Top 10 takeaways from NM 2014 mid-term election -
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Top 10 takeaways from NM 2014 mid-term election

KRQE News 13 - 06 Nov 2014
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The 2014 mid-term election is more or less in the books now. There were, as always, plenty of winners and losers. There were also plenty of things to learn from the results.
election results 2014

Live results for Alaska primary elections

Vox - 21 Aug 2018
It has happened here before: Walker allied with Democrat Byron Mallott for a unity ticket to win his first election in 2014. Begich endorsed Walker then, while Walker did not return the favor. The senator's strong ground game may have helped carry ...
election results 2014

2018 primary election turnout higher than 2010, 2014

Chattanooga Times Free Press - 03 Aug 2018
"I think part of the issue is people start to complain after the results," he said. "I refuse to be mute on things that are important to me and the community." Voter turnout for primary elections has slowly increased in the county since 2010, according ...
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Chicago cops get immunity, must testify at Van Dyke trial

WWSB ABC 7 - 21 Aug 2018
Three of the officers who were present the night in 2014 when Van Dyke fatally shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald are accused of falsifying their accounts of the shooting. Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan has indicated that any officer given ...
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VT Insights: Early Vermont primary voting pace ahead of 2014 midterms - 14 Aug 2018
The law also requires any town with 1,000 or more voters use a scanner to read ballots, those machines are not connected to the internet, protecting Vermont elections from remote hacking, he said. The state audits election results by checking the tally ...
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2018's most fascinating governor's election, explained

Vox - 20 Aug 2018
One state defies any easy red wave or blue wave characterization in the 2018 elections: Alaska, big, remote, and the home to the midterms' most interesting governor's race. Tuesday's primary elections are mostly a formality, though there is ...
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Ohio special election and primary results come in

CNN - 08 Aug 2018
Jeff Colyer were waiting on results from the highly populated Johnson County, in the Kansas City area. Kobach and Colyer were locked in a tight race as ballots were counted. The two each had about 40% of the vote, but most of Johnson County was left to ...
election results 2014

August 7 Primary Election Results - 08 Aug 2018
Here's a look at all the results, as released by the Missouri Secretary of State's office and the county election boards throughout the metropolitan area: Note: Statewide candidates ...

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