How Trump redrew the electoral map, from sea to shining sea -
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How Trump redrew the electoral map, from sea to shining sea

Washington Post - 07 Nov 2016
The Midwest is where Trump redrew the electoral map. States like Michigan and Wisconsin were considered favorable to Clinton, but instead swung to Trump mostly due to voters in mid-sized counties outside the major cities. The most striking change ...
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Prayer turned election, and can do it again

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel - 23 Sep 2018
Early in the evening, we were told in no uncertain terms by the professional pollsters and media that our hopes of a conservative Republican win was futile. But within an hour's time the whole electoral map radically changed in the form of a great ...
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Will North Carolina get a new election map before the mid-terms?

The Economist - 29 Aug 2018
With only Justices Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas demurring, Chief Justice John Roberts sent the case back to the lower court to give the plaintiffs another shot at proving they suffered “concrete and particularised injuries” from an electoral map ...
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Big changes in Boston's electoral map

BayStateBanner - 12 Sep 2018
Each candidate benefitted from a surge of progressive voters that signals a new map for Boston elections. In decades past, voter turnout in Boston followed a doughnut-like pattern where the neighborhoods at the center of the city — Roxbury, Dorchester ...
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The Economist explainsHow Britain draws its electoral boundaries

The Economist - 20 Sep 2018
On September 10th the government announced plans to change Britain's electoral map. These would cut the number of MPs to 600 and create constituencies with around 75,000 voters each, though exceptions have been made for islands. This idea was first ...
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Why Virginia can't draw a fair map

Washington Post - 14 Sep 2018
For the second time in four years, federal judges have struck down how the Virginia General Assembly has drawn boundaries of electoral districts to pack in minorities and make it easier for white candidates in adjacent districts to win elections. Such ...
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The next great fake news threat? Bot-designed maps

Fast Company - 05 Sep 2018
About a month before the 2016 election, statistics guru Nate Silver posted a set of maps on Twitter using a set of poll data from his website Five Thirty Eight. One was titled, “What 2016 would look like if just women voted,” and showed a mostly blue ...
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The Latest: O'Rourke says Cruz mischaracterizes his comments

San Francisco Chronicle - 22 Sep 2018
Democrats have long dreamed of flipping heavily Hispanic Texas and transforming the national electoral map. O'Rourke is giving up his El Paso-based U.S. House seat to challenge Cruz. The Democrats haven't won a Texas statewide office since 1994.
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New NI parliamentary constituency plans redraw the map

BBC News - 17 Sep 2018
The new boundaries had to respect local ties, not deviate too much from the old seats but also produce constituencies using electoral wards as building blocks, whose votes numbered within 5% of the national average (with a little extra wiggle room for ...

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