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downward dog

Balancing bears and downward dog

UAA Northern Light - 23 Jan 2018
The Anchorage Museum is mostly known for its versatile art exhibitions, but Alaska's largest museum is also offering a variety of classes ranging from painting to yoga. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the museum is offering a 50-minute class called “Yoga in ...
downward dog

Can cats do the downward dog? Feline yoga comes to Calgary

CBC.ca - 19 Jan 2018
It's a yoga class where some participants completely ignore the instructor and opt to roll around au naturel, take a nap or even a bath, or climb on the participant nearest to them. That's right. Cat yoga has arrived in Calgary. The cats like to "show ...
downward dog

Downward dog for the whole family in Spain

The Times - 06 Jan 2018
He turns out to be an accomplished pianist, and as there's a piano at Santillan, the sound of Chopin regularly drifts through the window, lightly reverberates against the brilliant pink bougainvillea and reaches my ears as I breathe in a downward dog ...
downward dog

Doing downward dog doesn't boost Scots pupils' grades

The Times - 21 Jan 2018
They may help youngsters to find inner peace, but teaching mindfulness, t'ai chi and yoga in Scottish schools may do little to close the attainment gap, according to a report. Wellbeing classes are catching on in mainstream education amid claims that ...
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Hay's Daze: Downward dog has gone to the goats

Red Deer Advocate - 20 Jan 2018
The downward dog has gone to the goats. Apparently it's no longer de rigueur enough to have just a regular old downward dog or upward dog — or even the cat, cow or half-cobra. And if you think I'm talking about a visit to the exotic zoo I guess you ...
downward dog

2017 - the year when even yoga struggled

Newcastle Herald - 28 Dec 2017
I said. “Well, either that or unconscious, or something terrible,” she said. “Good to know,” I said. Anyway, a year ago Beryl announced that 2017 was the year she would commit to yoga. And in typical Beryl fashion that commitment came with a goal. “My ...
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Aerial Yoga Swinging into Popularity

State College News - 23 Jan 2018
“Newcomers can do this; even people who have never done a downward facing dog, who have no idea what pranayama or yoga breathing is.” Egerer said physical benefits include increased lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, increased brain function ...
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How to find perfect gym bag - and the best ones to buy now

Telegraph.co.uk - 21 Jan 2018
So who needs a gym bag when your trusty Mulberry tote will do? No one, we all agreed in the office in answer to the above question. Unless, that is, you're an obsessive organiser. Or do workouts where you actually sweat and need to incarcerate the ...
downward dog

Cat yoga purr-fect start for beginners

Newshub - 16 Jan 2018
Forget downward dog or the pigeon pose; this is cat yoga and those taking part think it's pretty paw-some. Owners decided they wanted to offer more than just coffee, and decided to offer the classes which have been popular overseas. For most people ...
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You can go to a naked yoga class in NYC

Time Out - 12 Jan 2018
Time Out met up with Merveille at a studio space to see exactly what naked yoga entails, and it contained all of the Eagle and Chair poses that you'd expect to find at a more conventional yoga class, with the added touch of empowerment and body ...
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Pasco goats somehow make yoga less weird

Tampabay.com - 17 Jan 2018
Classes are offered on Saturday mornings, and participants do yoga with Nigerian dwarf goats. "The goats don't actually do yoga," Reed laughed. "They are trained to help you do yoga." Yoga instructor Jack West has a background in zoology and his family ...
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5 ways I escaped the reality of 2017

Detroit Free Press - 29 Dec 2017
Free Press pop culture critic Julie Hinds on some favorite respites from the worrisome headlines of a tumultuous year. "At Home with Amy Sedaris," TruTV: The funny woman best known for "Strangers With Candy" created a cooking-and-crafts show that was ...
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Former instructor buys, rebrands Bellevue yoga studio

RichmondBizSense - 19 Jan 2018
In addition to yoga classes, True North has private rooms for massage and acupuncture. It has two separate studios for group yoga, meditation and Tai Chi classes. Sterling said most teachers from the previous ownership were retained. Drop-in classes ...
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Goats don't use Twitter

Boulder Weekly - 18 Jan 2018
“The reasons goats act the way they act is for their survival, whereas I think humans miseducate themselves or decide to feel certain ways because they saw something on the news that told them this is how they should feel about this. Animals just have ...
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Sandra Oh is at a knife's edge in Killing Eve first look

EW.com - 12 Jan 2018
The series also stars Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter, True Blood), who plays Carolyn, a lead MI6 agent, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Downward Dog) as Elena, Eve's assistant. Rounding out the cast are Kim Bodnia (The Bridge), David Haig (Penny Dreadful), Sean ...
downward dog

Out of office: the rise of the digital nomad

Evening Standard - 18 Jan 2018
I'll wake up every morning in my Airbnb flat in Echo Park, and having switched my ClassPass membership from London to LA metro, I'll downward dog alongside suntanned Angelenos at Silver Lake Yoga. Then I'll jump on the bus and cart my laptop along ...

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