Report: Cam Neely Filmed Scene As Sea Bass For 'Dumb And Dumber To' -
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Stitches: Dumb and Dumber

New York Post - 21 May 2018
The sun came out Sunday. This has to be what the Yankees envisioned when they acquired Sonny Gray last season. Line read: one run, four hits, eight innings. Bombers cleared K.C.'s waterfall walls four times and crowned the Royals 10-1 in a tidy 2 hours ...
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Ford vs. Chevrolet: Here's which is bigger at the movie box office

CBS 8 San Diego - 22 May 2018
Want to start an argument? The folks at British insurance-shopping website GoCompare have created a list of the movies' most iconic, popular and frequently seen cars. It shows the timeless Ford-Chevy rivalry is in full swing onscreen. Ford got the nod ...
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Memo to Distributors: Buy These 2018 Cannes Film Festival Movies

IndieWire - 22 May 2018
Co-directors Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt won Critics Week at Cannes for this bizarre queer odyssey, which revolves around a very dumb soccer player (Carloto Cotta, equal parts Harry from “Dumb and Dumber” and Austin Powers) who misses his ...
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The behind the scenes troubles of Ace Ventura 2

Den of Geek UK - 25 Apr 2018
Up until 2014's Dumb And Dumber To, Jim Carrey had almost always declined the opportunity to appear in sequels to his own movies. He had taken sequel roles on in franchises – Batman Forever and Kick-Ass 2 – but he'd resisted making follow-ups to The ...
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When Zombieland 2 May Finally Come Out, According To The Writers

Cinema Blend - 16 May 2018
The Anchorman, Zoolander and Dumb and Dumber sequels attest to this, yet I'm optimistic that Zombieland 2 can be a success. The first film was a hit, earning $102 million at the box office on a $23.6 million budget. We don't get nearly enough R-rated ...
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8 big-screen movie prequels that nobody actually asked for - 08 May 2018
Yes, somewhere out there, somewhere you don't want to look, there's a Dumb and Dumber movie that's even more unloved than Dumb and Dumber To. Yet for all the sequel's patent wretchedness, at least it had Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in its comedy ...
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Box Office Poison: Jim Carrey's New Movie Went Straight-to-Video

Breitbart News - 21 May 2018
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and Kick-Ass 2 were both stillborn ($22 million and $29 million). And while the labored and forgettable Dumb and Dumber To did okay ($86 million), all anyone remembers is how the magic disappeared. On top of some awful ...
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Jets lose third straight jousting match, face elimination - 19 May 2018
Thanks to their third consecutive loss to the Vegas Golden Knights — a 3-2 emotional rollercoaster of a defeat in Sin City on Friday — the Winnipeg Jets face elimination from the Stanley Cup playoffs on Sunday afternoon, when the Western Conference ...
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What a combined T-Mobile and Sprint would look like

The Verge - 30 Apr 2018
“In many of these communities, they already have very limited wireless choices, usually between dumb and dumber or a myriad of other regional and MVNO players,” Legere said. “We will change all that. We'll build hundreds of stores and hire thousands of ...
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Graham: Left bans books due to 'bad behavior'

Boston Herald - 17 May 2018
Like so many stories here in deep-blue New England, aka “America's Attic For Nutty Liberal Aunts,” this story starts dumb and gets dumber. It starts in Westbrook, Maine. Once a blue-collar community full of workers from the local paper mill, it's now a ...
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The 10 Best '70s Comedies - 15 May 2018
Think Citizen Kane meets Dumb and Dumber. Navin Johnson (Martin) is born a poor black child, and on his 18th birthday decides he wants to get out and see the world and be somebody. Hilarity ensues. Even though it's R-rated, the movie is pretty tame.
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'Dumb and Dumber' stars Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey reunite

Page Six - 18 Apr 2018
Jim Carrey surprised Jeff Daniels with a “Dumb and Dumber” reunion on “Conan.” While Daniels was chatting about the smash 1994 comedy — saying, “We knew 14-year-old boys would love it, but I wasn't prepared for the guys in their 70s with the tuxedo ...

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