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A duress code is a covert distress signal used by an individual...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
A duress code is a covert distress signal used by an individual who is being coerced by one or more hostile persons. It is used to warn others that they are being forced to do something against their will. Typically, the warning is given via some innocuous signal embedded in normal communication, such as a code-word or phrase spoken during conversation to alert other personnel. Alternatively, the signal may be incorporated into the authentication process itself, typically in the form of a panic pa
duress code

Dating dangers spark duress code

Courier Mail - 09 Jul 2018
AUTHORITIES are set on stamping out sexual assault before it occurs by urging worried women on dodgy dates to head to the bar and “ask for Angela”. With dating and hook-up apps often leading to first-time meet-ups in pubs, clubs and bars, staff will ...
duress code

High Court's larger bench dismisses ACC appeal

Kuensel, Buhutan's National Newspaper - 18 Aug 2018
The High Court's larger bench yesterday dismissed the Anti-Corruption Commission's appeal against the acquittal of two persons in the DeSuung training fund embezzlement case by its bench III earlier this month. The High Court's four-paged order states ...
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Islamophobia and anti-Semitism divide British politics

Ahram Online - 17 Aug 2018
For many it was ugly and naked Islamophobia, targeting the most vulnerable and defenceless category: women and young girls wearing — either voluntarily or under duress — what some see as traditional Islamic dress code. Following complaints about ...
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A profile in courage and a portrait of perfidy

LancasterOnline - 22 Jul 2018
Second, as Denton replied to the reporter's questions, his eyes blinked in Morse Code the word “T-O-R-T-U-R-E.” Under unimaginable duress, this heroic naval officer confirmed to the U.S. government for the first time that our captured soldiers, sailors ...
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Abode DIY Home Security System review

The Gadgeteer - 09 Aug 2018
There's also a great option for adding a Duress PIN code if you're using one of the paid monitoring options. Entering the Duress PIN on the keypad will automatically alert the monitoring center. This is useful in a situation where someone is forcing ...
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RCMP changes policy on alarm calls

DrumhellerOnline.com - 15 Aug 2018
"We respond to ATM calls, multi-zone intrusions, panic, duress, holdup, glass break, domestic violence and verified alarms. All the important alarms we will be attending, just triggered ...
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'Fly-by-night' franchisor scams client

SowetanLIVE Sunday World - 15 Aug 2018
Due to ignorance she also did not ask for a copy of a franchise disclosure document which is required to show transparency in terms of the Fasa code of conduct, Ngubane said. She said she paid R20 000 to ensure that she got ...
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Will ECP ensure free & fair elections?

Global Village space (blog) - 24 Jul 2018
There is a comprehensive code of conduct provided, as to what their duties are and in which matters they can interfere. Otherwise, the voters need not worry of any incitement, or that they may have to give vote under duress. Multiple steps have been ...
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Omarosa claims she has heard tape of Trump using N-word

The Guardian - 12 Aug 2018
And they start to threaten me, put fear in me, to put me under duress.” That phrasing, she now claims, constituted a “very obvious” threat that justifies her secretly recording the meeting. Soon after she was fired, the Washington Post reported ...
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SimpliSafe Home Security (2018) review:

CNET - 28 Mar 2018
To disarm the system, press the "off" button on the key fob or in the app, or enter your code into the keypad. You can assign specific codes to specific users or guests, and you can also set a duress code for situations where someone is forcing you to ...
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What is an Alarm Duress Code?

Huffington Post - 09 Feb 2014
There is: the alarm duress code. This code is entered on the keypad, sending a silent signal to the monitoring station of the system provider. This does not disable the system. But to your captor, you're simply obeying his command to disable the system.
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Weekly Digest: 6 August 2018

Lexology - 13 Aug 2018
The issue in this appeal was whether a conviction for a drugs offence was rendered unsafe by the fact that, as a victim of human trafficking, the applicant had been acting under duress. The application for leave failed; although the Court accepted that ...

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