Don Zimmer, dead at 83, lived a life in baseball that is unrivaled -
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Don Zimmer, dead at 83, lived a life in baseball that is unrivaled

New York Daily News - 04 Jun 2014
There have been other baseball lives as amazing as Don Zimmer's, that were as full of fun and history as his was, and the kind of hurt you can only get from something you love as much as he loved baseball. But try to remember one today, now that word ...
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Column | Meet the Yankees new manager – Brian Cashman

FanRag Sports (blog) - 17 Nov 2017
Even more impressive is that unlike many others with extended tenures working for Steinbrenner — Billy Martin, Gene Michael, Bob Lemon, Clyde King, and Don Zimmer to name a few — there was no break due to a firing and a remorseful Steinbrenner ...
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Bellingers have ruled October baseball for almost 20 years

New York Post - 04 Nov 2017
Interim manager Don Zimmer, whose son Tom had signed Bellinger for the Giants, delivered the news he had been selected for the Opening Day roster. Bellinger spent the next three seasons helping the Yankees everywhere besides pitcher and catcher, ...
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The Chicago Cubs: A history of hope and heartbreak

Chicago Tribune - 24 Oct 2017
Don Zimmer. The anti-Ditka, but no less effective. Too pear-shaped and plump to look good in a uniform, ever, Zimmer was something of a baseball savant who pushed all the right buttons that season. Much like the team he managed, Zimmer was embraced ...
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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Friday - 17 Nov 2017
A: They don't do it all the time, they just get up and go. They've drawn a lot of people offsides. We're going to have to be smart about it, hopefully the crowd will help us. Q: In your experience with John Sullivan, how has he been able to help ...
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Opponent Breakdown: How to Defend Minnesota's Explosive Offense - 17 Nov 2017
“He's played well,” Minnesota head coach Mike Zimmer said. “I don't know about exceeding or not exceeding, but he's played well. For the most part, he's taken care of the football, he's made the right decisions. He's come in and helped us win ball games.”.
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Week 26: Donald Jr. and WikiLeaks Talk Dirty

Politico - 18 Nov 2017
If we've learned anything from months of scandal reporting, the Russians set their sights on two types of people wandering the halls of Trump Tower. There were the self-promoters like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort who they knew would cooperate based ...
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NOTEBOOK: Zimmer, Vikings Not Focused on Playoff Picture - 13 Nov 2017
We know that we have to put as many wins on the board as possible because there's a lot of games left, and you just don't know how it's going to shake out,” Thielen later added. “You don't know what team's going to get hot, you don't know what team's ...
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Zimmer announces Case Keenum will start vs. Rams

1500 ESPN - 15 Nov 2017
You just think you've got it all figured out don't you? Well unless you have some other information , last I heard Zim makes QB decisions, and the last I checked Zim ain't charged with worrying about multi-million dollar contract decisions. That's the ...
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How the Mets came to be Queens' team

Queens Chronicle - 16 Nov 2017
The rest of the cast was filled out with the likes of Gus Bell, Choo-Choo Coleman and Don Zimmer. Work on the new ballpark continued until literally the morning of Shea Stadium's opening, April 17, 1964. The Mets lost to the Pirates 4-3 that day, but ...
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Maddening Joe Maddon is the breakout star of this NLCS

Chicago Tribune - 19 Oct 2017
Maddon is easily the most entertaining manager in baseball, an old-school type who had Don Zimmer as his sidekick in Tampa Bay. The two are kindred spirits, and Maddon frequently channels his inner Zim. Zimmer, of course, was the most popular Cubs ...
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Telomere Length and Childhood Stress Don't Always Correlate

The Scientist - 17 Nov 2017
“We don't know very much about [telomere length] in young children and we wanted to figure out what kind of environmental factors contribute to it,” says Audrie Lin, the lead author of the study and a microbiologist in John Colford's group at the ...
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Presser Points: Zimmer on Vikings QB Situation, Bye Week Outlook - 31 Oct 2017
“I think we're running the ball better, the offense is scoring points, defensively we've been fairly solid. [But there are] a lot of areas where we're trying to get better,” Zimmer said. “We had too many negative plays [against the Browns] on offense ...
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Alex Cora's varied roles in the game will serve him well here - 25 Oct 2017
Farrell is the most maligned successful manager the Red Sox have had in my lifetime, though I'll hear arguments on miserable John McNamara and Don Zimmer, who was so helplessly old-school he probably wrote out the lineup card on slate. Even if Cora ...
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Zimmer: Goedert, Wieneke leaving a legacy as SDSU's best

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 16 Nov 2017
That should dispel any notion that the players don't take the '1-0 each week' thing seriously. Still, while the All-American pass catchers are uninterested in anything but their next game, the rest of us can take a step back to appreciate the exploits ...

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