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Dumb Starbucks: Funny, yes. But is it legal? (+video)

Christian Science Monitor - 09 Feb 2014
A legal tempest is brewing in the Starbucks teapot as it became clear late Monday that the Dumb Starbucks pop-up store that appeared in Los Angeles over the weekend was not the real thing but a parody produced by a Comedy Central TV host, Nathan ...
dumb starbucks

Trader Joe's Takes on Trademark “Schmo”

JD Supra (press release) - 11 May 2018
This new dispute reminds me of the famous “Dumb Starbucks” experiment by comedy TV series Nathan For You. Over one weekend in 2014, the show opened a coffee shop that looked just like a real Starbucks, except that its name and every drink it sold was ...
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The other side of the Starbucks story

The Olympian - 03 May 2018
The condemnation of Starbucks, in Philadelphia, because a store manger asked two black men to leave the store because they were loitering is absurd. Starbucks is in the business to sell products, not to pay for space and heat so people can hang. In ...
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Welcome to the Neighborhood, Cafés!

The Portland Mercury - 16 May 2018
It's very strange, bouncing from café to café—as dumb as it always sounded in my long-ago stint as a Starbucks employee, the café is truly unlike a bar or restaurant in just how much more comfortable you become there. Also in these first months of the ...
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Opinion: Why Trump's drug-price pitch makes no sense

MarketWatch - 14 May 2018
Instead, we got a haplessly dumb argument that drugs are so expensive in the U.S. because those darn Europeans and their socialized medicine demand subsidized drugs, paid for by the suckers in the U.S. who make bad deals. And a half-witted plan to ...
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"Jumpaline!!!!! Jumpaline!!!!!"

KMBZ - 22 May 2018
She's just saying Scott we hear it ambition always go to Starbucks. Should mean another I see it right back to end the match ...
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4 Coffee Things People Are Buzzing About This Week

Sprudge - 27 Apr 2018
What a week we've had in the coffee world. Monday feels like weeks ago, but it wasn't. It was on Monday. So instead of throwing anything else new at you, we're going to take a look back at the things that got people buzzing on the social medias.
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Gun violence's distant echo

Washington Post - 19 May 2018
She drove away from Starbucks, out of Gillette and up the dirt road toward her father's house, where Alan was sitting with Luke and Tennessee on the couch and watching TV. ...
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Welcome to Dumb Starbucks, How Can We Help You?

Huffington Post - 17 Nov 2015
Nearly two years ago, on February 7th, 2014, a small strange coffee shop opened. The coffee shop, purposefully named “Dumb Starbucks,” gained the attention of a confused few, who mistook it for the actual Starbucks, but overall flew under the radar.
dumb starbucks

Resident Evil 7 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch In Japan

Nintendo Life - 21 May 2018
It's fair to say that Resident Evil 7 surprised the gaming community back in early 2017. As well as being a dramatic departure and reinvention of the franchise, what was more interesting to most was that it was actually really good. More than good ...
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Starbucks responds to Dumb Starbucks in LA

USA TODAY - 11 Feb 2014
UPDATE: Late Monday afternoon, the Los Angeles Health Department shut down Dumb Starbucks shortly after Comedy Central comedian Nathan Fielder revealed he was behind the parody Starbucks store. Follow USA TODAY for the latest updates.

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