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Dumb Starbucks: Funny, yes. But is it legal? (+video)

Christian Science Monitor - 09 Feb 2014
A legal tempest is brewing in the Starbucks teapot as it became clear late Monday that the Dumb Starbucks pop-up store that appeared in Los Angeles over the weekend was not the real thing but a parody produced by a Comedy Central TV host, Nathan ...
dumb starbucks

Can the Emmys be hacked? One contender tried to find out.

Washington Post - 22 Jun 2018
[Dumb Starbucks mastermind Nathan Fielder gets in everyone's business on 'Nathan for You' — and makes odd TV magic]. To make his point, Fielder interviewed Carsten Schürmann. The Danish voting security expert demonstrated a potential breach in the ...
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Finally, You Can Stream All of Nathan for You

GQ Magazine - 28 Jun 2018
Occasionally, Fielder's antics break out from the context of the show and go viral, to the bafflement of the public and the press—as in the infamous "Dumb Starbucks" episode, when Fielder's bizarre "parody" of a Starbucks became a national media ...
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You'll Need To Be Social Media Famous To Snap Selfies At This LA Mural

The Fresh Toast - 27 Jun 2018
Some also joked that this is either a “Nathan for You” prank, reminiscent of his “Dumb Starbucks” gag in 2014, or the beginning of a “Black Mirror” episode. The users behind “Like and Subscribe” responded to the criticism aimed their direction on Twitter.
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Just Say No to the Starbucks Avocado Frappuccino

Yahoo News - 06 Jul 2018
It's common knowledge that millennials love avocados-they're the reason we can't afford houses, according to this dumb rich guy-and the ways to enjoy this beautiful fruit are endless: Guacamole, a club sandwich, in a salad, baked with an egg fried in ...
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It's Sorta Silly How Much I Heart My Stainless Steel Straws

The Spoon (blog) - 11 Jul 2018
It was also totally dumb that I used a single-use straw for as long as I did. Plastic straws have quickly become public enemy No. 1 and persona non grata at Starbucks, Hyatt, the whole city of Seattle and a whole host of other places. This is good news ...
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Welcome to Dumb Starbucks, How Can We Help You?

Huffington Post - 17 Nov 2015
Nearly two years ago, on February 7th, 2014, a small strange coffee shop opened. The coffee shop, purposefully named “Dumb Starbucks,” gained the attention of a confused few, who mistook it for the actual Starbucks, but overall flew under the radar.
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Dumb Starbucks and the Art of the Hoax

New Yorker - 17 Feb 2014
Last weekend, a pop-up shop called Dumb Starbucks appeared in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, five miles east of the Hollywood Hills. It seemed like any other Starbucks store, but it gave away “dumb” versions of items sold by the Seattle-based coffee giant ...
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Starbucks responds to Dumb Starbucks in LA

USA TODAY - 11 Feb 2014
UPDATE: Late Monday afternoon, the Los Angeles Health Department shut down Dumb Starbucks shortly after Comedy Central comedian Nathan Fielder revealed he was behind the parody Starbucks store. Follow USA TODAY for the latest updates.
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Were Blood, Dog Feces Hidden Inside Starbucks Products?

Snopes.com - 12 Jan 2018
The controversy started on Sunday night after a user on the /pol section of 4chan posted a screenshot purportedly showing a Facebook post from a “Shanell Rivers” in which she described various disgusting things she allegedly did to Starbucks products:.
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Strawless Charleston gaining momentum amid widespread resistance

Charleston Post Courier - 13 Jul 2018
The war on plastic straws is gaining momentum, but there are still some skeptics. Order a drink in any of the 130 bars and restaurants that have signed up for Strawless Charleston so far this summer, and you won't get one unless you ask. Some of the ...
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Nathan Fielder Talks 'Dumb Starbucks' And Pranking Instagram

RollingStone.com - 24 Jul 2014
The show picked up a bit of steam through word of mouth, and then this past February the media learned about a new Los Angeles coffee house called “Dumb Starbucks.” Its origins were initially mysterious, but word soon got out it was from an in-progress ...

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