Don Zimmer, dead at 83, lived a life in baseball that is unrivaled -
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Don Zimmer, dead at 83, lived a life in baseball that is unrivaled

New York Daily News - 04 Jun 2014
There have been other baseball lives as amazing as Don Zimmer's, that were as full of fun and history as his was, and the kind of hurt you can only get from something you love as much as he loved baseball. But try to remember one today, now that word ...
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Don Baylor, former MVP and Manager of Year, dead at 68 - 07 Aug 2017
“Just for being Don Zimmer,” Baylor said. As judge of the Kangaroo Court in Boston, Baylor levied a $5 fine on Red Sox ace Roger Clemens — right after he had struck out a record 20 batters against Seattle. The offense? Giving up a hit to former ...
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The story of the not-so-amazin' Mets' abysmal first season

New York Daily News - 14 Aug 2017
So New York City's new Mets saw an opening to be warmer and nicer, which they did in part by stocking up on old Dodgers: Gil Hodges, Don Zimmer, Craig, Joe Pignatano, Charlie Neal. Also, they played at the Polo Grounds, long-time home of the Giants.
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Hawk Harrelson: Time For Wrigley Field 'To Be Replaced'

CBS Chicago - 13 Aug 2017
That will put me in that very exclusive club that has only four people that they can find that is in it — Vin Scully, Don Zimmer, Dave Garcia and Tommy Lasorda. That is being in pro baseball all or part of eight decades. Those kids who are 13, 10 and ...
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Are preseason games important to Zim?

Scout - 16 Aug 2017
You get the impression that, more and more, coaches and players would like to see fewer preseason games, yet players and their union representatives don't want to see four preseason games transformed into two preseason and 18 regular season games ...
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Who is the worst Red Sox manager of your lifetime? - 08 Aug 2017
Still think he's a mediocre manager overall though. But it made me think of a Sports Q for you. Who is the worst manager the Red Sox have had in your lifetime? I'm about your age, and for me it's Don Zimmer. He had loaded rosters and no clue how to ...
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Don Baylor left his mark on baseball

Albany Democrat Herald - 08 Aug 2017
In this 1977 file photo, Willie Randolph of the New York Yankees falls on top of Don Baylor of the California Angels after throwing to first base to complete a double play. Baylor, the 1979 AL MVP who went on to become manager of the year with the ...
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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Tuesday - 15 Aug 2017
At the end of the day does it matter, no. But I think the competitive nature of your team, and especially if you got a young team that's getting used to winning, I think that's good. I know what the record is, but we don't really go out of our way to ...
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What's wrong with Bradley Zimmer?

Let's Go Tribe - 15 Aug 2017
If you don't square up on balls as well, you're going to hit them weakly. That isn't happening for Zimmer, though — according to FanGraphs, his hard-hit rate has actually risen more than four points to 35.3 percent of batted balls, while his soft-hit ...
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Bill Reynolds: Aging quarterbacks becoming the norm in NFL

The Providence Journal - 22 Jul 2017
And say a little prayer for John McCain, an American treasure. -- Say what you want about John Farrell, but he already is eighth on the all-time Red Sox managerial win list, and should move past both Don Zimmer and Jimy Williams by the end of the season.
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'Bloomberg bleepin' radio?'

The Daily News of Newburyport - 02 Aug 2017
To paraphrase former Sox manager Don Zimmer (“Bucky Bleeping Dent”), the reaction here was “Bloomberg Bleepin' Radio!!!” So much for my radio presets on 1450 AM and 106.1-FM. You can't blame WNBP's owners for accepting an offer they couldn't ...
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Loss of a Legend: Don Baylor - 08 Aug 2017
“There wasn't much that I liked,” Zimmer said, “to be honest with you.” The blunt style that contributed to being passed over for several head coach vacancies until the Vikings hired him in 2014 has not faded. The 3-8 finish for Minnesota after a 5-0 ...

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