Fortnite XBOX DOWN: Epic Games report Crashes with Xbox Live players -
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Epic Games Announces Major Change To The Fortnite Battle Bus - 18 Oct 2018
Epic Games has been very busy lately with releasing updates for Fortnite Battle Royale. The popular video game has received the v6.10 patch on Wednesday, October 17, and the developer has made a few post-patch changes. The latest change, released ...
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Epic Games files lawsuit against 2 Fortnite players

Triangle Business Journal - 11 Oct 2018
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Epic Games Acquires Anti-Cheat Company Kamu

Variety - 08 Oct 2018
Kamu said it will continue to expand its services and support for all customers, including those who don't use Epic's Unreal game engine, while Epic's new presence in Helsinki will serve as a base for recruiting technology, engine, and online service ...
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Epic Games Reportedly Banning Console XIM Users on Fortnite

FortniteINTEL (press release) - 14 Oct 2018
Epic Games are reportedly clamping down on players on console who are using XIM, a solution that allows gamers to use Mouse and Keyboard on any console game. Recently, Epic Games have changed the matchmaking pools to scan your input device ...
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Fortnite YouTubers being sued by Epic Games

Destructoid - 17 Oct 2018
This isn't the first time Epic has taken on cheaters. Almost exactly a year ago, Epic filed suit against another two individuals for the distribution of cheats and hacks. As long as online games exist, there will be rule-breakers, this is inevitable ...
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Epic Games Addresses Issues with Launch of Fortnite Tournaments

VPEsports (press release) - 17 Oct 2018
Fortnite's new tournament mode debut didn't go as smoothly as Epic had hoped and they've spoken up about it. With the mode kicking off right away on October 16, there were various issues including a scoring glitch plaguing the game. Epic has since made ...
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Epic Games is Reportedly Banning Fortnite Console XIM Users

Twin Galaxies - 15 Oct 2018
With keyboard and mouse setups often being cited as giving a major competitive advantage over controllers, the issue of players using keyboards and mouses on console against players with controllers was seen as unfair. In order to combat this Epic ...

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