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In Spice-Laden Kerala, a Break From Urban India

New York Times - 23 Oct 2017
The skinny, 80-year-old Indian yogi was doing his best to suggest ways I might adjust my ample 55-year-old American body into a passable downward dog. I admired his ambition. I'm an enthusiastic but generally bad practitioner of yoga. But here in the ...
downward dog

Downward dog with goats? Goat yoga comes to Windsor-Essex

CBC.ca - 05 Oct 2017
At an animal sanctuary in Comber, people are rolling out their yoga mats next to some peculiar participants. Naaamaste: Goat yoga gains popularity in Edmonton area · Trending hard: goat yoga. Goats and lambs wander around while yogis attempt to make a ...
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Downward Dog with the Dogs

Park Cities People - 13 Oct 2017
Maybe it stemmed from the many poses named after animals, such as the Downward-Facing Dog, Cow pose, or the One-Legged King Pigeon, but bringing live animals into the mix is proving to be a popular trend. According to an article in yoga.com, ...
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Yoga in Lake Eola Park celebrates 5-year anniversary

Orlando Sentinel - 22 Oct 2017
Up front and using a megaphone, Reh instructs the class to shift from various traditional poses such as downward dog or child's pose as eight more-experienced yogis demonstrate the transition up front. Reh said she knows it works because she does it, too.
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Trap Yoga puts the twerk in your downward dog

KING5.com - 11 Oct 2017
"I like to think I'm the only one who twerks it in a down dog," says the longtime yogini. Classically trained, she started to stray and came up with her own moves at home incorporating trap music, dance and boxing. "And so I kept it underground. My ...
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7 Dogs Doing Yoga That'll Put Your Downward Dog Skills To Shame

Elite Daily - 10 Oct 2017
As a self-proclaimed, dog-obsessed yoga enthusiast, when I went to goat yoga the other week (yes, it's a thing), I couldn't help but high-key wish the fuzzy farm animals would be replaced with adorable little doggos. Like, picture being in downward ...
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Pet of the Week: Apollo, Rosie featured at Cats on Mats

Helena Independent Record - 14 Oct 2017
Downward dog, scorpion pose, cozy cat …? This morning Rosie and Apollo will be at Gentle Healing Wellness Center stretching and posing the stress away -- and they hope you will join them for this fun yoga class! Rosie hasn't had a very easy go of ...
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When dogs and cats interrupt yoga

Mother Nature Network - 20 Oct 2017
Sure, there's the downward dog. And there's even the cat pose. But names aside, why is it that when you unfurl your yoga mat, your pets come running? There are a lot of reasons your furry BFF might want to participate in your yoga routine. First, there ...
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It's all downward dog for Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

CIM Newsmagazine (press release) (blog) - 03 Oct 2017
Those that say yoga cannot take you to a higher plane think again, with Melbourne Star Observation Wheel offering intimate yoga classes in its temperature controlled, rotating cabins. Share Print Email ...
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This app is officially the worst idea ever

New York Post - 19 Oct 2017
And you're going to walk up to a stranger's house and start doing yoga for them while they snap your downward dog? On top of that, the app charges you to send the picture to your phone. “For a small sitting fee, ElsiePic instantly captures and ...
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Jennifer Lopez One Shade of Grey Is All This Booty Needs

TMZ.com - 20 Oct 2017
J.Lo still had a glow to her leaving her SoHo gym, but you'd never notice it if her butt caught your eye first. So what does J.Lo's workout include? If it ain't downward dog, we're guessing it's a ton of squats because that booty is only getting better ...
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Mirror Mirror: How to make your workouts a family affair

KTRK-TV - 19 Oct 2017
Plank V - Have your little kiddo on your back while you start in a small downward dog and then move into a full plank. Repeat over and over. Make sure to brace your core. Have babies on their backs under you, too! Dodgeball squats - Jump in a potty ...
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Orchestras? Storytime? You may see them soon at Palm Beach plaza

Palm Beach Daily News - 20 Oct 2017
Councilwoman Julie Araskog said she was headed into a plaza restaurant when she noticed a “group of people doing yoga on the lawn in the downward dog position. It was kind of gross, watching this while you're eating and sitting.” Araskog said the ...
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Better posture may help your mood, memory, and self-esteem

WTNH Connecticut News (press release) - 19 Oct 2017
Neck stretches using range-of-motion exercises, such as stretching your neck side-to-side, up-and-down and ear-to-shoulder. Using light weights and performing some yoga poses like downward dog can help improve posture. Push-ups are also great, ...
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Personal trainers share workouts to help fans fit in fitness

Philly.com - 18 Oct 2017
The Birds, along with Rothman Institute at Jefferson and Novo Nordisk, started the platform to get fans up on their feet and eating healthy foods. The challenge is free and encourages participants to drink eight glasses of water, catch eight hours of ...

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