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Congo's Ebola outbreak poses challenges for bush meat

ABC News - 17 Jun 2018
For 25 years, Patrick Matondo has earned a living buying and selling monkeys, bats and other animals popularly known as bush meat along the Congo River. Standing on the riverbank in Mbandaka, a city affected by the deadly new outbreak of the Ebola ...
ebola outbreak

Ebola Outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo is Largely Contained

One America News Network (press release) - 22 Jun 2018
The World Health Organization is saying an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is largely contained. On Wednesday, the group announced there have been no known new cases since the last victim died on Saturday, June 9. The United ...
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An Encouraging Prediction About The Ebola Outbreak

NPR - 08 Jun 2018
When an Ebola outbreak was declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo this spring, there were all kinds of predictions about how the epidemic would play out. At first the outbreak was confined to a remote rural area, so the hope was it could be ...
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Experimental drugs approved for use in Congo Ebola outbreak

CNN - 06 Jun 2018
Such treatments have never before been widely available or used during an Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization said Wednesday; at least one of the drugs was used on a limited basis in the 2014 West Africa outbreak. There have been 58 cases of ...
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Ebola outbreak 2018: What's different this time?

CNN - 29 May 2018
"We are hearing about this and supporting a response to it much more quickly than the three-country outbreak in 2014-16," said Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Ebola outbreak in West ...
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Healthcare Workers Contain Ebola Outbreak

Voice of America - 11 Jun 2018
From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report. Ebola is back in Africa -- this time in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). On its website the World Health Organization (WHO) states that, as of June 9, at least 28 people have died ...
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Congo's Ebola outbreak poses challenges for traders of bush meat

The Columbian - 19 Jun 2018
Congo's latest Ebola outbreak declared in May has 38 confirmed cases, including 14 deaths. The discovery of a handful of Ebola cases among Mbandaka's more than 1 million residents also has hurt the economy, especially among traders of meat from wild ...
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WHO head: Too early to declare victory in DRC Ebola outbreak

Eyewitness News - 13 Jun 2018
WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus tells journalists in Kinshasa that there are encouraging signs that the Ebola outbreak many be brought under control. Ghebreyesus says 2,200 people have been vaccinated, and that case management and tracing contacts of ...
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Tag: ebola outbreak

Houston Public Media - 19 Jun 2018
Tag: ebola outbreak. Houston Matters. Galveston Researcher's Experimental Ebola Vaccine Is Saving Lives In Africa · Abner Fletcher. Posted on June 19, 2018 · Dr. Thomas Geisbert of UTMB tells Houston Matters what it takes to develop a new vaccine, how ...
ebola outbreak

Nigeria bushmeat industry rebounds after Ebola outbreak

Aljazeera.com - 31 May 2018
In March 2014 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. The epidemic soon became the deadliest since the viral disease was first discovered in 1976, killing five times more than any other known Ebola outbreak.
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Update On The Ebola Outbreak

WLTZ 38 NBC - 13 Jun 2018
World Health Organization Chief says there's good progress against the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Health officials in the DRC were cautious but optimistic as the pace of new Ebola cases have slowed down. WHO has vaccinated ...

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