The England–Scotland football rivalry is a sports rivalry that ... -
england–scotland football rivalry

The England–Scotland football rivalry is a sports rivalry that ...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
The England–Scotland football rivalry is a sports rivalry that exists between their respective national football teams. It is the oldest international fixture in the world, first played in 1872 at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow. The history of the British Isles has led to much rivalry between the nations in many forms, and the social and cultural effects of centuries of antagonism and conflict between the two has contributed to the intense nature of the sporting contests. Scottish nationalism has also be
england–scotland football rivalry

Berwick Rangers: England's forgotten football club

The Set Pieces (blog) - 06 Aug 2018
Rivalries in football often have a socioeconomic grounding, but Berwick represent a national divide that's rarely relevant to the club game. As is usually the case with tribalism, such differences can be arbitrary, ...
england–scotland football rivalry

XTRA Debate – Divided Kingdom to Eurovision? - 24 Jul 2018
LISA: As much as I love our weird dysfunctional family of home nations as one power, I do equally enjoy the competitive rivalries we have between us. I think it comes from being a sports fan and being exposed to the England versus Scotland banter in ...
england–scotland football rivalry

Derek McInnes eyeing Rangers win after Europa League defeat - 03 Aug 2018
Burnley and ourselves wouldn't have been expecting that type of game. A lot of players will be feeling the effects. “You don't get those types of games ordinarily. With the proximity of the teams and the rivalry of Scotland and England, both sets of ...
england–scotland football rivalry

Derby and Rangers: The Lampard vs Gerrard debate continues

RealSport101 - 06 Aug 2018
Action Images/Craig Brough. The debates about Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard have raged on since the 2000s and still divides opinion. Two England internationals playing at two of the biggest clubs in England in the same position, it was only ...

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