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dwight (the walking dead)

Dwight is a fictional character in the comic book series The Wa...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
Dwight is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead portrayed by Austin Amelio in the television series of the same name. Dwight is second in command to a group of survivors led by Negan called "The Saviors" who extort nearby communities for their supplies in exchange for protection against zombies, but Dwight despises Negan for holding his wife Sherry over him and becomes an uneasy ally of Rick Grimes as a double agent against Negan. After Negan's defeat, Dwight becomes the new
dwight (the walking dead)

Austin Amelio ready for Dwight's return to The Walking Dead

Show Snob - 13 Sep 2018
While fans of The Walking Dead have been given more and more details about the upcoming ninth season, one character that hasn't been spoken of much is Dwight, a fact that actor Austin Amelio hopes will change soon. When we last saw Dwight in the ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Austin Amelio Is Ready for 'The Walking Dead' Return

Comicbook.com - 09 Sep 2018
Dwight actor Austin Amelio is ready for his Walking Dead timeout to end. The star's Savior-turned-mole was exiled by Daryl (Norman Reedus) by threat of death after helping Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company overthrow Negan (Jeffrey Dean).
dwight (the walking dead)

Will Dwight Return in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9?

Comicbook.com - 30 Jul 2018
Former Savior Dwight (Austin Amelio) plays a meaty role during the post-war story arc in the pages of The Walking Dead comic books, but the exiled bowman could be a no-show in the show's ninth season. After betraying the hated Negan (Jeffrey Dean ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Will Dwight appear somewhere else in The Walking Dead Universe?

Undead Walking - 30 Jul 2018
In The Walking Dead's most recent fan mailbag post, a hint might have been given as to where Dwight will be headed next. In the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead, Daryl gave Dwight the keys to a truck and told him to go find Sherry. In the Walking ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Does Dwight Die In 'The Walking Dead' Comics?

Comicbook.com - 09 Apr 2018
Dwight's double-crossing as the Savior mole has been revealed, and things aren't looking good for the two-faced Savior. He's been acting as an informant for Rick and the AHK alliance, but Dwight's infidelity is out in the open as he's been outed by ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Is Dwight Going To Leave 'The Walking Dead'?

Comicbook.com - 12 Mar 2018
While there is definitely "more death" coming to The Walking Dead, there might also be more characters wandering off into the apocalypse, never to be heard from again. Dwight, the former ally to Negan and the Saviors, does not appear to have a group ...
dwight (the walking dead)

'The Walking Dead': Negan Confronts Dwight In New Clip

Comicbook.com - 05 Apr 2018
The episode will also see Daryl and Rosita attempt to thwart Eugene's bullet-making plans while Aaron, alone in the woods, runs into trouble during his one man mission to recruit Oceanside to the cause. The second-to-last episode of The Walking Dead ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Daryl And Dwight's Relationship Changing On 'The Walking Dead'

Comicbook.com - 15 Feb 2018
Norman Reedus' favorite bit of The Walking Dead Season Eight's back half is the narrative involving Daryl and Dwight. Daryl first met Dwight in Season Six when Austin Amelio's character was on the run from Negan. Ultimately, he would betray Daryl and ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Why hasn't Laura ratted out Dwight to Negan on The Walking Dead?

Undead Walking - 19 Mar 2018
Laura saw with her own eyes that Dwight has turned his back on Negan and The Saviors but still hasn't ratted out the traitor on The Walking Dead. Dwight not liking Negan is something fans of The Walking Dead can totally understand. There have been ...
dwight (the walking dead)

The Walking Dead Boss Teases Possible Return For Dwight

We Got This Covered - 21 Apr 2018
So, is this the conclusion of Dwight's story in The Walking Dead? It was pretty open-ended, after all. TV Line posed the question to outgoing showrunner – and new Chief Content Officer – Scott M. Gimple and got an unsurprisingly cryptic reply in return.

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