Google honors Dorothy Hodgkin's X-ray vision -
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Google honors Dorothy Hodgkin's X-ray vision

Christian Science Monitor - 11 May 2014
In her acceptance speech for the 1964 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dorothy Hodgkin quoted a children's book by the eminent British scientist Sir William Henry Bragg: Skip to next paragraph. Related stories ...
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Women's contribution to science is everywhere

Cherwell Online - 20 Feb 2018
Its name may even be a coincidence. Much like the historical achievements of women in science in general, the significance of the road name is accessible only to those who go looking for it. The majority remain unware of the road's namesake and many of ...
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Wanted: More budding female scientists to tackle gender gap

Sky News - 06 Mar 2018
Amy Johnson, the first female pilot to fly solo from Britain to Australia whose illustrious career set many records, and British Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dorothy Hodgkin, whose discoveries are essential for modern medicine, are also names that ...
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World-famous scientist Professor Stephen Hawking dies

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press - 14 Mar 2018
Prof Stephen Hawking at SEA LIFE Hunstanton in 2017 with herpetologist Ally Sharp. Picture: SEA LIFE HUNSTANTON. The theoretical physicist and writer, who was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease in 1964 at the age of 22, died aged 76 at ...
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You Can Be Yourself And Be A Scientist Too

HuffPost UK - 23 Feb 2018
Realising this I decided I had nothing left to loose and transitioned… and no one batted an eyelid. I was greeted with widespread support in the field making me regret those wasted years. Yet without role models, how could I have thought any ...
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Women of STEM

University Press - 01 Mar 2018
Women of STEM: 1. Elizabeth Blackwell, physician; 2. Mae Jemison, engineer, physician, astronaut; 3. Shirley Ann Jackson, physicist; 4. Rachel Carson, marine biologist; 5. Gertrude B. Elion, biochemist, pharmacologist; 6. Dorothy Hodgkin, chemist; 7 ...
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GradLife McGill one-on-one with Principal Suzanne Fortier

McGill Reporter - 22 Feb 2018
I remember when Dorothy Hodgkin came to visit our lab and sat down with me and I explained my research to her. My supervisor and professors were totally supportive, they made everything possible for me. What role can social media have in academia, and ...
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The Protein Society announces 2018 award recipients

EurekAlert (press release) - 15 Mar 2018
The Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award, sponsored by Genentech, is granted in recognition of exceptional contributions in protein science which profoundly influence our understanding of biology. The 2018 recipient is Professor Susan Marqusee (University of ...
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Vote for the most influential woman of the last century

Royal Society of Chemistry - 06 Feb 2018
Two of our 175 faces of chemistry appeared on a shortlist for the most influential British woman of the past 100 years, as part of a special series by BBC Radio Four's Today programme. This year is the 100th year since the first British women were ...
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How do we know? – Finding out what things look like (blog) - 22 Feb 2018
In 1964 the Nobel prize in Chemistry was awarded to Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin for the development of protein x-ray crystallography. It took her 35 years to develop the methods far enough to solve the structure of the first protein: insulin. Today, the ...
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5 Ilmuwan Perempuan Ini Punya Peran Penting Bagi Dunia Sains Lho

IDN Times (Siaran Pers) (Blog) - 12 Mar 2018
Dorothy Hodgkin, ahli Biokimia pertama yang mampu mengurai struktur insulin. 5 Ilmuwan Perempuan Ini Punya Peran Penting Bagi Dunia Sains Lho Dorothy Hodgkin adalah seorang ahli kimia kebangsaan Inggris yang lahir pada tahun ...
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Mujeres científicas y su (in)visibilidad a lo largo de la historia

We Live Security (blog) - 08 Mar 2018
Estas y muchas otras mujeres (Elizabeth Blackburn, Rachel Carson, Dorothy Hodgkin, Gertrude B. Elion, por mencionar algunas más) moldearon desde el invisible lugar que la sociedad les reservó lo que conocemos hoy como ciencia, demostrando que la ...
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Dorothy Hodgkin and Margaret Thatcher were chalk and cheese

The Guardian - 25 Feb 2016
Alice Prochaska comments on the academic and personal relationship between Margaret Thatcher (née Roberts) and Dorothy Hodgkin (Letters, 25 February). Of the academic relationship, Hodgkin's biographer, Georgina Ferry, recalls Margaret Roberts' year as ...
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What did Dorothy Hodgkin contribute to chemistry? - 11 May 2016
English biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin was born in Cairo, where her archaeologist parents were working. She won the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry – the third woman to do so – for pioneering protein crystallography, a technique that uses X-rays to ...
dorothy hodgkin

Dorothy Hodgkin and the Year of Crystallography

The Guardian - 14 Jan 2014
Britain has a long tradition in crystallography, with many famous names (and associated Nobel Prizes) working in this field, including the Bragg father-and-son team and Crick and Watson. There is a genealogy of crystallographers, dating all the way ...
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Colouring by letters: the life of Dorothy Hodgkin

The Guardian - 12 Oct 2014
The same catapulting into the past can be done with sound as BBC Radio 4 did this past week with An Eye for Pattern: the Letters of Dorothy Hodgkin, a programme timed to mark the 50th anniversary of her award of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. In five ...
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Margaret Thatcher's surprising relationship with Dorothy Hodgkin

The Guardian - 13 Aug 2014
It's called The Chemistry Between Them, and it's about Margaret Thatcher and her tutor in chemistry at Somerville College, Dorothy Hodgkin, who was both a scientist and on the left. Dorothy's husband was in the Communist party and she was banned from ...

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