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Police Missed Locking Up Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara Mass Murderer

PsychCentral.com (blog) - 24 May 2014
Police Missed Locking Up Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara Mass Murderer On Friday, a month after police were first alerted to Elliot Rodger's odd YouTube videos and paid him a visit, Rodger took out revenge as he had promised on his “Day of Retribution.
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Punishment Is Not Enough

Slate Magazine - 11 Dec 2017
A lot of the reasons given why Elliot Rodger wasn't in fact a misogynist seemed to be really off-point. There was the fact that he killed men as well as women on what became a killing spree that day. But we don't expect other kinds of prejudice not to ...
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The Root of All Cruelty?

The New Yorker - 20 Nov 2017
Manne delves into the case of Elliot Rodger, who, in 2014, went on a killing spree, targeting people at random, after he was denied entry to a sorority house at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He slew six people and injured fourteen more ...
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Manifesting a murderer's mind

Oregon ArtsWatch - 19 Apr 2017
You might remember the story. Manifesto is an adaptation of the real words left behind by Elliot Rodger, an isolated 22-year-old in Southern California who carried out the Isla Vista killing spree of May 23, 2014, murdering six people near the campus ...
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Reddit Bans 'Incel' Group for Inciting Violence Against Women

New York Times - 09 Nov 2017
An online petition called on Reddit to ban the incel community subreddit, noting that Elliott O. Rodger, a California man who killed six people in a 2014 rampage in Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara, before firing a bullet ...
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Suit Against IV Shooter's Housing Complex Progresses

Daily Nexus - 25 May 2017
Becker Law Group and McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP, the two L.A.-based law firms representing the victims' parents, claimed negligence and wrongful death against the two companies, which they believe should have properly vetted Elliot Rodger before ...
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For Women, #MeToo Is Frustratingly Familiar

Slate Magazine - 17 Oct 2017
Formed in response to the Isla Vista slaying, when Elliot Rodger killed six people and wounded four others in a meticulously planned murder spree as revenge for rejection from women, it also aimed to draw attention to the pervasiveness of rape culture ...
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In Isla Vista, red flags came too late

Los Angeles Times - 26 May 2014
Elliot Rodger enjoyed sunsets, mountain vistas, retro pop music. He said it time and again: The world was a magical, beautiful place, but only in stark contrast to his small, pitiful life. "No friends," he said one day this spring, in a video recorded ...
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Elliot Rodger meticulously planned Isla Vista rampage, report says

Los Angeles Times - 20 Feb 2015
His final purchase noted in the report is a triple vanilla latte from Starbucks about 7:30 p.m. Two hours later, the first calls to 911 started flooding into police dispatch. Rodger killed six people before shooting himself. The slayings started in an ...
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Elliot Rodger was a misogynist – but is that all he was?

The Guardian - 29 May 2014
Yes, Rodger was a misogynist. He also very likely had mental difficulties, and to say so doesn't diminish the part a misogynistic culture played in this tragedy. If anything, it emphasises precisely why this culture is so dangerous. Rodger had been in ...

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