The United States is a federal republic, with elected officials at the... -
elections in the united states

The United States is a federal republic, with elected officials at the...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
The United States is a federal republic, with elected officials at the federal (national), state and local levels. On a national level, the head of state, the President, is elected indirectly by the people of each state, through an Electoral College. Today, the electors virtually always vote with the popular vote of their state. All members of the federal legislature, the Congress, are directly elected by the people of each state. There are many elected offices at state level, each state having at least an
elections in the united states

United States says Russia, China, Iran seek to disrupt elections

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - 19 Oct 2018
WASHINGTON — The U.S. government warned on Friday that Russia, China and Iran were seeking to influence next month's congressional elections as federal prosecutors unveiled charges against a Russian national accused of participating in such a ...
elections in the united states

Facebook 'delighted' by war room response to Brazil election

The Straits Times - 19 Oct 2018
Even if it's not a full solution, the War Room is symbolic of Facebook's work to assuage public concern about the fake accounts, misinformation and foreign interference that cloud discussion about elections on its site. After the US election in 2016 ...
elections in the united states

Analysis: Election Day in Texas isn't even the half of it

Texas Tribune - 19 Oct 2018
If money voted — heck, if yard signs voted — Beto O'Rourke would be well on his way to the United States Senate. But only voters vote. Starting Monday, Texans will get a look behind the curtains that tells them whether the blizzards of cash and the ...
elections in the united states

Trump Accuses China of Interfering in Midterm Elections

New York Times - 27 Sep 2018
This month, the president's national security adviser, John R. Bolton, said the United States had seen efforts by China, as well as Iran, to interfere in elections, but would not comment on whether the countries had had an impact or what their agenda was.
elections in the united states

Trump: Next meeting with Kim Jong Un unlikely before US elections

The Straits Times - 10 Oct 2018
WASHINGTON • United States President Donald Trump said he does not expect to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un until after the US midterm elections next month, as the administration struggles to secure disarmament commitments from North Korea.
elections in the united states

Angst over hacking threats ahead of US midterm elections

The Straits Times - 07 Oct 2018
WASHINGTON (AFP) - At a Boston technology conference last month, computer scientist Alex Halderman showed how easy it was to hack into an electronic voting machine and change the result, without leaving a trace. Dr Halderman staged a mock election ...
elections in the united states

UN General Assembly: Trump Leads Security Council Meeting

New York Times - 26 Sep 2018
But in his opening remarks, he focused his attention instead on sanctions against Iran and accused China of trying to meddle in the midterm elections in the United States, apparently referring to China's retaliatory tariffs in an escalating trade war ...
elections in the united states

A really simple guide to the US mid-term elections

BBC News - 04 Oct 2018
Two years after Donald Trump was elected, American voters take to the polls again on 6 November for the mid-term elections. Skip mid-term elections. These elections happen every four years in November – so-called because they take place in the middle ...
elections in the united states

US Raises Concerns About Bosnian Elections; Other Reaction Mixed

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - 09 Oct 2018
The United States has expressed some concern about what it called "shortcomings" in Bosnia's election process even as it said it remains "committed to a stable and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina." In a statement late on October 8 after the results ...
elections in the united states

Is China Really Meddling in US Elections?

Foreign Policy - 02 Oct 2018
When U.S. President Donald Trump slapped steel tariffs on the European Union this spring, Brussels responded with what it hoped would be a politically painful set of retaliatory measures—tariffs targeting bourbon made in Senate Majority Leader Mitch ...

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