DJ E-Z Rock Dead: "It Takes Two" Producer Dies at 46; Cause of Death Unknown -
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From Burgers to Sundaes, the Loyal Plays to the Crowd

New York Times - 27 Dec 2017
At times I wanted to stuff my ears with the Parker House rolls, and at other times, like when Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock rolled into “It Takes Two,” I almost thought the noise was necessary for the interior to make sense. Starting with chilled seafood ...
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O Cold Night!

New York Times - 02 Jan 2018
“If you've got somebody who's locked away, put your cellphone lights up,” the D.J. says, and a sea of cellphones are thrust into the air. “If somebody's passed on, put 'em up.” More go up. “Keep 'em up, New Year's Eve,” he says, playing Meek Mill ...
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Che Bong's sound advice

Colorado Springs Independent - 27 Dec 2017
Toney Wren, better known by his stage name Che Bong, started playing music as the drummer in a high school band that specialized in Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Foo Fighters covers. He moved to Colorado Springs in 2006, where he ventured into the ...
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What Happened to A$AP Yams? How Did A$AP Yams Die?

Earn The Necklace - 19 Jan 2018
Rob Base, DJ E-Z Rock, Kurtis Blow, Biz Markie, P. Diddy, Q-Tip, and Damon Dash all hail from Harlem, and Yams decided to follow in their path. Advertisement. Advertisement. Much like Damon Dash and P. Diddy, Yams decided to go more into the producer ...
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BEST OF: Songs für die Hüttengaudi

Kurier - 20 Jan 2018
Party-Banger und Mitsing-Hits für die Zeit nach der Piste. Après-Ski-Spaß mit Pop, Rock, Indie und Hip-Hop - garantiert "Anton aus Tirol"-frei. Und die Prolls von Scooter haben auch Hüttenverbot. Enjoy Skero, Blur, The Commodores, The Crispies u.v.a ...
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Karen Drew Raps with Rob Base at the Hob Nobble Gobble!

WDIV ClickOnDetroit - 21 Nov 2017
Rob Base, of the hip-hop duo with DJ E-Z Rock, from Harlem, came and hung out at this year's Hob Nobble Gobble in Detroit. Base and Rock lead the way for hip-hop to transition into the mainstream. Local 4 anchor and investigative reporter Karen Drew ...
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DJ EZ Rock of 'It Takes Two' Fame Dead at 46 - 28 Apr 2014
Various hip-hop artists paid condolences to the DJ on social media. DJ Scratch posted a late-Eighties picture of the duo on his Instagram, while Biz Markie tweeted, "R.I.P. to EZ Rock from Rob Base and EZ Rock. You will truly be missed." DJ Red Alert ...
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Még nem tudod, hová menj szilveszterkor? Segítünk!

Baranya Ma - 29 Dec 2017
Ha nincs jobb ötlet, vagy ha ez a legjobb, akkor irány a Széchenyi tér Pécsen. Évek óta az egyik legnépszerűbb hely, ha óvébúcsúztatóról van szó. Idén este nolctól Dj Berkó játssza a főként funk, pop és hip-hop alapokra építő tökéletes talpalávaló mix ...
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2018: What tech startups can learn from UK Grime music and Supreme

Irish Tech News - 02 Jan 2018
Personalities and Garage “celebrities” were created such as DJ Spoony, DJ EZ, So Solid Crew, Pay As U go Cartel and my favourite of all (my good friends) Heartless Crew etc with them all being able to command £100's and in many cases £1000's for a one ...
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"CBS This Morning" Spotify Playlist: September 4, 2017

CBS News - 04 Sep 2017
We take our music seriously at "CBS This Morning." Keep up with the music we play on the broadcast by following our "CBS This Morning" Spotify playlist and checking for daily playlist posts. "Upside Down" – Jack Johnson. "Be OK ...

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