Cal votes: The faces of Election Day 2014 -
election day 2014

Cal votes: The faces of Election Day 2014

Daily Californian - 05 Nov 2014
Incumbent City Councilmember Jesse Arreguin was re-elected in this year's unopposed District 4 election. This will be his third term in the position. Arreguin said he is looking forward to working on affordable housing, Downtown revitalization and ...
election day 2014

First Day Early Voting Numbers Exceed 2014 Midterms

WFAE - 18 Oct 2018
Almost 133,000 North Carolinians cast ballots on the first day of early voting, according to data released by the State Board of Elections Thursday. The board said that number is up from the last midterm election in 2014 when approximately 121,000 ...
election day 2014

Early voting turnout in Hall County more than double 2014

Gainesville Times - 18 Oct 2018
On Monday, the first day of early voting, 1,216 people voted early, according to Terenda Sargent, registration coordinator with Hall's elections office. In 2014, on the first day of early voting that year, only 448 people voted. For the first three ...
election day 2014

Kansas early voting numbers to surpass last midterm in 2014

KSHB - 18 Oct 2018
OLATHE, Kan. -- Voters are eager for the midterm election in 19 days. So eager, dozens of Johnson County voters showed up on the wrong day to vote early. Kansas voters have a lot to decide on November 6th. Some around the state have already voted.
election day 2014

Turnout soars on the first day of early voting in Georgia

MyAJC - 16 Oct 2018
Voters across Georgia rushed to the polls on the first day of in-person early voting Monday, with 69,049 people casting their ballots. That's a sharp increase from the last midterm election in 2014, when 20,898 people showed up on the first day of in ...
election day 2014

Election 2018: DeKalb first day voter turnout nears 2008 election totals

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 16 Oct 2018
First-day advance voting turnout totals were 247 in 2010 and 2,098 in 2014, Hamilton said. This year's first day totals have been comparable to the historic 2008 election. “It's almost close to those numbers,” she said. “Which is a good thing, it means ...
election day 2014

Local early voting numbers are up

Greensburg Daily News - 19 Oct 2018
As compared to numbers from 2014, Koors said there were a total of 1,121 walk-ins for the entire month leading up to that year's official Election Day. “The 522 residents that have voted early are just since the 10th,” Koors said. “There's usually not ...
election day 2014

Democratic surge hasn't materialized in Ohio's early voting

Toledo Blade - 19 Oct 2018
A difference is that early voting started on a Tuesday in 2014 and on a Wednesday this year, so there was one more day of early voting in the first week in 2014. That doesn't explain the more than double turnout in 2014 compared to 2018 in Cuyahoga ...
election day 2014

Your US mid-term elections daily digest

BBC News - 18 Oct 2018
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that some people in Cobb County had to queue for two hours to vote - more than three weeks before the election is held. Compare that number with the first day of early voting in the last mid-terms in 2014 ...
election day 2014

This year's advance voting sees 57 per cent jump over 2014

Osoyoos Times - 18 Oct 2018
Despite the lineups on general voting day in 2014, overall voter turnout was very low at just 34.75 per cent. This year voting in the two advance polls is up 57 per cent over 2014, but it's unclear if overall turnout will be up or if it just means more ...
election day 2014

Andrew Cuomo has yet to agree to debates as Election Day nears - 18 Oct 2018
ALBANY – Gov. Andrew Cuomo has yet to agree to a debate with his opponents with less than three weeks to go before Election Day as a new poll Thursday showed him maintaining a large lead. Cuomo, a Democrat, led Republican opponent Marc Molinaro ...

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