It's OK To Worry About Ebola In NYC. Just Don't Panic. Here's Why. -
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Congo rebels kill 13, abduct kids in Ebola outbreak region

NY1 - 21 Oct 2018
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Congolese rebels killed 13 civilians and abducted a dozen children in an attack at the center of the latest deadly Ebola outbreak, Congo's military said Sunday, as the violence threatened to again force the suspension of crucial ...
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UN: Ebola outbreak is worrying but not a global emergency

NY1 - 17 Oct 2018
GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization says it is "deeply concerned" by the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Congo but the situation does not yet warrant being declared a global emergency. After convening an expert group to assess the epidemic on ...
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Video: Woman Pets 'Rat' On NYC Street, Zardulu Claims Credit

Gothamist - 15 Oct 2018
You'd think this goes without saying, but you're probably better off not petting random rats in NYC. Surely you have seen them in their natural habitat—garbage piles and subway tracks—and you know that stroking their dirty coats means letting a layer ...
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Infectious Disease News prepares for IDWeek 2018

Healio - 03 Oct 2018
Prescriptions for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention rose almost 1,000% in New York City over 2 years, although socioeconomic and gender disparities in PrEP access persist. Read More. Drinking more water cuts UTI risk in ...
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Gender-neutral X on NYC birth certificates - 10 Oct 2018
Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the provision into a law on Tuesday, making New York City the fifth place to do so after California, Oregon, Washington state and New Jersey. Three states and Washington, DC, also allow gender-neutral driver licenses.
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For the First Time, a Female Ebola Survivor Infects Others

New York Times - 23 Jul 2018
For the first time, scientists have found evidence that a woman can harbor the Ebola virus for more than a year and then infect others. The discovery involved transmission within a Liberian family in the closing days of the West African epidemic that ...
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Meet The Real Doctor Behind NBC's New Series 'New Amsterdam'

TVInsider - 15 Oct 2018
Medical director Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) is on a mission — to put patients before budget reports at NYC's oldest public hospital on NBC's freshman drama New Amsterdam. The character is based on Dr. Eric Manheimer, whose 2012 memoir, Twelve ...
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Congo Says 3 New Ebola Cases Confirmed in Large City

New York Times - 19 May 2018
KINSHASA, Congo — Three new cases of the often lethal Ebola virus have been confirmed in a city of more than one million people, Congo's health minister announced, as the spread of the hemorrhagic fever in an urban area raised alarm. The statement ...
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Ebola Is Back and Trump Just Made It Harder to Fight

Mother Jones - 11 May 2018
Ebola has returned just as the Trump administration has undermined the ability of the United States to respond. On Tuesday, the World Health Organization announced an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo involving two confirmed Ebola cases ...
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Ebola patients may have spread virus after fleeing quarantine

New York Daily News - 25 May 2018
Ebola is contagious through direct contact of the blood and other bodily fluids of an infected person - living or dead. This creates a difficult and tense situation for the Congolese — who practice washing their dead — and the aid workers who try to ...
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Fears of Larger Contagion as Ebola Spreads to Major Congo City

New York Times - 17 May 2018
GENEVA — An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in rural parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo has spread for the first time to a major city there, the World Health Organization reported on Thursday, raising the threat of a far larger contagion.
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Why the world needs more than one Ebola vaccine

Business Insider - 23 May 2018
LONDON (Reuters) - - In the life-and-death race to make the first effective vaccine against Ebola, one company - Merck - seems bound to win. But others drugmakers, such as Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline, are also in the running - and must stick ...

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