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Why were the election polls so off?

CBS News - 07 Nov 2016
How evenly divided is the nation? Out of 120 million votes cast this election, the candidates each got a little less than 60 million in the popular vote, with Hillary Clinton ahead by about 200,000. CBS News' Anthony Mason showed us how Donald Trump ...
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The Exit Polls 2018: A To Z

Forbes - 15 Nov 2018
What did voters say on Election Day? Below is a quick rundown of some nuggets from the national exit poll and another new survey. The exit poll of voters leaving the polls was conducted by the consortium of CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. The new effort by the ...
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14 key political trends from the 2018 exit polls

CNN - 13 Nov 2018
(CNN) It's been a week since the 2018 election. And while there are 10 House races -- and a Senate race (hello, Florida?) -- still not called, we now have a very good sense of who voted, why they voted and what it tells us about the electorate both now ...
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How To Make Sense Of Exit Polls On Election Night

NPR - 05 Nov 2018
As results roll in on election night, pundits and political junkies will carefully be watching the exit polls for a glimpse into who voted for which candidate and why. But exit polls are complicated, and sometimes misleading, as they were in 2016. For ...
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Florida Exit Polls Reveal Tough 2020 Fight for Trump

RealClearPolitics - 14 Nov 2018
At this writing, the Senate and gubernatorial race results in Florida are officially in recount chaos, having triggered the “Election Lawyers' Full Employment Act.” Surely, HBO is anticipating a sequel to "Recount," its 2008 movie about the state's ...
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Role Of Polls During The Election Season

NPR - 03 Nov 2018
Midterm elections are always a little tricky for pollsters. What do polls about national issues and inclinations mean when control the House and Senate will be decided district by district and state by state? But this time around, there's even less ...
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Exit polls, election surveys and more: A guide for the 2018 midterms

Pew Research Center - 01 Nov 2018
That exit poll will occur this year too, sponsored by four major news networks and conducted by Edison Research. (In recent years, the polling-place interviews have been supplemented with pre-election phone interviews in states where a sizable share of ...

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