Google honors Dorothy Hodgkin's X-ray vision -
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Google honors Dorothy Hodgkin's X-ray vision

Christian Science Monitor - 11 May 2014
In her acceptance speech for the 1964 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dorothy Hodgkin quoted a children's book by the eminent British scientist Sir William Henry Bragg: Skip to next paragraph. Related stories ...
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Cambridge engineer awarded prestigious fellowship

Cambridge Network - 15 Jan 2018
Cambridge University's Dr Marina Antoniou has been appointed as a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow for the next five years. My long-term career aim is to establish a research lab and pursue energy-related research. The Fellowship will allow me to ...
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(Paul) Galen Lenhert

LancasterOnline - 24 Dec 2017
He grew up in Arcanum, Ohio, and attended Messiah College, Grantham, PA, and Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH. In 1960 he earned a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Biophysics with a specialization in x-ray crystallography. His PhD thesis was ...
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جلبي يقتفي إنجازات "نساء عبقريات" في الثورة العلمية الحديثة

هسبريس - 20 Jan 2018
روزاليند فرانكلين (ROSALIND FRANKLIN) وكانت أول من كشف النقاب عن تركيب الشيفرة الوراثية، ودوروثي كروفوت هودجكن (DOROTHY CROWFOOT HODGKIN) التي طورت تقنية معرفة التركيب الذري للبنسلين والانسولين، وباربارا مك كلينتوك (BARARA McCLINtock) التي طرحت فكرة ثورية عن (طفرة) الجينات وتغير صفات الكائن مع الزمن. أما قصة روزاليند فرانكلين (ROSALIND FRANKLIN) فحزينة تروي الخيانة في العمل وسرقة الجهود؛ فعندما شقت الطريق إلى معرفة تركيب (الكود الوراثي) عند الإنسان من خلال تطوير تقنية دراستها ...
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What did Dorothy Hodgkin contribute to chemistry? - 11 May 2016
English biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin was born in Cairo, where her archaeologist parents were working. She won the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry – the third woman to do so – for pioneering protein crystallography, a technique that uses X-rays to ...
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Dorothy Hodgkin and Margaret Thatcher were chalk and cheese

The Guardian - 25 Feb 2016
Alice Prochaska comments on the academic and personal relationship between Margaret Thatcher (née Roberts) and Dorothy Hodgkin (Letters, 25 February). Of the academic relationship, Hodgkin's biographer, Georgina Ferry, recalls Margaret Roberts' year as ...
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Colouring by letters: the life of Dorothy Hodgkin

The Guardian - 12 Oct 2014
The kindly face of one of Britain's most accomplished scientists gazes out from the photograph. But the hairstyle and the fact that the picture is black and white distances her from us – this is clearly a figure from history. Photography is all very ...
dorothy hodgkin

Dorothy Hodgkin and the Year of Crystallography

The Guardian - 14 Jan 2014
Exactly 50 years after the award of the prize to von Laue, Dorothy Hodgkin won the 1964 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work in establishing the structures of the vitamin B12 and penicillin, also via x-ray crystallography. During those 50 years the ...
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Margaret Thatcher's surprising relationship with Dorothy Hodgkin

The Guardian - 13 Aug 2014
It's called The Chemistry Between Them, and it's about Margaret Thatcher and her tutor in chemistry at Somerville College, Dorothy Hodgkin, who was both a scientist and on the left. Dorothy's husband was in the Communist party and she was banned from ...
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Does the world need polymaths?

BBC News - 20 Aug 2017
You might find them reading about the French Revolution one day, and about genetics or astronomy the next. Despite their anxiety about spreading themselves too thin, they share Fry's appetite to know. It's an overwhelming craving, likely to frustrate ...
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You Can Watch Fleming's Original Penicillin Culture in Oxford! (blog) - 11 Mar 2017
The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford is hosting an exhibition on the history of penicillin and the current challenges of antibiotic resistance featuring the first culture used to extract the antibiotic. The discovery of penicillin by ...
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Red tops: you've got to have a PhD, if you want to be with me

The Times - 30 Sep 2017
Young women are outstripping men academically, said Tuesday's Mail, which is leading many to conclude “we're just too clever to find a boyfriend”. Natasha Hooper, a media studies undergraduate at Goldsmiths, University of London, said she mentioned the ...
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School unveils plaque to Nobel-winning pupil Dorothy Hodgkin

BBC News - 13 Mar 2015
"Fortunately, girls were allowed in the science labs and I'm really pleased this plaque is going up in memory of Dorothy, because it breaks down the barriers between boys and girls and science." Ms Crowfoot Hodgkin went on to study at Oxford and ...
dorothy hodgkin

Thatcher and Hodgkin: How chemistry overcame politics

BBC News - 19 Aug 2014
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dorothy Hodgkin's Nobel Prize, a play - The Chemistry Between Them - has been written, looking at her friendship with Margaret Thatcher. Its creator Adam Ganz describes their ongoing mutual respect. In 1964 ...

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