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Rand Paul Is Right about Eric Garner

National Review Online (blog) - 03 Dec 2014
“What kind of callousness is required to say the 'bigger' issue in Garner's death isn't excessive police use of force, or police practice toward African-Americans generally, but . . . taxes?” Walsh wrote. “What kind of heart do you have to have to use ...
eric garner

Can NYC Democrats Flip Staten Island's House Seat Blue?

Gothamist - 18 Oct 2018
When asked whether justice was served with regards to Eric Garner, a black Staten Island man who was killed by a white NYPD officer's chokehold in 2014, the candidate only criticized the 4-year duration of the federal civil rights investigation and ...
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Column: An Election Almost Entirely About Identity Politics

Valley News - 21 Oct 2018
How do people of color, gay people, transgender people or other minority citizens divorce their life experiences from their group identity? The killings of Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other black men and boys can't be ...
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NYPD officers in Eric Garner case will face internal trial

CNN - 19 Jul 2018
On the fourth anniversary of Eric Garner's death Tuesday, his mother, Gwen Carr, stood on the steps of City Hall and demanded action from authorities, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. "The de Blasio administration should never have waited ...

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