in the 2018 election was terrible. In the hotly contested Senate and governor races that played out across the country, 4 out of 10 polls were wrong (i.e., predicted the wrong winner). And 60 percent of the polls got the final numbers wrong ...
dick morris

All Economic Signs Positive Going Into Cliffhanger Election

Creators Syndicate - 03 Nov 2018
The 2018 midterms are balanced on a razor's edge. Nobody can feel any level of confidence about predicting the outcome. But the economy is showing all the positive signs possible, and Rasmussen Reports, the most reliable polling firm, has Trump's ...
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Is Hillary Clinton being secretly paid to disparage Brexit?

Sumter Item - 19 Oct 2018
In the past few weeks, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has given at least four separate speeches in the U.K. that have been highly critical of Brexit. And we know she never works for nothing. But while she would be required to disclose any ...
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Hi-Bi immortalized in a statue

Muskogee Daily Phoenix - 27 Oct 2018
Richard J. “DickMorris, past Potentate of Bedouin Shrine in Muskogee, is best known locally as Hi-Bi the Shrine Clown. Hi-Bi was recently immortalized in the form of a wooden statue, commissioned by his wife, Alma. Alma hired a local chain saw artist ...
dick morris

Trump's Base Returns in the Nick of Time

Creators Syndicate - 23 Oct 2018
The voters who elected Donald Trump in 2016 are returning to him just as the midterms approach. With their help, Trump has recorded his highest job approval in the Wall Street Journal-NBC poll since he took office — 47 percent. But the real story is ...
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The Border Wall

McCook Daily Gazette - 13 Nov 2018
First off a disclaimer. I have great respect of Gene O. Morris, past editor and recent prolific columnist for the Gazette. Politically Gene and I sit on opposite sides of the fence politically. I consider myself a bit conservative and vote Republican ...
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Community scoreboard — Nov. 14, 2018

Sequim Gazette - 14 Nov 2018
Steve Collatz, 66; 2. Dick McCammon, 70; 3. (tie) Morris Fosse and Barry Tuteur, 71. KPs: Ewing, Riley, Walker, Ken Beard, James Engel. Volleyball. Port Angeles Parks & Recreation. • Nov. 5. Cedars at Dungeness 2, 7 Cedars Casino 1 (25-21-, 25-20, 16-20).
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Bingaman, Schmitt face off in 1982 Senate race

Silver City Daily Press and Independent - 30 Oct 2018
Ken Richards, a longtime friend of Jeff's, served as his campaign manager, and Dick Morris was a consultant on polling and strategy. Morris later wrote that Bingaman faced a tough predicament in opposing incumbent Jack Schmitt. Schmitt had an 80 ...
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Treasure Coast golf scores: Nov. 14, 2018

TCPalm - 14 Nov 2018
(2) Dick and Linda Crossett, David and Ellie Courter 127. (3) Hank Janczewski and Linda King, John and Kathy Lynskey 127. Thursday Men's League: (Nov. 8, Low Net) Flight 1: (1) Vern Morris 55. (2) Jack Messick 57. (3) Hank Janczewski 57. (4) Frank ...
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Patriot Gold Group Set To Sponsor Dick Morris Speaking Series

PR Newswire (press release) - 26 Jun 2018
LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Patriot Gold Group has undertaken corporate sponsorship and communications of the 2018 Dick Morris Speaking Series. The tour launched in Midland/Odessa Texas on June 21, 2018. Dick Morris, former ...
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How to Defeat the Blue Wave

Creators Syndicate - 06 Sep 2018
Alarmingly, all recent polls that have measured "generic preference" by party in the coming congressional elections have recorded a Democratic margin — some by a lot. In this survey question, voters are asked to choose between a hypothetical Democrat ...
dick morris

Dick Morris: Republicans Must Rethink '18 Strategy

Breitbart News - 09 Jun 2018
As Republicans approach the congressional elections of 2018, they need to beware of the pitfalls that may lie ahead. An analysis of the mistakes Bill Clinton made in his first midterm election in 1994 would be instructive for today's GOP leaders.
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Local sports briefs for Nov. 14

Daily American Online - 14 Nov 2018
REELS CORNER — The Monday Senior Indoor Golf League at The Alley this week was won by the team of Rich Murray, Bob Zubek, Dick Hershiser and John Tornatore in a card off with a 13-under. Second place went ...
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Trump's Tax Cut Increased Federal Revenue, Liberals Wrong Again

Creators Syndicate - 17 Jul 2018
The Laffer Curve, named after economist Arthur Laffer, works! As the Curve predicts, increase in tax rates will tend to raise, rather than lower, actual tax revenues. President Donald Trump's tax cuts are becoming a case in point. Despite the cut in ...

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