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endell street military hospital

World War One: Endell Street hospital's suffragette surgeons

BBC News - 28 Feb 2014
Two suffragette surgeons run a World War One military hospital in the attempt to break down the barriers facing women doctors. Endell Street military hospital during World War One. The Endell Street Military Hospital in London was opened in May 1915 by ...
endell street military hospital

38 wonderful things to do in London this weekend

Time Out - 09 Feb 2018
This two-hour tour promises to get you acquainted with the church where Emily Wilding Davison's funeral cortege started, and the site of the Endell Street Military Hospital, which was staffed entirely by suffragettes. Fatberg. Museum of London. Sat-Sun ...
endell street military hospital

Women, The Wounded And The War: How WWI Paved The Way For Suffrage

Forces Network - 07 Feb 2018
Women had a vital role in caring for the sick and wounded during the Great War. Endell Street Military Hospital in Covent Garden was opened in May 1915 by suffragists Dr Flora Murray and Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson. The extraordinary hospital was run by ...
endell street military hospital

How World War I Gave Women Scientists a Chance to Shine

National Geographic - 24 Mar 2018
They then went to Paris and ran a hospital. The Home Office was extremely reluctant to recognize that women could make any contribution on the front. But they did; and eventually they ran an all-women military hospital on Endell Street in London, where ...
endell street military hospital

Winners announced for IWM Short Film Festival 2017

The 405 - 17 Nov 2017
Thirty seven shortlisted films have been whittled down to three winners, who have produced extraordinary films exploring complex themes from the Calais Jungle, to the untold story of a military hospital in the First World War run solely by suffragettes ...
endell street military hospital

Meet courageous Queensland women who served in World War I

ABC Local - 19 Apr 2016
"She worked at the Endell Street Military Hospital that was staffed completely by women and she saw out the war as a doctor in London," she said. "She had quite a distinguished career working with children's health as her speciality." Dr Bourne ...
endell street military hospital

MIDWIFERY IN THE UK: From Florence Nightingale to Call the Midwife

Anglotopia.net - 19 Jan 2018
Nightingale Ward, as you may suspect, was named after famed nurse Florence Nightingale who fought relentlessly for improved sanitation at hospitals through analyzing vast amounts of data accumulated from soldiers in a hospital during her time in the ...
endell street military hospital

Inside the swanky 'Hospital Club' owned by a Microsoft billionaire

Business Insider - 26 Feb 2015
Microsoft's billionaire cofounder Paul Allen bought the club in 1996, shortly after he and musician Dave Stewart discovered the building while having a drink nearby. They renovated it and opened the Hospital Club in 2004. An annual membership costs 8oo ...
endell street military hospital

The women doctors who fought to serve

Pursuit - 21 Apr 2017
It was run as a military hospital, with discipline, curfews and mail censoring. Women did every aspect of the work: as surgeons, nurses, ambulance drivers, mechanics, sanitation workers, cooks and orderlies. It was close to the front and Mary performed ...
endell street military hospital

Kate Adie's Women of World War One, BBC Two

The Arts Desk - 11 Aug 2014
The role of women during the First World War has been heavily mythologised in a way that has cast them as both the angels of the home front and a force for positive political change. What made this documentary, written and presented by revered war ...
endell street military hospital

Hidden charms: Seductive lingerie fashion

Express.co.uk - 29 Aug 2015
The Hospital Club, 24 Endell Street, London WC2H 9HQ, which has 15 bedrooms, sumptuously fitted out with leathers, velvets, warm woods and stained glass by Russell Sage Studio. Each of the bedrooms features original artwork by an emerging artist from ...
endell street military hospital

Best new crime and thriller novels

Telegraph.co.uk - 22 Mar 2016
She abandoned one book, set over the course of one midsummer night at a remote New Zealand hospital, having written only a few chapters and a handful of notes (without revealing the resolution of the plot). Stella Duffy, another expat New Zealand crime ...
endell street military hospital

Suffragette arson hotel in Felixstowe gets blue plaque

BBC News - 29 Apr 2014
The 100th anniversary of the burning down of a hotel by suffragettes in Suffolk has been commemorated with the unveiling of a blue plaque. The former Bath Hotel in Felixstowe was set alight in April 1914 by Evaline Burkitt, 37, and 22-year-old Florence ...

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