Angry note sent to Trump Jr. said, 'You are getting what you deserve' -
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Donald Trump Jr. Retreats From Foreign Policy on India Trip

New York Times - 24 Feb 2018
NEW DELHI — After days of controversy over whether he would blur the lines between American foreign policy and his family's real estate business during a trip to India to sell condos, Donald Trump Jr. on Friday abandoned plans to give a policy speech ...
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Trump Jr.: I like the 'mild and nice' media in India

The Hill - 25 Feb 2018
"It wasn't me coming here for first time. It was me coming here after 10 years,” Trump Jr. said, referring to India. “So everybody understood what I meant. But the Washington Post the next day said, 'Donald Trump Jr. likes poor people because they ...
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Donald Trump Jr. is in India to help sell luxury apartments

USA TODAY - 20 Feb 2018
NEW DELHI – "Trump has arrived. Have you?" shout the barrage of glossy front-page advertisements in almost every major Indian newspaper. The ads, which have run repeatedly in the past few days, herald the arrival not of the American president but of ...
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How Don Jr. Got Loud

POLITICO Magazine - 23 Feb 2018
As news broke that a group of Russians had been indicted for interfering in the 2016 election, Donald Trump took to Twitter to claim victory. Right there with him was his oldest son. “No collusion!” Dad crowed. Don Jr. posted a snarky poll. “With today ...
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India, Donald Trump Jr., North Korea: Your Friday Briefing

New York Times - 22 Feb 2018
Donald Trump Jr. is reaping the windfalls of the country's admiration for President Trump. The younger Mr. Trump is finishing a weeklong visit to India, which has one of the fastest-growing populations of millionaires in the world. He addresses a ...
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Donald Trump Jr. wraps India trip with 'Fireside Chat'

CNNMoney - 23 Feb 2018
Donald Trump Jr.'s four city tour has raised concerns about over-selling the Trump brand while his father is in the White House. CNNMoney's John Defterios reports. Related Videos. Donald Trump Jr. wraps India trip with 'Fireside Chat' 02:10 Donald ...
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Donald Trump Jr. sells America's integrity cheap

CNN - 20 Feb 2018
This week's exhibit: Donald Trump Jr. is in India, mixing political business and personal enrichment. Trump the younger is set to give a foreign policy speech and hawk Trump-branded apartments near Delhi, with one of the selling points being "a ...

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