DOROTHY IRENE HEIGHT: 'Godmother of the civil-rights movement' was a ... -
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Thanks are OK, but hook a sistah up

Richmond Free Press - 22 Dec 2017
Those white folks who are thanking black women might also send a contribution to Higher Heights (, a black women's PAC named after Dr. Dorothy Irene Height. Or, folks can send contributions to the Black Women's ...
dorothy irene height

Time to hook Black women up

Daytona Times - 24 Dec 2017
Those White folks who are thanking Black women might also send a contribution to Higher Heights, a Black women's PAC named after Dr. Dorothy Irene Height. Or folks can send contributions to the Black Women's Roundtable, which is part of the National ...
dorothy irene height

Clark County group considers civil rights leader a hero

Springfield News Sun - 23 Jun 2017
She often wore hats to match her outfits. Dr. Dorothy Height has published several books —“Open Wide the Freedom Gates: A Memoir,” “The Black Family Dinner Quilt: Health Conscious Recipes and Food Memories,” and “Living with Purpose.” We can learn ...
dorothy irene height

Dorothy Height Honored With Forever Stamp - 02 Feb 2017
Height is the 40th addition to the Black Heritage Series which features other African American pioneers and activists including Harriet Tubman, W.E.B. Du Bois, Thurgood Marshall, and Martin Luther King, Jr. She is also the 15th woman to be added to the ...
dorothy irene height

A 'Forever Stamp' for a forever freedom fighter, Dorothy Height

Amsterdam News - 09 Mar 2017
Born Dorothy Irene Height, March 24, 1912, in Richmond, Va., she came of age in Rankin, Pa., not too far from Pittsburgh. One of the stories her relatives told me was about Dorothy's early years when she won an oratory contest with the U.S ...
dorothy irene height

#RespectMyVote: Make America Safe For Democracy

HuffPost - 28 Jul 2017
That is why I will continue to do everything in my power to stop those who want to disenfranchise voters. That is why, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dorothy Irene Height, Medgar Evers, and so many more throughout our history, I will fight to make ...
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Bend Bulletin - 31 Dec 2017
Irene M. Powell to Legacy Planners Properties LLC, Township 15, Range 12, Section 23, $245,000. • Richard S. Hall, trustee of the Dorothy L. Hall Credit Shelter Trust, to Benjamin J. and Holly G. Jacobs, trustees of the Jacobs Living Trust, Mountain ...
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Carl Snowden: Dorothy Height had a lasting impact - 09 Aug 2016
Pierre served in the Clinton administration and Williams became a district superintendent for the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church. Height died at the age of 98, but her impact, like that pebble on the water, continues. If ...
dorothy irene height

A woman of many hats: Smithsonian exhibit honors Dorothy Height

Washington Times - 26 Nov 2015
Many a believer holds to the biblical truth that a woman covers her head to show subordination to man. If Dorothy Irene Height were alive today, I'd ask her her thoughts. For sure, though, I've already begged her pardon for using the words ...
dorothy irene height

Dorothy Height To Be Honored on 2017 US Postage Stamp

The Root - 28 Nov 2016
Truth—we may have to dial back the Public Enemy lyrics from “Fight The Power”: “Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps.” Error loading player: No playable sources found. Because, frankly, since the Black Heritage Stamps series started, most of my ...

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