Here's Where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Stand on LGBTQ Issues -
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Donald Trump Is Making Canada Great Again

Forbes - 19 Oct 2018
If anything, the Trump Administration's current stance on the cannabis industry can only be described as “Canada First.” In a previous column, I laid out the political case for why President Trump should embrace legalization. Early indications are that ...
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Sticking with Trump on trade boosts Ohio Democrat in Senate race

Virginian-Pilot - 19 Oct 2018
COLUMBUS, Ohio — No one would mistake Sherrod Brown for a Donald Trump supporter. Yet one of the most solidly liberal Democrats in the U.S. Senate is lining up behind the president on trade in his bid for a third term in Ohio, a state critical in this ...
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The GOP Hides Its Real Health-Care Stance

Bloomberg - 19 Oct 2018
Republicans have a problem this November: Health care is the biggest issue in the midterm elections, but their stance on it is wildly unpopular. So they're trying a bold political tactic: Making stuff up. ...
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Trump baselessly claims Democrats are behind migrant caravan

The Guardian - 19 Oct 2018
Donald Trump thrust a caravan of migrants heading toward the US border into the midterm election campaign, saying at a rally on Thursday night that the race will be “an election of the caravan”. A group that now numbers about 3,000 people has left ...
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Poll finds Trump's pro-Israel stance does not sway US Jews

Associated Press (press release) (blog) - 18 Oct 2018
JERUSALEM (AP) — President Donald Trump's pro-Israel positions have not garnered him support from American Jewish voters, according to a new survey. The poll found that 74 percent of Jews planned to vote for Democratic candidates in November's ...
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Billionaire's Trump impeachment push grows in midterm run-up

Fox News - 19 Oct 2018
Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer claims to be building a juggernaut political operation in support of impeaching President Trump, rallying the base and creating a "digital army" for the cause even as Democratic lawmakers remain publicly divided over the ...
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The Issue Most Republicans Care About: Illegal Immigration

Slate Magazine - 17 Oct 2018
Donald Trump embraced his role as a radical nativist from the very beginning of his presidential campaign. Whether it was a conscious strategic decision or a product of his substantial populist instincts is almost beside the point. It was certainly ...
donald trump issue stances

The biggest lie Trump tells is that he's kept his promises

Vox - 18 Oct 2018
The larger betrayal is that Trump portrayed himself as a self-financed candidate (which wasn't true) who was willing to take stances on domestic and economic issues that his donor-backed opponents wouldn't. In terms of position-taking, that was true ...

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