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dragon ball super 130

Dragon Ball Super130 incluyó un regreso inesperado

El Comercio - 18 Mar 2018
Pero, como se explicó al inicio de la saga actual de "Dragon Ball Super", el Androide 17, Freezer y Gokú no necesitan sacar a Jiren de la plataforma: solo deben esperar a que termine el tiempo del combate y el equipo con más peleadores en la plataforma ...
dragon ball super 130

Local Governments in Mexico Might 'Pirate' Dragon Ball Super

TorrentFreak - 17 Mar 2018
Hit anime TV series Dragon Ball Super reaches episode 130 this Saturday with millions lining up to watch "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" In Mexico, it looks like turning into a national event, with local governments ...
dragon ball super 130

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 130 Recap With Spoilers

Comicbook.com - 18 Mar 2018
This episode begins with a recap of Episode 129 in which Goku finally mastered the Ultra Instinct state, and for once, got the upper hand on Jiren in battle and hit him with attacks that both surprised Jiren and made their mark. Episode 130 begins ...
dragon ball super 130

'Dragon Ball Super' episode 130 spoiler: The Final Fight

Blasting News - 23 Feb 2018
As we all know, the series that has brought to us as the Tournament of Power is about to end. There are approximately three episodes left and fans are still clueless as to how TOEI Animation will conclude this epic saga. Will Goku be the sole winner of ...
dragon ball super 130

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 130, 131 spoilers: Return of Cabba?

Blasting News - 16 Feb 2018
"Dragon Ball Super" is scheduled to end on March 25. With each passing episode, the show is getting more interested. Notably, the Tournament of Power has only three minutes remaining. Talking about the spoilers of Episode 130 and 131, fans might ...
dragon ball super 130

Breaking Down 'Dragon Ball Super's Popularity By Country

Comicbook.com - 02 Apr 2018
Setting Réunion aside, it makes sense that South America is dominating in terms of Dragon Ball fandom; when Super's penultimate episode (130) aired, we reported on the fact that live-stream parties held in places like Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina ...
dragon ball super 130

7 Things We Want in the 'Dragon Ball Super' Sequel Series

Comicbook.com - 31 Mar 2018
We already did a whole breakdown of why the Dragon Ball franchise needs to move on from the story of Goku, and instead pick up the story of the next generation of Z-Fighters - namely, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and the other Saiyan kids. A lot of Dragon ...

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