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don't stop me now

"Don't Stop Me Now" is a song by the British rock band Queen, f...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
"Don't Stop Me Now" is a song by the British rock band Queen, featured on their 1978 album Jazz that was released as a single in 1979. Written by lead singer Freddie Mercury, it was recorded in August 1978 at Super Bear Studios in Berre-les-Alpes (Alpes-Maritimes), France, and is the twelfth track on the album.
don't stop me now

Culture minister belts out Queen anthem Don't Stop Me Now

Daily Mail - 04 Oct 2017
Culture minister belts out Queen anthem Don't Stop Me Now. Culture minister Matt Hancock let his hair down after Tory conference by partaking in karaoke with a rendition of Queen's hit Don't Stop Me Now. Shocking footage of huge waterfalls as...
don't stop me now

Edgar Wright gives talk about shaping films through music

Daily Trojan Online - 18 Oct 2017
Using Queen's “Don't Stop Me Now,” Wright used the song's bouncy imagery to capture the film's comedic horror genre. Wright also cited An American Werewolf in London's moon-themed soundtrack for helping him understand how common themes in a film's ...
don't stop me now

Different Ads, Different Ethnicities, Same Car

New York Times - 12 Oct 2017
The actor was cast to portray “someone who felt athletic, who had this space that he could feel like a guy's guy but could be a great father, someone who maybe moved to the suburbs and hadn't lost his edge totally because now he has a car,” Mr ...
don't stop me now

Toyota's Camry campaign: four cultures, four commercials, one car

SFGate - 14 Oct 2017
A father and a daughter driving after baseball practice. A momentary glimpse of a peacock. An ignored phone call from Mom. The Queen song “Don't Stop Me Now.” All of these are part of Toyota's marketing campaign for its new Camry. But which commercial ...
don't stop me now

The new Dhs55 million Emirates ad will have you booking flights

Emirates Woman - 16 Oct 2017
Set to the sounds of Queen's classic hit Don't Stop Me Now, the ad moves from Sydney, to Tokyo, through an African safari, to Rio di Janeiro, New York and London, before landing back home in Dubai. It's slick and big budget (it cost US$15 million, or ...
don't stop me now

Marching Rockets renew focus on traditional marches

Record-Courier - 09 Oct 2017
Drum Majors Liam Salvage, a senior, and Jessica Danner, a junior, said the Queen songs, “Another One Bites the Dust,” “We will Rock” and “Don't Stop Me Now,” are band members' favorites and seem to be bigger crowd pleasers. Salvage said the ...
don't stop me now

Saying 'me too' isn't enough. Women have to stop excusing men.

Washington Post - 18 Oct 2017
And when he and I both took our hard stance, when it started to feel like we were ganging up, I began to feel sorry for her — she was, more than anything, uninformed, it seemed — and I decided to leave them to their now-ruined date. Astoundingly ...
don't stop me now

Scherzer: Hamstring won't stop me from throwing 'hundred pitches'

New York Post - 09 Oct 2017
“I don't think I got here bunting. … They're playing me very, very far in for a bunt so I think that almost helps me out,” Turner said. “I just swung at bad pitches. It's now necessarily anything they're doing. I've swung at some pitches and took some ...
don't stop me now

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode Four - Who Needs You

Push Square - 16 Oct 2017
Presumably they couldn't afford the rights to 'Don't Stop Me Now'. Either way, comparisons to the James Gunn Guardians movies rarely shine favourably upon the Telltale series, but then that's wholly expected given the video game doesn't have a $200 ...
don't stop me now

Prep your boat, check your gear, know the rules

Scoop.co.nz (press release) (blog) - 16 Oct 2017
The campaign is backed by the iconic soundtrack “Don't stop me now” by British rock band Queen, which was found in a scientific study to be the most uplifting or “feel-good” tune on the UK charts in the past 50 years. The ad spot utilises clever camera ...

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