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dwight (the walking dead)

Dwight is a fictional character in the comic book series The Wa...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
Dwight is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead portrayed by Austin Amelio in the television series of the same name. Dwight is second in command to a group of survivors led by Negan called "The Saviors" who extort nearby communities for their supplies in exchange for protection against zombies, but Dwight despises Negan for holding his wife Sherry over him and becomes an uneasy ally of Rick Grimes as a double agent against Negan. After Negan's defeat, Dwight becomes the new
dwight (the walking dead)

The Five Best Rosita Scenes from “The Walking Dead”

TVOvermind - 21 Jun 2018
The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name written by Robert Kirkman, is a post-apocalyptic gripping and gritty drama which portrays what life is like after a zombie outbreak. The show's main group of characters is led ...
dwight (the walking dead)

'The Walking Dead' Emmy Submissions List Revealed

Comicbook.com - 18 Jun 2018
AMC has submitted The Walking Dead for Emmy consideration in 21 categories, Gold Derby reports. AMC is hoping to receive nominations in marquee categories such as Best Drama Series and Best Drama Actor for The Walking Dead leading man Andrew ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Did The Walking Dead really just kill off that major character?

DigitalSpy.com - 26 Mar 2018
*Spoilers to follow for the Walking Dead comic series* Dwight plays a pivotal role in the climax to the 'All Out War' arc in the comic series. Acting as a double agent, secretly serving Rick, he joins Negan on an assault of Hilltop (as TV's Dwight ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Did 'The Walking Dead' Really Just Give Tara Rick's Huge Moment?

Forbes - 26 Mar 2018
I'm also not sure if The Walking Dead thinks that Dwight's loyalty is actually still up for debate or not because as a viewer, it seems pretty obvious that Dwight is on the level and not a triple agent for Negan. And after all, Negan literally stole ...
dwight (the walking dead)

Why hasn't Laura ratted out Dwight to Negan on The Walking Dead?

Undead Walking - 19 Mar 2018
Laura saw with her own eyes that Dwight has turned his back on Negan and The Saviors but still hasn't ratted out the traitor on The Walking Dead. Dwight not liking Negan is something fans of The Walking Dead can totally understand. There have been ...

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