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Dr. Oz to get a new title: cover boy

New York Post - 06 Jan 2014
Hearst has shipped to the printers the debut edition of its newest title, Dr. Oz The Good Life. The first cover, when it lands on newsstands Feb. 4, will feature Dr. Mehmet Oz, sources said. By taking the cover himself, the health and fitness guru is ...
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Dr. Oz freaks out a stoned Pete Holmes in new Crashing trailer

EW.com - 14 Dec 2017
Pete Holmes (the character) is being corrupted. For example, in the season 2 trailer for HBO's Crashing, premiering exclusively here, the innocent comedian has sex — sorry, makes love. See? Corrupted. “I know sex is a casual thing to some people,” he ...
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Dr. Oz: Pacifying a panic attack

NewsOK.com - 12 Dec 2017
In the short term, tranquilizers or antidepressants may help. In the long term, cognitive behavioral therapy can teach you ways to short-circuit PAs before they happen by identifying trigger situations and helping you avoid them, or teaching you ...
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Dr. Oz talks with the AJC about sexual predators

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 05 Dec 2017
Dr. Oz calls it a sweeping nationwide scandal: men using power and proximity to sexually prey on the vulnerable. The predators he's talking about are not celebrities, congressmen or business moguls, though. They are closer to home. In a segment dubbed ...
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Local professor talks about mother's murder on Dr. Oz

WOAI - 06 Dec 2017
SAN ANTONIO - A local professor opened up on national television about her mother's murder. Kelly Grey Carlisle was featured on Dr. Oz on Tuesday afternoon. Carlisle is an English professor at Trinity University. "When I was three weeks old, my mother ...
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Dr. Oz talks predatory doctors with AJC

WSB Atlanta - 04 Dec 2017
The Tuesday episode of “Dr. Oz,” which airs on Channel 2 each day at 3 p.m., featured a segment with AJC Editor Kevin Riley discussing the investigation into how doctors who sexually abuse their patients go largely unpunished. "There were doctors who ...
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Dr. Oz says sleep is the key

WGN Radio - 08 Dec 2017
Dr. Oz says sleep is the key. Posted 7:45 AM, December 8, 2017, by mikerjacobsen, Updated at 07:39AM, December 8, 2017. Facebook · Twitter · LinkedIn · Google · Reddit · Email. Dr. Mehmet Oz speaks during a safety clinic hosted by the NFL and the ...
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Dr. Oz: Have a cancer survivorship care plan

NewsOK.com - 05 Dec 2017
Ask about scheduling a follow-up visit with an oncologist, and inquire about cancer rehabilitation services they offer. If you make an appointment, have your records transferred there, too. Third step: Download info from the American Society of ...
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FTC Crushes Fake Ad Scammer Who Targeted Dr. Oz and Other Celebs

HuffPost - 20 Nov 2017
If you are infuriated by the avalanche of fake ads on whatever digital platform you are using, you should celebrate this week's Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) action against a particularly egregious group of defendants at the head of a large network ...
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NH inventor gets a boost for MITZEEZ on Dr. Oz Show

Manchester Ink Link (press release) (blog) - 22 Nov 2017
Peter Connors of Portsmouth is your hero – his new product, Mitzeez®, will be featured today on the Dr. Oz Show (2 p.m. on FOX/WXFT Channel 25 on Comcast Xfinity) which provides a simple solution to public food safety concerns that plague public ...
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Innisfil native Amber Bowman in running to be Dr. OZ TV trainer

Simcoe.com - 11 Dec 2017
Amber Bowman is excited about the chance to be a fitness trainer for the Dr. Oz television show. The Innisfil native and Central York Fire Services firefighter applied for the opportunity in August and finds out Dec. 14 if she'll be a regular guest ...
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Tropical Bird Repeater

WorldTempus (press release) - 13 Dec 2017
Jaquet Droz quite rightly decided to present its latest masterpiece outside the periods of the main international and regional watch fairs, because it is already available to purchase (the first one has already been sold at the brand's Geneva store). I ...
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Cinnamon for Flavor, Not Weight Loss

Newsmax - 15 Dec 2017
Sprudge.com, a website devoted to all things coffee, has determined the Most Annoying Coffee Order Ever: a triple shot (one shot decaf, two shots regular), one pump white chocolate, two pumps peppermint and a half pump of hazelnut mochaccino, with an ...
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Gut Check: Aspirin and Cancer

Newsmax - 14 Dec 2017
In addition to introducing Emily Wickersham as the future Agent Bishop, the Nov. 19, 2013, broadcast of the "NCIS" episode, "Gut Check," challenged the team's newest associate to solve the mystery of a security breach involving the Secretary of the ...

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