The Latest: Some refuse to return to Mexico police building -
earthquake in mexico

The Latest: Some refuse to return to Mexico police building

Washington Post - 24 Sep 2017
MEXICO CITY — The latest on Mexico's earthquake (all times local):. 6:25 p.m.. Some workers at Mexico City's police headquarters are refusing to return to work at the downtown building because of suspected structural damage. Administrative worker ...
earthquake in mexico

Recovery, reconstruction go slowly after Mexico earthquake

ABC News - 19 Oct 2017
Rodrigo Diaz Mejia climbs into what was a second-story apartment in a building, felled by the earthquake at 517 Tokio street in the Portales Norte neighborhood of Mexico City, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017. Diaz, a 38-year-old mechanic who lives on the same ...
earthquake in mexico

Mexico's earthquake aftermath threatens political tremors

Financial Times - 16 Oct 2017
“You go — leave me,” Flor Carillo's bedridden 78-year-old mother implored when the most devastating earthquake in three decades struck Mexico City last month. Reluctantly, Ms Carillo did — only to watch her parents' fifth-floor apartment crushed from ...
earthquake in mexico

Jojutla struggles a month after deadly Mexico quake - 19 Oct 2017
Now, one month after the 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico, killing 370 people and destroying thousands of buildings, Benitez Amador says towns like Jojutla are struggling to recover. A municipality of 50,000 people about 80km south of the capital ...
earthquake in mexico

One month after Mexico's earthquake

Reuters - 20 Oct 2017
Protesters chanting "Go home Nazis" sought to drown out the speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer at the University of Florida, as the campus erected...
earthquake in mexico

Mexico hit by another strong earthquake

New York Post - 23 Sep 2017
Mexico's Oaxaca region was shaken by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake Saturday that downed a highway bridge, damaged homes and buildings and rattled people as far away as Mexico City. The quake was an aftershock from the 8.2-magnitude quake in ...
earthquake in mexico

Mexico City begins demolishing earthquake-damaged buildings

ABC News - 09 Oct 2017
In this Friday, Sept. 22, 2017 file photo, architect Victor Marquez stands in a stairwell during the appraisal of an earthquake-damaged building in Mexico City. Demolition on the first of an estimated 150 to 200 buildings that were badly damaged by a ...
earthquake in mexico

In Mexico City, Pressure to Prepare for the Next Big Earthquake

New York Times - 05 Oct 2017
Sections of the city's south that had stood up well in 1985 bore the earthquake's full force this time, and it was largely older buildings made of brittle concrete that collapsed, said H. Kit Miyamoto, a California seismic safety commissioner who ...
earthquake in mexico

After The Earthquake In Mexico, Everyone Was A Hero

HuffPost - 29 Sep 2017
After The Earthquake In Mexico, Everyone Was A Hero. Eduardo Feldman's photo project celebrates the work of the people who took to the streets to help. Sandra Lucario HuffPost Mexico. 320. A little girl walked through Mexico's residential La Roma ...
earthquake in mexico

Death toll in Mexico earthquake rises to 366

Washington Post - 03 Oct 2017
MEXICO CITY — Officials have raised the death toll of last month's magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Mexico to 366 people. National Civil Defense Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente says via Twitter that the total has increased by three. The last remaining ...
earthquake in mexico

Why Mexico City is so vulnerable to earthquakes

CNN - 20 Sep 2017
John Vidale, a seismologist, is a professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Southern California and director of the Southern California Earthquake Center. Follow him on Twitter at @seismoguy. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely ...
earthquake in mexico

2000 historic buildings in Mexico damaged by earthquake

Los Angeles Times - 27 Sep 2017
From one side, Our Lady of Angels Church in Mexico City looks like it survived the Sept. 19 earthquake unscathed. But from the opposite side, its large, blue cupola appears almost sliced in half, with deep fissures running up the part that remains ...
earthquake in mexico

NASA's Earthquake 'Damage Map' Shows Destruction in Mexico - 22 Sep 2017
A map of damage in and around Mexico City caused by the magnitude 7.1 Raboso earthquake of Sept. 19, 2017. Color variations from yellow to red indicate increasingly more significant ground surface change. The map was produced by scientists at NASA's ...
earthquake in mexico

What California Needs To Learn From The Mexico Earthquakes

Forbes - 11 Oct 2017
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported a 7.1 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter around 100 miles from the Mexican capital at 1:14 p.m. on Sept. 19, 2017. More than 300 people were killed, including over 20 children who were trapped inside a ...

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