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Teach your Downward Dog a new trick

Toronto Star - 24 Jul 2017
The dynamic transition from Downward Facing Dog Pose to Low Lunge, in flow styles of yoga, is not an easy one. It requires heaps of hip flexor, core and hamstring strength, as well as good measure of co-ordination. Inspired by the 27 dog sculptures ...
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TV Ratings: 'Talent' Pummels All, 'Downward Dog' Signs Off

Hollywood Reporter - 28 Jun 2017
America's Got Talent and World of Dance continue to dominate anything Tuesday can throw at them. Nielsen's delayed Tuesday returns have the NBC duo yet again unchallenged in the key demo. America's Got Talent continues to sustain much of its ...
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You were a good boy, 'Downward Dog'

The Boston Globe - 14 Jul 2017
Downward Dog” is a special piece of work that deserved better — or maybe deserved to be on a network with fewer ratings pressures. I can imagine it fitting in on IFC, home of “Portlandia,” or on FXX, home of “Wilfred,” or even on HBO, which dabbles ...
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ABC puts talking canine comedy 'Downward Dog' to sleep

Los Angeles Times - 24 Jun 2017
Based on a web series by Hodges and Killen, the low-key "Downward Dog" received generally positive reviews from critics. (The Times' Robert Lloyd called it "a little eccentric, a little profound.") It had also built a small yet loyal audience, many of ...
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ABC - 26 Jun 2017
Nan decides to take a vacation, and on the way, stops by her estranged father's place in the country, where she discovers he's selling the family home. While Nan tries to pack up some childhood treasures, Dad takes Martin for a walk — but Martin, runs ...
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'Downward Dog': Can this sweet canine comedy be saved?

The Mercury News - 28 Jun 2017
If you haven't seen ”Downward Dog” (and apparently most of you haven't), it is/was a show that turned out to be so much better than its gimmicky concept would suggest. A talking mutt who delivers deadpan philosophical observations about love and life ...
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Can Pittsburgh-filmed 'Downward Dog' be saved?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 28 Jun 2017
Sure, all dogs go to heaven, or so the 1989 animated movie claimed, but will filmed-in-Pittsburgh comedy TV series “Downward Dog” get a second chance after ABC canceled it last Friday? Pittsburgher Michael Killen, co-creator of the series with Samm ...
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TV Q&A: Why did ABC put down 'Downward Dog'?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 09 Jul 2017
Q: President Truman once suggested, “If you want a friend in this city get a dog.” He had Washington, D.C., in mind, but the saying rings so true today just about anywhere. Am I the only Pittsburgher sad to see the charming show “Downward Dog,” created ...
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Tuned In: Can 'Downward Dog' be saved?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 30 Jun 2017
ABC's filmed-in-Pittsburgh comedy “Downward Dog” wrapped up its first season Tuesday with back-to-back episodes that featured a rapprochement in the relationship between Nan (Allison Tolman) and her ex-boyfriend, Jason (Lucas Neff), while also giving ...
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The Radical Earnestness of Downward Dog

Paste Magazine - 28 Jun 2017
That Martin (voiced by series co-creator Samm Hodges) is a dog might scare one away from the brief, beloved Downward Dog, canceled by ABC before the conclusion of its first season, though this is, in fact, its secret weapon, the phone booth Superman ...
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From Downward Dog to baby goats

Fenton Tri County Times - 07 Jul 2017
If yoga makes you think of Downward Dog (a yoga position), what about a new move called Baby Goats? The new Yoga on the Farm in Rose Township is locally leading a national fitness craze called Goat Yoga, offering eight frolicking goats — one mama ...
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ABC sends Downward Dog to go live on a farm upstate

A.V. Club - 24 Jun 2017
Despite the best efforts/threats of the show's cast and producers, ABC has decided to send its freshman sitcom Downward Dog to a farm upstate, where it'll be free to run, and play, and not be on the network's schedule any more. Variety reports that the ...
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Charming 'Downward Dog' was a refreshing show

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 08 Jul 2017
“If you want a friend in this city, get a dog.” That expression, often attributed to President Harry Truman, rings true today, too. I'm glad that I'm not the only person sad to see the charming show “Downward Dog,” filmed in our own city, canceled ...
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Downward Dog 'Getting Lost' Gives This Show an Alright Ending

The Good Men Project (blog) - 26 Jun 2017
Downward Dog has been pretty good this season. Sadly the season is coming to a close. On the season finale 'Getting Lost' Martin makes a rash decision, one that may change the way many people on this show look at life. I was able to watch a screener of ...
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TV Q&A: 'Downward Dog,' 'Steel City Rehab' and 'The Little Couple'

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 14 Jul 2017
But when you have small-batch series like “Downward Dog,” which only made eight episodes its first season, the opportunities to bring in more money shrink when there are so few episodes. Also, comedies don't do as well in foreign distribution as dramas ...
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How yogis can help provide tampons through downward dog

The Queensland Times - 20 Jul 2017
CALLING YOGIS: Share the Dignity founder Rochelle Courtenay is calling on the community to support the program through yoga. michelle.smith. Related Items. Australian first: the vending machine changing women's lives. Local Real Estate. Search for ...

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