Rossen Reports update: How to stay safe during an earthquake -
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Rossen Reports update: How to stay safe during an earthquake - 24 Sep 2017
As clean up continues after the powerful earthquake that devastated Mexico City this week, many are wondering how safe their homes and office buildings really are. It turns out, these deadly earthquakes can happen anywhere — no matter where you live.
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Small tsunami waves reach Vanuatu after 7.0 magnitude earthquake

The Guardian - 20 Nov 2017
“We are a little bit scared, we have had an earthquake last night and today it was quite a big one,” said Wayan Rigault, communications manager at Hotel Nengone Village on the island of Mare, which is the closest landmass to the epicentre. Rigault said ...
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LA earthquake today: Los Angeles rocked by magnitude 3.2 quake

The Independent - 10 Nov 2017
The tremor occurred at 1.15am local time (9.45am GMT) at a depth of 7.5 miles (12km), according to the US Geological Survey. Its epicentre was in the West Athens area in the south of the city. Locals reported feeling the ground shake, with some ...
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6.9-magnitude earthquake strikes Tibet

Times of India - 18 Nov 2017
BEIJING: A strong intensity earthquake measuring 6.9 on Richter Scale hit Tibet's Nyingchi prefecture, located close to Arunachal Pradesh border, in the early hours of Saturday. The quake struck at 6:34 a.m (Beijing Time), according to the China ...
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Costa Rica shaken by strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake

The Independent - 13 Nov 2017
A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 shook Costa Rica on Sunday night, knocking items from shelves and sending people rushing outside in panic. The country's Public Safety Ministry said it had reports of two serious injuries as a ...
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Medium intensity quake jolts Rajasthan, Uttarakhand

Hindu Business Line - 18 Nov 2017
Rajasthan and Uttarakhand were today jolted by medium intensity earthquakes measuring 4.2 and 3.3 on the Richter scale, the India Meteorological Department said. The first quake hit Jodhpur at 1521 hrs, while the second quake hit Pithoragarh in ...
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Yellow alert put up for Öræfajökull volcano

Iceland Monitor - 18 Nov 2017
To top of today's series of earthquakes, a quake measuring 4.5 occurred at the mother of all volcanoes in Iceland, Katla tonight. Another earthquake measuring 3.2 occurred a little later. Both eruptions were felt in nearby areas. Hekla looking innocent ...
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Uncertainty about course of events at Öræfajökull volcano

Iceland Monitor - 19 Nov 2017
Although it's clear that there's a lot of geothermal heat underneath the Öræfajökull cauldron there are no signs of an iminent eruption. Scientists are however, uncertain as to what exactly is going on. Scientists from the geological department of the ...
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Washington the least prepared for earthquakes on west coast - 19 Nov 2017
Washington State is considered second only to California in earthquake vulnerability, but it appears to be the least prepared state or province on the west coast including British Columbia. This summer, Governor Jay Inslee heard from his subcabinet on ...
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Sloshing of Earth's core may spike major earthquakes

Science Magazine - 30 Oct 2017
During the past 100 years, Earth's slowdowns have correlated surprisingly well with periods with a global increase in magnitude-7 and larger earthquakes, according to Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado (CU) in Boulder and Rebecca Bendick at the ...
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Chasing the waves

The Hindu - 20 Nov 2017
While earth science encompasses any science that explains the composition of Earth and its atmosphere, seismology focuses on the activity of tectonic plates to understand how natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis work ...
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Ancient construction is a model for earthquake-safe buildings

New York Daily News - 09 Nov 2017
It's also an enduring symbol of forward-thinking engineering concepts that are applied today in protecting large structures against earthquakes. Horyu-ji's pagoda is a monument to stability in a land of seismic instability; it has stayed upright ...

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