Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (born November 28, 1... -
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Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (born November 28, 1...

wikipedia - 12 Nov 2016
Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (born November 28, 1946) is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant.
dick morris

Dick Morris: Winning the Trade War with China

The Western Journal - 19 Jun 2018
The current stock market selloff is a key part of a test of wills between Beijing and Washington that President Donald Trump must win. And we must support him while he battles. The fact is that the U.S. sells the Chinese only $130 billion of goods and ...
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Dick Morris on Immigration and 'Dreamers': It's All About Citizenship

The Western Journal - 16 Jun 2018
The Democrats and their media allies constantly and deliberately miss the point when the debate turns to “Dreamers” and immigration. Some Republicans, not including Donald Trump, want the Dreamers — illegal immigrants who were brought into the United ...
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Dick Morris: IG Report Cuts Ground Out from Under Mueller

The Western Journal - 14 Jun 2018
The early indications are that the long-awaited Justice Department Inspector General's report on the FBI and the DOJ's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation puts to rest any notion that President Donald Trump obstructed justice in firing ...
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Dick Morris: Trump Triumphs in Korea

The Western Journal - 12 Jun 2018
It has taken 10 presidents and almost 70 years to heal the breach in the Koreas and the threat it represents to the peace of the world. But Donald Trump is succeeding where all the others have failed. The strong sanctions passed by the United Nations ...
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Dick Morris: Trump Wrong To Dump on Canada

The Western Journal - 10 Jun 2018
The European Union is ripping us off, thus creating a trade imbalance. But Canada is not. So President Donald Trump's truculence at the G-7 conference of leading industrial nations was directed at the wrong target. The U.S.'s trade deficit with Canada ...
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Dick Morris: Punish the GOP Traitors on Immigration

The Western Journal - 24 May 2018
Twenty-one Republican members of the House of Representatives have signed a discharge petition in the hopes that, combined with Democrat members, they can get enough signatures to force a vote on legalizing recipients of the Deferred Action for ...
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Dick Morris: Trump Flushes Out Swamp with Civil Service Exec. Orders

The Western Journal - 31 May 2018
President Donald Trump just keeps on keeping his promises. The president has signed three key executive orders revamping the way the entire civil service system works in the federal government … the very essence of the swamp. No longer will taxpayers ...
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Dick Morris: Trump Set To Float Insurance 1/2 the Cost of Obamacare

The Western Journal - 29 May 2018
As Maryland Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer said, Obamacare is in a “death spiral” of fewer enrollees, more dropouts and higher premiums (huge increases coming later this year). One-third of the people who enrolled in Obamacare in January 2015 ...
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Dick Morris: Republicans Must Rethink '18 Strategy

Breitbart News - 09 Jun 2018
As Republicans approach the congressional elections of 2018, they need to beware of the pitfalls that may lie ahead. An analysis of the mistakes Bill Clinton made in his first midterm election in 1994 would be instructive for today's GOP leaders.
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Reactions to the death of pundit Charles Krauthammer.

WBAL Radio - 22 Jun 2018
FILE - In this June 27, 2012 file photo, from left, moderator Chris Wallace kicks off a discussion with panelists Dick Morris, Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer at the Manufacturer & Business Association's 107th annual event at the Bayfront ...
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Dick Morris: Voters Moving Right While Democrats Moving Left

The Western Journal - 25 May 2018
Over the past five months, President Donald Trump's ratings, according to the moving average, have flipped from 38-58 to 44-52 — a growth of six points in approval and a drop of six points in disapproval. It would be easy — and ...
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Dick Morris: End China's Monopoly on Rare Earth Metals

The Western Journal - 24 May 2018
Even as we are freeing ourselves from reliance on foreign sources for our oil, we now need to take action to end our dependence on China for the production of rare earth metals. These metals are vital components of a plethora of high-tech equipment ...
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Free seminar

Odessa American - 08 Jun 2018
Dick Morris, Deep 6 The Deep State political consultant, will present a free seminar from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Thursday at the MCM Grandé Hotel & FundDome, 6201 E. Business 20. Morris will discuss the 2018 midterm elections, the state of the economy, ...
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Sunshine Summit Razzle-Dazzle Ready to Light Up Florida Republicans

Sunshine State News - 23 Jun 2018
Dick Morris, political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant. He now writes a weekly column for the New York Post which is carried nationwide, contributes columns and ...
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Trump is winning his effort to demonize Mueller

CNN - 29 May 2018
Clinton's strategist at the time, Dick Morris, told Politico last year about the importance of turning a prosecutor into a political enemy. "I think the idea of having an enemy when you're the object of a special prosecutor is a very important one," he ...

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