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endell street military hospital

World War One: Endell Street hospital's suffragette surgeons

BBC News - 28 Feb 2014
Two suffragette surgeons run a World War One military hospital in the attempt to break down the barriers facing women doctors. Endell Street military hospital during World War One. The Endell Street Military Hospital in London was opened in May 1915 by ...
endell street military hospital

The women doctors who fought to serve

Pursuit - 21 Apr 2017
It was run as a military hospital, with discipline, curfews and mail censoring. Women did every aspect of the work: as surgeons, nurses, ambulance drivers, mechanics, sanitation workers, cooks and orderlies. It was close to the front and Mary performed ...
endell street military hospital

Vic women doctors recognised for WWI effort

Sky News Australia - 10 Sep 2016
Dr Scantlebury and Dr Champion worked as surgeons between 1916 and 1919 at the Endell Street Military Hospital in London's Covent Garden. The 570-bed hospital was founded by women in 1915 and had a staff of female surgeons, specialists, nurses and ...
endell street military hospital

Meet courageous Queensland women who served in World War I

ABC Local - 19 Apr 2016
In the lead up to Anzac Day, meet five Queensland women who served and made a difference during World War I. While there are many records of the roles men played during the war, State Library of Queensland (SLQ) QANZAC100 content curator Robyn ...
endell street military hospital

Kate Adie's Women of World War One, BBC Two

The Arts Desk - 11 Aug 2014
Endell Street Military Hospital, 1915 Regardless of the benefits the labour of working women brought to the country, Adie found that the way that they were viewed by society and the press didn't change much. The newspapers of the early 20th century ...
endell street military hospital

Suffragette arson hotel in Felixstowe gets blue plaque

BBC News - 29 Apr 2014
The 100th anniversary of the burning down of a hotel by suffragettes in Suffolk has been commemorated with the unveiling of a blue plaque. The former Bath Hotel in Felixstowe was set alight in April 1914 by Evaline Burkitt, 37, and 22-year-old Florence ...
endell street military hospital

Parliament opens its doors for Suffragette film

BBC News - 13 Apr 2014
The Houses of Parliament are for the first time being used as a set for a commercial film, as shooting for Suffragette takes place. Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter have been joined by hundreds of extras playing protesters in the forthcoming movie.

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