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Police Missed Locking Up Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara Mass Murderer

PsychCentral.com (blog) - 24 May 2014
Police Missed Locking Up Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara Mass Murderer On Friday, a month after police were first alerted to Elliot Rodger's odd YouTube videos and paid him a visit, Rodger took out revenge as he had promised on his “Day of Retribution.
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#MeToo is spreading. Are men getting let off the hook?

Washington Post - 16 Oct 2017
There was #YesAllWomen in 2014, which discussed misogyny and violence against women after Elliot Rodger killed six people in Isla Vista, Calif., an attack seemingly inspired by his hatred for women. There was #NotOkay a year ago, after The Post ...
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Las Vegas attack is deadliest shooting in modern US history

ABC News - 02 Oct 2017
May 23, 2014: A community college student, Elliot Rodger, 22, killed six people and wounded 13 in shooting and stabbing attacks in the area near the University of California, Santa Barbara, campus. Authorities said he apparently shot himself to death ...
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Celine Cooper: Me too, and let's stop acting surprised

Montreal Gazette - 16 Oct 2017
This trended on Twitter in 2014, after 22-year-old Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree on Isla Vista, near the University of California Santa Barbara. He killed six people before committing suicide. In the weeks prior to the slaughter, Rodger ...
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What enabled Harvey Weinstein

The Week Magazine - 12 Oct 2017
Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's career is over — or at least, it should be. This past week, a series of stories in The New York Times and The New Yorker detailed a history of alleged sexual harassment, assault, and rape — including testimonials ...
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Preventing gun violence requires multipronged strategy

San Francisco Chronicle - 06 Oct 2017
In 2014, a resentful and enraged Elliot Rodger shot and killed six strangers before ending his own life in Isla Vista (Santa Barbara County). Three weeks earlier, Rodger's worried parents had informed police that their son had posted alarming videos ...
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Why does the Las Vegas shooter's motive even matter?

KY3 - 08 Oct 2017
Despite running down more than 1,000 leads in the Las Vegas shooting investigation, authorities say they are struggling to determine why Stephen Paddock fired on a packed crowd of concertgoers, killing 58 people and wounding hundreds more.
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Between The Lines: Walking A Thinning Line

Vermillion Plain Talk - 13 Oct 2017
That headline and the satirical article accompanying it first appeared after Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured 14 at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in July 2014. Since that date, every time there's a mass shooting that startles ...
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Everipedia is the Wikipedia for being wrong

The Outline - 04 Oct 2017
In 2014, Genius forced Moghadam out after he posted sympathetic annotations to the site's copy of mass shooter Elliot Rodger's manifesto. Moghadam later blamed some of his bizarre behavior on an undiagnosed brain tumor. Everipedia has echoes of ...
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Gun Control: it affects Chico State students lives too

The Orion - 09 Oct 2017
The shooter at UCSB, Elliot Rodger, was able to legally purchase two Sig Sauer p226 model handguns and a Glock 34. These guns were purchased from federally licensed dealers and were registered to Rodger, reported by LA Times. Rodger had indicated ...
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Another Mass Shooting Potentially Linked to Psychiatric Drugs

Markets Insider - 11 Oct 2017
Elliot Rodger: Santa Barbara, California – May 23, 2014: 22-year-old Rodger stabbed three roommates to death at his apartment then drove to a sorority house where he shot three women, killing two of them. Driving again, he exchanged fire with deputies, ...
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Are Male Narcissists Also Misogynists?

PsychCentral.com (blog) - 26 Sep 2017
Elliot Rodger is a prime example of what can happen when malignant narcissism and misogynistic beliefs merge in heinous acts of violence (Broogard, 2014). The 22-year-old created many disturbing videos and an entire manifesto about his entitlement to ...
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List is a sad reminder of mass shootings, locally and in US

Fort Worth Star Telegram - 02 Oct 2017
May 23, 2014: Elliot Rodger, 22, killed six people and wounded 13 in shooting and stabbing attacks near the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was a student. He killed himself. Sept. 16, 2013: Aaron Alexis, a mentally disturbed civilian ...
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The Mythicist Milwaukee Debacle

Patheos (blog) - 11 Oct 2017
He blamed feminists for Elliot Rodger's murderous rampage. He laughed on air over the murder of a fellow YouTuber at the hands of a romantic partner. Most repulsively of all, in 2016, he tweeted the following at a British MP, Jess Phillips, in response ...

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