Google honors Dorothy Hodgkin's X-ray vision -
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Google honors Dorothy Hodgkin's X-ray vision

Christian Science Monitor - 11 May 2014
In her acceptance speech for the 1964 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dorothy Hodgkin quoted a children's book by the eminent British scientist Sir William Henry Bragg: Skip to next paragraph. Related stories ...
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PM speech on science and modern Industrial Strategy: 21 May 2018

GOV.UK - 21 May 2018
Every day my life and the lives of millions of people around the world are made infinitely better because of the ground-breaking work on the structure of insulin by Dorothy Hodgkin. Each of these scientists and inventors has an inspiring story of human ...
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My Top Female Scientists By Weike Wang - 03 May 2018
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin: She advanced the field of x-ray crystallography. Most notably she determined the structures of steroids, penicillin, vitamin B 12, and insulin. She was one of the first to see and confirm the double helix structure created by ...
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Upend atom! We've found a whole new way of doing chemistry

New Scientist - 16 May 2018
It is a model built by chemist Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin of the penicillin molecule, the first antibiotic to be discovered. The multicoloured balls joined with little sticks represent the 3D arrangement of atoms inside the molecule – a secret that, once ...
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Meet the new mayor of Beccles

Beccles & Bungay Journal - 16 May 2018
Mrs Brambley-Crawshaw also wants to see a statue or monument put in place to recognise the achievements of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin – the British chemist who won the Nobel Prize in 1964 and who hailed from the town. She said: “She's from Beccles, ...
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The convoluted history of the double-helix

Phys.Org - 26 Apr 2018
Now they were ready for a second, and more successful, viewing: as well as Franklin, Bragg and Wilkins, Dorothy Hodgkin and Linus Pauling were present. The results were presented in Nature shortly after. The Nature paper contained the first ...
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Richard Feynman: A Life Of Curiosity And Science

Hackaday - 16 May 2018
It was World War II and scientists belonging to the Manhattan Project worked on calculations for the atomic bomb. Meanwhile, in one of the buildings, future Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist Richard Feynman was cracking the combination lock on ...
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Why it pays to invest in people

BusinessDay (satire) (press release) (blog) - 27 Apr 2018
The Oxford chemist and Nobel laureate Dorothy Hodgkin once told us that the University of Lagos was one of the world centres of expertise in her field of crystallography. In the seventies, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria had the first world class ...
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Vote for the most influential woman of the last century

Royal Society of Chemistry - 06 Feb 2018
"Dorothy Hodgkin is best known for development of protein crystallography; for confirming the structure of penicillin and vitamin B12, and in 1969 for determining the structure of insulin. Dorothy Hodgkin was a Fellow of the Royal Society and a ...
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Women's contribution to science is everywhere

Cherwell Online - 20 Feb 2018
Behind the Oxford chemistry complex lies Dorothy Hodgkin road, clearly tied to its namesake Dorothy Hodgkin, the famous British chemist and noble prize winner. Though it's surely an honour to have that road named after her, I feel she may be disappointed.
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Wanted: More budding female scientists to tackle gender gap

Sky News - 06 Mar 2018
Amy Johnson, the first female pilot to fly solo from Britain to Australia whose illustrious career set many records, and British Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dorothy Hodgkin, whose discoveries are essential for modern medicine, are also names that ...
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Dorothy Hodgkin and Margaret Thatcher were chalk and cheese

The Guardian - 25 Feb 2016
Alice Prochaska comments on the academic and personal relationship between Margaret Thatcher (née Roberts) and Dorothy Hodgkin (Letters, 25 February). Of the academic relationship, Hodgkin's biographer, Georgina Ferry, recalls Margaret Roberts' year ...
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Colouring by letters: the life of Dorothy Hodgkin

The Guardian - 12 Oct 2014
The same catapulting into the past can be done with sound as BBC Radio 4 did this past week with An Eye for Pattern: the Letters of Dorothy Hodgkin, a programme timed to mark the 50th anniversary of her award of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. In five ...

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