President Trump Slammed for Saying He Can't Help Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico ... -
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Trump Twitter museum spotlights 'Daily Show's' inventive satire

Chicago Tribune - 19 Oct 2017
When it opens Friday, the Donald J. Trump Twitter Presidential Library will instantly become the funniest museum in Chicago. What other place would frame the president's famous "Covfefe" tweet in gold, give it an explanatory wall card and invite the ...
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Twitter Should Hellban Trump

New York Magazine - 17 Oct 2017
Twitter should ban Donald Trump” headlines wail. (As if he wouldn't just pick up the phone, dial Fox & Friends, and practice the dark art of shitposting via telephone, as he did for decades before Twitter was invented.) “Y'all pile on us. You really ...
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What Trump isn't tweeting about

CNN - 16 Oct 2017
A poll last week found that 70% of voters would prefer Trump not tweet from his personal account. But it's hard to imagine -- or remember -- a world without the President perpetually signed on and posting. Twitter is fundamental to Trump's political ...
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Of Course Junior Was Duped by Russian Trolls - 19 Oct 2017
The Daily Beast had a nice dinner lagniappe on Wednesday about how Trump campaign officials, including Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump, Jr., got head-faked into retweeting some inflammatory bullpucky from the Russian bot factories. The Twitter ...
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This Is How Rex Tillerson Deals With Trump's Twitter Rants

Newsweek - 18 Oct 2017
Like the rest of the world, Rex Tillerson wakes up every morning, reads President Donald Trump's tweets, and figures out what to do next. The secretary of state commented in an interview with The New York Times Magazine released on Tuesday that his ...
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How Twitter Ruined Twitter

Mother Jones - 17 Oct 2017
In March 2009 Donald Trump joined Twitter. No one noticed. Why would we? He was a washed-up NY real estate buffoon, exiled to the world of reality television and catchphrases. Twitter also taught me how to be a better writer. (Count how many of these ...
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A Bot That Makes Trump's Tweets Presidential

New York Times - 15 Oct 2017
In June, Mr. Neiss saw a tweet from Pat Cunnane, a former member of President Barack Obama's White House staff, in which Mr. Cunnane formatted one of Mr. Trump's Twitter posts to look like an official statement from the office of the White House press ...
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Trump's lawyers: Courts have no say over his Twitter feed

ABC News - 14 Oct 2017
President Donald Trump can block his critics from following him on Twitter without violating the First Amendment despite a lawsuit's claims that it violates the Constitution to do so, government lawyers say. Trial attorneys with the U.S. Department of ...
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Trump Vents On Twitter About 'Fiction Writers,' Democrats, O'Care

TPM - 17 Oct 2017
President Donald Trump took to Twitter late Tuesday afternon to complain about “fiction writers” at cable networks and “dying magazines and newspapers.” He also preemptively shifted blame to Democrats for “any rise in ObamaCare premiums.” “So much ...

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