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Dylan Farrow or Woody Allen? Does it really matter whom we believe?

Los Angeles Times - 03 Feb 2014
In the long run, it doesn't matter whether you believe the tragic story of Dylan Farrow, who alleges that her father Woody Allen sexually assaulted her 20 years ago when she was 7 years old. Nor does it matter whether you believe Woody Allen, who was ...
dylan farrow

A Hollywood Game of Thrones

Vanity Fair - 12 Jul 2017
the activists shouted as they stormed the stage of Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie to draw attention to the accusation that the director sexually abused his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, according to The New York Times' Victor Homola. Allen denied that ...
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Why Are People Still Excited to Work With Woody Allen?

The Mary Sue - 11 Jul 2017
But those same people have to own up to the fact that they read the firsthand account of his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow and choose not to believe it. (Or that it's out on the internet waiting to be read and they choose not to.) The same goes for the ...
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Ärger in der Elbphilharmonie | Nackte stören Woody Allen-Konzert

BILD - 12 Jul 2017
Zwei Aktivistinnen der Frauenrechtsgruppe “Femen“ stürmten mit nacktem Oberkörper 21 Minuten nach Konzert-Beginn auf die Bühne, unterbrachen den Auftritt der “New Orleans Jazz Band“, wollten einen Brief von Woody Allens Adoptivtochter Dylan Farrow ...
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Topless protesters interrupt Allen's concert

Winnipeg Free Press - 15 Jul 2017
Femen members are known for their topless protests and these two activists painted their bare torsos with quotes from the 2014 open letter that Dylan Farrow, Allen's adopted daughter, wrote to accuse him of sexual assault. The crowd began booing once ...
dylan farrow

Dylan Farrow Welcomes Daughter Evangeline

People Magazine - 06 Sep 2016
On Monday, Hollywood legend Mia Farrow took to Twitter to share a sweet photo of her newest familial addition: granddaughter Evangeline, born to Mia's daughter Dylan Farrow. “Welcome to my beautiful little grand-daughter, Evangeline,” Mia, 71, wrote ...
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Félmeztelen nők szakították félbe Woody Allen koncertjét

Origo - 12 Jul 2017
Woody Allen néhány napja a New Orleans Jazz Band tagjaként koncertezett Hamburgban. Az eseményt félig meztelen nők színpadra lépése szakította meg. A radikális feministák arra akarták felhívni a figyelmet, hogy a filmrendezőt szexuális bántalmazás ...
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Femen versus Woody Allen

Semana.com - 23 Jul 2017
Activistas de Femen interrumpen concierto del director y actor por su supuesto caso de agresión sexual.
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Femen contro Woody Allen: interrotto il concerto jazz del regista

Adnkronos - 12 Jul 2017
Le due ragazze hanno iniziato ad urlare slogan e hanno tentato di leggere una lettera della figlia adottiva di Allen, Dylan Farrow, che nel 2014 ha accusato Allen di averla molestata sessualmente negli anni '90. L'irruzione in scena delle due attiviste ...
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Woody Allen : des Femen interrompent son concert à Hambourg

Le Figaro - 12 Jul 2017
Deux militantes des Femen ont interrompu mardi soir un concert de Woody Allen à Hambourg en Allemagne pour dénoncer la «culture du silence» autour des accusations d'agressions sexuelles dont l'accuse sa fille adoptive, Dylan Farrow. Elles sont ...
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We Owe Dylan Farrow An Apology

Huffington Post - 13 May 2016
It's Dylan O'Sullivan Farrow. Born on July 11th, 1985 to Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. Sister to Ronan, a journalist. And a survivor, allegedly, of abuse at the hands of her father from an early age. Someone whose story of physical intimidation and ...

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