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donald trump on immigration

PolitiFact Sheet: Donald Trump's immigration plan

PolitiFact - 09 Nov 2016
President-elect Donald Trump's tough stance against illegal immigration and pledge to enforce immigration laws became one of his most powerful rallying cries during his campaign for the White House. Trump supporters cheered him on as he vowed to end ...
donald trump on immigration

Over dinner, CEOs press Trump on immigration

CNN - 08 Aug 2018
Even as he appeared to agree with the executives that more high-skilled immigrants should be allowed to remain in the country, Trump expressed concern that some foreign students were acting as foreign agents, particularly from China, according to one ...
donald trump on immigration

Trump threatens shutdown over wall, immigration

CNN - 29 Jul 2018
Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump threatened Sunday to push the government into a shutdown ahead of the coming spending deadline in September if Congress does not fund his border wall and change the nation's immigration laws. "I would be ...
donald trump on immigration

Donald Trump immigration policy puts rural America in danger

USA TODAY - 04 Aug 2018
But also rising in those communities is the immigrant population, who could provide much needed assistance in fighting that crime wave if Trump's crackdown had not put roadblocks in place that have the potential to drive those immigrants underground.
donald trump on immigration

Millennial women talk candidly about Trump, immigration and guns

CBS News - 14 Aug 2018
"CBS This Morning" teamed up with digital media company Refinery29 this week for M(Y) Vote, a series that explores millennial women's impact on the upcoming midterm elections. CBS News' Alex Wagner spoke with a group of millennial women voters from ...
donald trump on immigration

Q&A: Trump Administration's "Zero-Tolerance" Immigration Policy

Human Rights Watch - 16 Aug 2018
The “Questions & Answers” below explain the ways in which the “zero-tolerance” policy under the Trump administration is both different from and similar to prior prosecutorial policies and why criminal prosecution of immigrants for illegal entry raises ...

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