US Monitors Contacts of Ebola Patient in Texas -

US Monitors Contacts of Ebola Patient in Texas

Wall Street Journal - 30 Sep 2014
None of those suspected of coming into contact with Mr. Duncan has exhibited symptoms of Ebola, officials indicated. Health authorities will visit all contacts in person every day to take their temperatures and to ask about possible symptoms, Mr ...

Researchers Identify Novel Way to Target Ebola

R & D Magazine - 26 Sep 2017
Researchers have identified a potential new way to attack Ebola. Scientists have discovered that a protein called Tim-1 (T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-containing protein 1) plays a key role in the development of the cytokine storm seen in the ...

Massive Ebola data site planned to combat outbreaks - 04 Sep 2017
More than 11,000 people died when Ebola tore through West Africa between 2014 and 2016, and yet clinicians still lack data that would enable them to reliably identify the disease when a person first walks into a clinic. To fill that gap and others ...

Letter from Africa: Nigeria's praised but unpaid Ebola heroes

BBC News - 07 Sep 2017
In our series of letters from African journalists, novelist and writer Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani looks at the plight of medics who "saved" Nigeria from the Ebola pandemic in 2014 but who have not yet been paid. In October 2014, Nigeria received universal ...

The Evolutionary Reason Why The Ebola Virus Is So Deadly

Forbes - 30 Aug 2017
Virus evolution dates back to the dawn of life. Ebola incorporates two evolutionary survival traits: lipid envelope and selenium sequestration. Lipid enveloped viruses have an evolutionary advantage because their lipid (fatty) coating shields ...


HuffPost - 13 Sep 2017
When Ebola broke out in Sierra Leone, it spread quickly through the country's capital, Freetown, killing thousands. Cemeteries and morgues were overwhelmed. The government needed assistance, and Concern was asked to step in and help manage burial ...

From smoking to Ebola, can graphic design save your life? - 07 Sep 2017
For evidence, just look at the evolution of cigarette packaging over the past 120 years - and the dramatic fall in the number of smokers. From the Great Plague of London to Ebola, an exhibition at London's Wellcome Collection explores how design ...

Ebola RNA lingers in semen longer than expected

Futurity: Research News - 12 Sep 2017
Ebola virus RNA can persist in the semen of survivors more than two years after the onset of infection, a new study finds. Further, in some cases, researchers also detected Ebola virus RNA in the semen of men who had previously had a negative test.

Long-Term Effects of Ebola Virus Infection Revealed - 15 Sep 2017
Although the 2014-2016 West African Ebola outbreak may have ended, a new study out of the University of Liverpool's Institute of Translational Medicine and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has found that many survivors are suffering with ...

Ebola, Zika & More: How Many Viruses Can Get into Men's Semen?

Live Science - 13 Sep 2017
The list includes a number of well-known viruses, such as Ebola, HIV, hepatitis C, chickenpox, herpes, mumps and chikungunya (a mosquito-borne virus), as well as some lesser-known viruses, such as JC virus, simian foamy virus and Rift Valley fever.

Ebola: Early immune response provides insight into vaccination

EurekAlert (press release) - 07 Sep 2017
The latest outbreaks of emerging, dangerous pathogens, such as Ebola, MERS-CoV or Zika, emphasise the importance of the rapid development of effective vaccines. However, being able to predict the efficacy of new vaccines is and remains a challenge in ...

Ebola survivors likely to become disabled after a year

Daily Nation - 28 Aug 2017
Scientists from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool assessed disability among Ebola survivors, 12 months after they were discharged from a hospital in Sierra Leone. The researchers assessed vision, hearing ...

Can you track the Ebola funding from pledge to delivery?

Oxfam America (press release) (blog) - 11 Sep 2017
About three years ago I started tracking donor pledges for the Ebola crisis. In the process I learned that even though many donors are committed to aid transparency, finding answers to basic questions like how much money was promised and how much has ...

Nigerian government owing us $375000 – Redeemer's University

Daily Post Nigeria - 26 Sep 2017
“They say we are a private university, but they have not answered the question whether Ebola, Yellow fever and other infectious diseases are private. “Why did they cheat us with this public, private dichotomy? Please, help us to tell them to refund our ...

West Africa missionaries tell of experiences during Ebola outbreak

Herald-Mail Media - 27 Aug 2017
Samaritan's Purse missionaries serving in Liberia during the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak described for Bethel Assembly of God's parishioners Sunday how the experience shaped them. Kendell and Bev Kauffeldt said it is difficult to remember the mind-set ...

At epidemiologist's core, a deep need to help humankind

Santa Fe New Mexican - 24 Sep 2017
Redd's role in the country was to help local authorities survey and try to control the disease. His team investigated Ebola cases, tracked down people who had been in contact with Ebola-affected patients to get them under surveillance or into treatment ...

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