Domitian (/dəˈmɪʃən, -iən/; Latin: Titus Flavius Caesar Domitia... -

Domitian (/dəˈmɪʃən, -iən/; Latin: Titus Flavius Caesar Domitia...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
Domitian (/dəˈmɪʃən, -iən/; Latin: Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus; 24 October 51 – 18 September 96) was the Emperor of Rome from 81 to 96. He was the younger brother of Titus and son of Vespasian, his two predecessors on the throne, and the last member of the Flavian dynasty. During his reign, his authoritarian rule put him at sharp odds with the senate, whose powers he drastically curtailed.

The coinage of the Roman Emperor Nerva (AD 96-98)

OUPblog (blog) - 16 Sep 2017
On 18 September, in AD 96, the 65 year-old senator, Nerva, became emperor of Rome (Figure 1). His predecessor, Domitian, was assassinated in the culmination of a palace conspiracy; there is no evidence that Nerva had anything to do with the plot.

The Allure of Black-Colored Food

New York Times - 21 Sep 2017
WE KNOW ONLY a few grim details of the Hell Banquet, which took place in the first century A.D. The host: the glowering, paranoid Roman emperor Domitian, never happier than when executing opponents in the senate. The setting: a room black from floor to ...

The Third Nero— A Novel by Lindsey Davis

Patheos (blog) - 18 Sep 2017
“In 90 A.D., following the Saturninus revolt in Germany, the Emperor Domitian has become more paranoid about traitors and dissenters around him. This leads to several senators and even provincial governors facing charges and being executed for ...

Monuments and memory

Herald-Mail Media - 18 Sep 2017
After the assassination of the Roman Emperor Domitian in 96 AD, his statues were ruthlessly destroyed by his adversaries. Two thousand years later, we are debating the removal of statues of another disgraced regime, the Confederate States of America ...

CAPTA: The Coinage of Roman Imperial Conquest

CoinWeek - 11 Sep 2017
Little is known of this operation, but Domitian celebrated it with a handsome bronze sestertius inscribed GERMANIA CAPTA. This echoes the IUDAEA CAPTA issues of Domitian's father (Vespasian) and brother (Titus). The reverse shows the usual trophy of ...

How to Pair Halloween Candy With Roman History This October

Forbes - 22 Sep 2017
Toothbrush and Toothpaste paired with Nerva (r.96-98 CE): Look, it may not be the most popular thing to get in your Halloween bag, but it is certainly necessary after a lot of corrupting sugar and evil (i.e. Domitian). Similarly, the emperor Nerva came ...

Time to hit the beach

Citizen - 11 Sep 2017
The same could be said of fellow Stephanie Miller youngster Domitian. He has alternated good and poor efforts so far in a short career, and if in the mood could be a threat from the best draw. Flamingo would not be Flamingo without a surprise or two ...

18 September AD 96 – Domitian is stabbed

BBC History Magazine (blog) - 18 Sep 2016
By September 96, the emperor Domitian had ruled Rome for 15 years, longer than anyone since Tiberius. He had established a reputation as a supremely competent administrator, who concentrated power in his own hands and maintained his popularity ...

Williamstown Artist Creates Replica of Roman Sculpture Panel - 28 Aug 2017
The arch is located in Rome and was constructed around the year 82 by the Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother Titus, to commemorate Titus' victories, including the Siege of Jerusalem in the year 70. The "Spoils" panel is on ...

Magydos Antik Kenti

Sabah - 17 Sep 2017
Roma imparatorluk devrinde imparator Domitian'dan imparator Gallienus'a kadar sikke basmıştır. Bugün Magydos şehrinde basılan, Avrupa'nın çeşitli müzelerinde ve özel koleksiyonlarda korunan sikkeler şöyle sıralanmaktadır. Domitian (M.S İS 81-96) ...

Ulla Floer kommt beim Ötztaler Radmarathon aufs Podium

Neue Westfälische - 01 Sep 2017
Radsport: Die 61-Jährige vom TSVE Bielefeld belegt in ihrer Altersklasse Platz zwei und verbessert ihr Zeit von 2015 um mehr als eine Stunde. Schnellster TSVE-Fahrer ist Domitian Ullrich, der durch einen Sturz, und weil er einem gestürzten Kollegen ...

When the Book of Revelation Takes a Swing at a Roman Emperor

Patheos (blog) - 27 Feb 2017
An analogy appears on a coin from Domitian's reign that depicts the emperor's deceased son as young Jupiter, sitting on the globe in a posture of world dominion. The coin's inscription calls him “divine Caesar, son of the emperor Domitian,” and the ...

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