New York Hospitals Prepare for Ebola -
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New York Hospitals Prepare for Ebola

Wall Street Journal - 05 Aug 2014
New York area hospitals had been establishing protocol and communicating with staff members about how to handle the potential spread of Ebola even before a patient was admitted Monday to Mount Sinai Hospital with symptoms associated with the virus.
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Sierra Leone Buries Over 300 Mudslide Victims in Mass Graves

New York Times - 16 Aug 2017
Idalia Amaya, the emergency coordinator for Catholic Relief Services, said that in order to “avoid repeating the trauma” people experienced during the Ebola outbreak, her organization and others were providing support to burial teams, with the hope ...
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Archive: Quarantined Ebola worker sues Christie - 28 Jul 2017
Also, Craig Spencer, a Manhattan doctor who had worked with Ebola patients in Guinea, set off a health scare in New York after he moved about the city while sick from the disease, though he didn't yet know he had the virus. He later recovered.
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Agency Focus: New York State Department of Health

City & State - 16 Aug 2017
New York state frequently faces emerging infectious disease threats such as the Ebola virus, the Zika virus and most recently drug-resistant Candida auris and is able to have a tremendous impact and protect the public. C&S: What do you consider the ...
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Ebola can persist in survivor's semen 2 years after infection

Zee News - 03 Aug 2017
New York: Researchers have found that the Ebola virus can persist in the semen of survivors more than two years after the onset of the infection. The research team also observed the detection of Ebola virus RNA in the semen of men who had previously ...
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Dr. Raj Panjabi Goes the Last Mile in Liberia

New York Times - 31 Jul 2017
Credit Kayana Szymczak for The New York Times. Dr. Raj Panjabi, 36, is a co-founder and the chief executive of Last Mile Health, a charity that brings medical care to some of the most remote corners of Liberia. Earlier this year, he was awarded both ...
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Ebola Outbreak Is Declared in Congo, With at Least 3 Dead

New York Times - 12 May 2017
The outbreak is not linked to previous Ebola flare-ups in Congo, nor the one that tore through West Africa in 2014, killing more than 11,000 people, said Tarik Jasarevic, a W.H.O. spokesman. That outbreak was significant because it reached major cities ...
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New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection

New York Times - 23 Dec 2016
The vaccine opens up new, faster, more efficient ways to encircle and strangle the virus. The many small Ebola outbreaks that occurred between 1976 and 2014 were all stopped in remote villages by laborious methods: medical teams flew in, isolated the ...
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A Plague Year: A Doctor at Work in an Ebola Treatment Unit

New York Times - 20 Apr 2017
Kent Brantly's 2015 memoir, “Called for Life: How Loving Our Neighbor Led Us Into the Heart of the Ebola Epidemic,” written with his wife, Amber, follows their faith-inspired journey to serve as medics in Liberia. Other international aid workers are ...
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Ebola Evolved Into Deadlier Enemy During the African Epidemic

New York Times - 03 Nov 2016
A burial team in Bong County, Liberia, buried a suspected Ebola victim in October 2014. The Ebola epidemic that hit West Africa that year claimed 11,310 lives. Credit Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times. The Ebola epidemic that tore through West ...
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Man's Ebola Claims Briefly Shut Down Port Authority Bus Terminal

NBC New York - 02 Mar 2017
Despite widespread concern over the deadly virus in 2014 -- and several scares -- only one man was ever diagnosed with Ebola in New York City; Dr. Craig Spencer, who treated Ebola patients in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders, recovered successfully.

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