Fortnite XBOX DOWN: Epic Games report Crashes with Xbox Live players -
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The Epic Games Store is now live

TechCrunch - 07 Dec 2018
It's a busy week for Epic Games . *Fresh* from pushing out a major season 7 update for Fortnite, so the gaming giant has taken the wraps off its own games store.
epic games

Ninja: Drake Made Gaming Cool

Variety - 10 Dec 2018
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is in a car headed to some sort of taping when we speak by phone. He can't tell me where he's headed, but even if he could, he might not ...
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Epic Games Launcher Beta for Fortnite

FortniteINTEL - 21 Nov 2018
Epic Games has released a new Beta Update for the Epic Games launcher which is used by PC players to launch Fortnite. Check out the official blog post and ...

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