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Why were the election polls so off?

CBS News - 07 Nov 2016
How evenly divided is the nation? Out of 120 million votes cast this election, the candidates each got a little less than 60 million in the popular vote, with Hillary Clinton ahead by about 200,000. CBS News' Anthony Mason showed us how Donald Trump ...
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Flores defeats Gallego in Senate District 19

mySanAntonio.com - 19 Sep 2018
In Medina County, a line started to form at the polling location in Castroville around 4:30 p.m.. Hilda Mendoza, the election judge there, said turnout was higher than expected, which she said was likely because the election pitted a Republican against ...
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Poll workers wanted for Nov. 6 election

Mansfield News Journal - 18 Sep 2018
MANSFIELD - The Richland County Board of Elections has scheduled a class for precinct election officials (poll workers) for the Nov. 6 general election. This class for new workers will be at 10 a.m. Oct. 20 in the upper level classroom at the Longview ...
election polls

Will Democratic Senators Lose Despite The 'Blue Wave'?

FiveThirtyEight - 18 Sep 2018
In the House, for instance, district-by-district polls, the generic congressional ballot and historical trends in midterm elections all point toward Democrats winning the national popular vote by somewhere in the range of 8 to 10 percentage points ...
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Camden: A reminder about polls, and an update on transparency

The Columbian - 19 Sep 2018
The third rule of polls is never trust a candidate who is spending money on polls but says, “I don't care what the polls say, the only one that counts is on Election Day.” Why should you trust someone who is throwing good money at bad research or is ...
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We polled voters in West Virginia's 3rd Congressional District.

New York Times - 09 Sep 2018
There's a big question on top of the standard margin of error in a poll: Who is going to vote? It's a particularly challenging question this year, since special elections have shown Democrats voting in large numbers. To estimate the likely electorate ...

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