For Stephen Colbert, a Very Uncomfortable Election Night -

For Stephen Colbert, a Very Uncomfortable Election Night

New York Times - 08 Nov 2016
Presumably, when it was announced over the summer that Stephen Colbert was planning a special, live election-night broadcast on Showtime, the expectation was that he would riff on a once-in-a-lifetime political event, as momentous as anything he ...

How to interfere in a foreign election

The Boston Globe - 19 Aug 2018
Sitting in a distant capital, political leaders set out to assure that their favored candidate won an election against rivals who scared them. They succeeded. Voters were maneuvered into electing a president who served the interest of the intervening ...

Trump Tax Cut Unlocks Millions for a Republican Election Blitz

New York Times - 18 Aug 2018
WASHINGTON — Republicans are struggling to make the $1.5 trillion Trump tax cuts a winning issue with voters in the midterm congressional elections, but the cuts are helping the party in another crucial way: unlocking tens of millions of dollars in ...

Facebook opens up to researchers — but not about 2016 election - 18 Aug 2018
Last month, academic researchers got word of a tantalizing offer. Facebook said it would give them a way to study how web addresses are shared on its social network, for the first time opening a window into the spread of hoaxes, partisan news and ...

Sweden faces historic upset in election

SFGate - 18 Aug 2018
His agenda is part of a global wave of nationalist and anti-establishment sentiment that has followed the 2008 financial crisis, with the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. and Britain's vote to leave the European Union standing out as the starkest ...

Mali: opposition supporters protest Keïta's re-election

africanews - 18 Aug 2018
The opposition supporters claimed that Keïta's re-election was “illegal”, just two days after announcement of the official results. The protesters gathered in front of Mali's Chamber of Commerce holding posters of Soumalia Cissé. The protest was led by ...

Trump has gained among black voters since the 2016 election

CNN - 18 Aug 2018
To make an apples-to-apples comparison, we can look at a post-election Pew Research Center study with verified voters. Pew found that Clinton had an even larger margin 85-point margin with black voters, of 91% to 6%. If this study were correct, it ...

Zimbabwe election results to be challenged in court

CBS News - 17 Aug 2018
The results of Zimbabwe's presidential election are being challenged by the opposition party. The vote in late July was the first election since the end of former president Robert Mugabe's 37-year rule, and it was supposed to signal a move toward ...

Election: 2018: Doyel, Rangel square off in Dist. 22 primary

The Ledger - 18 Aug 2018
LAKELAND — Two Democrats are hoping to unseat state Sen. Kelli Stargel, a Lakeland Republican who represents Senate Dist. 22. No other Republican is challenging Stargel, leaving an Aug. 28 primary election showdown between Bob Doyel, a retired ...

Justice served in St. Louis County election

The Philadelphia Tribune - 19 Aug 2018
The Real Justice PAC website lists nine endorsements for this election cycle. Two, Wesley Bell and Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton, won their elections. Two, Boston attorney Rachel Rollins and San Antonio's Joe Gonzales, face elections ...

COMMENTARY: Nevada's election system needs an overhaul

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 19 Aug 2018
RCV in a single election limits, if not eliminates, casting a wasted vote. After casting his ballot in the Santa Fe election, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was quoted in Electionline Weekly saying he hadn't heard of RCV, but while his first ...

5 Fact Checks for the Arizona primary election

USA TODAY - 19 Aug 2018
1 and the AZ Fact Check team is looking back at five times politicians have stretched the truth in an attempt to take down their primary opponent or to set themselves up for the upcoming general election. For more details on the Fact Checks below and ...

After Russian hacker indictment, a look at Mass. election security

MetroWest Daily News - 19 Aug 2018
With midterm elections fast approaching, security of voting systems and voter data has emerged as a major concern across the country. “We've been working on this for some time and we've been aware of the (cyberattack) issues since the 2016 election ...

Kids as young as 7 hack into election systems at DEFCON event

KCRA Sacramento - 16 Aug 2018
With Election Day less than three months away, the Hearst Television National Investigative Unit has learned security vulnerabilities still remain in how you cast your ballot and get the results. And children are exposing some of the potential exploits.

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