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donald trump on immigration

PolitiFact Sheet: Donald Trump's immigration plan

PolitiFact - 09 Nov 2016
President-elect Donald Trump's tough stance against illegal immigration and pledge to enforce immigration laws became one of his most powerful rallying cries during his campaign for the White House. Trump supporters cheered him on as he vowed to end ...
donald trump on immigration

Trump's Immigration Crackdown Is Blowing Holes In Agency Budgets

HuffPost - 10 Oct 2018
Two years in, President Donald Trump's promised immigration crackdown is hardly on pace to deliver his stated goal of deporting up to 3 million people. But it has produced something else: gaping budget holes that the administration has scrambled to fill.
donald trump on immigration

Poll shows public support for Trump-backed immigration cuts

Washington Examiner - 10 Oct 2018
President Trump's proposal moving to a "merit-based" immigration system might resonate with voters, according to Pulse Opinion Research polling sponsored by right-leaning, restrictionist Numbers USA Education & Research Foundation. The Washington ...
donald trump on immigration

President Trump's immigrant roundups increasingly net non-criminals

AZCentral.com - 22 Sep 2018
But for all the talk of murderers, rapists and other "bad hombres," those netted in President Donald Trump's crackdown on immigration are typically accused of lesser offenses, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are increasingly apprehending ...
donald trump on immigration

Trump's welfare crackdown targets immigrants

Axios - 26 Sep 2018
A new rule proposed by the Trump administration over the weekend would disqualify some immigrants from visas and green cards if they use — or are likely to use — federal safety net programs such as Medicaid, food stamps and Section 8 housing vouchers.
donald trump on immigration

How Will The Public Charge Rule Impact Employers And Immigrants?

Forbes - 01 Oct 2018
If fully implemented, the “public charge rule,” as it is known, could be the most far-reaching immigration policy change made during Donald Trump's time in office. To better understand the proposed rule and its potential impact, I interviewed Doug Rand ...
donald trump on immigration

Trump's immigrant roundups increasingly net noncriminals

NBCNews.com - 20 Sep 2018
A daughter who never returned home, a son gunned down point-blank, a mom who was brutally attacked — all deaths at the hands of immigrants in the country illegally, all gripping stories the White House has been eager to share. But for all the talk of ...

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