Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm CH FRSL FBA (/ˈhɒbz.bɔːm/; 9 June 191... -
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Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm CH FRSL FBA (/ˈhɒbz.bɔːm/; 9 June 191...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm CH FRSL FBA (/ˈhɒbz.bɔːm/; 9 June 1917 – 1 October 2012) was a British Marxist historian of the rise of industrial capitalism, socialism and nationalism. His best-known works include his trilogy about what he called the "long 19th century" (The Age of Revolution: Europe 1789–1848, The Age of Capital: 1848–1875 and The Age of Empire: 1875–1914), The Age of Extremes on the short 20th century, and an edited volume that introduced the influential idea of "invented traditions".
eric hobsbawm

Jazz and the Images that Hold Us Captive

The New York Review of Books - 17 Jun 2018
That changed in the 1950s with the emergence of left-wing jazz critics like Nat Hentoff and Eric Hobsbawm, writing for the New Statesman under the pen name Francis Newton, and, in the 1960s, critics influenced by the emerging black power movement, such ...
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Marxism Without Progress

Boston Review - 16 Jun 2018
It came about by studying history, the discipline eventually practiced—after his expulsion from the Polish Communist Party—by the exiled Deutscher. In my second year of college I was assigned a number of Marxist historians—E.P. Thompson, Eric ...
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Today's lesson for politicians is to learn from history

Evening Standard - 04 Jun 2018
Hobsbawm, in turn, reiterated a point Cicero had made long ago: “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of a human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records ...
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Champions of SA's poor?

HeraldLIVE - 22 May 2018
With any number of caveats and acknowledging definitional disputes, we find ourselves in a time of what the great historian, Eric Hobsbawm, once described as the “social bandit”. This archetype resorts to brigandage and banditry on the country's roads ...
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Disappearances don't fix our social problems

The Star, Kenya - 08 Jun 2018
Quote of the day: "The greatest cruelties of our century have been the impersonal cruelties of remote decision, of system and routine, especially when they could be justified as regrettable operational necessity." - Eric Hobsbawm, The English historian ...
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Demarcating the Limits of Leftist Extremism

National Review - 25 May 2018
In 1994, the great Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm was asked if the carnage of Stalinism would have been justified had it succeeded in bringing about utopia. He replied in the affirmative. The editors of the socialist Jacobin magazine refer to the ...
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Proud to be born along with the NHS

The Guardian - 22 May 2018
I am sorry that your editing staff managed to have my Liverpool-born mother, Freddie Lambert, bombed in Liverpool rather than Cambridge, where the Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, a close student friend of hers, helped save her life (but not, sadly ...
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Diarmaid Ferriter: Who fears to speak of May 1968?

Irish Times - 26 May 2018
As historian Eric Hobsbawm characterised it, 1968 was a “great awakening to a world on the brink of revolution” and it was the spirit of youth that was striking; youth emerged as a recognisable group “and not merely a period of transition between ...
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A World Worth Fighting For: Marx Reconsidered

The Indypendent - 05 Jun 2018
It's certainly recommended reading for the new generation curious about the history of socialism, although it overlaps a good deal with the work of Eric Hobsbawm. But it can't be said that it answers any questions about the revolutionary agency of workers.
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Old New China

The Indian Express - 30 May 2018
Historians are to nationalism,” Eric Hobsbawm once remarked, “what poppy growers… are to heroin addicts. We supply the essential raw material for the market.” In the West, it is often the erasure of history, of the killing and subjugation of ...
eric hobsbawm

Why is Corbyn cosying up to Northern Ireland's unionists? (blog) - 31 May 2018
(to adapt Eric Hobsbawm 's formulation in Marxism Today). Some Corbynistas fear that Labour's support has peaked at around the 40 per cent mark – and the best they can hope for is a plurality in another hung Parliament. And there will be no relief for ...
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Eric Hobsbawm's histories

International Socialism Journal - 09 Jan 2018
This statement by Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012) is from a 1983 lecture on “Marx and History” commemorating the centenary of Karl Marx's death. On the bicentenary of his birth it reminds us of the importance of Marx, and of Hobsbawm himself, for the study ...
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China and India compete by twisting history

Financial Times - 23 May 2018
The Marxist British historian Eric Hobsbawm once said that “historians are to nationalism what poppy-growers in Pakistan are to heroin addicts: we supply the essential raw material for the market.” That is especially true for the leaders of the world's ...
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Chapter 2: Communism's European Beginnings

The Epoch Times - 07 Jun 2018
In How to Change the World: Reflections on Marx and Marxism by Eric Hobsbawm, the author wrote, “In these European countries, virtually all social thought, whether or not politically motivated like the socialist movement or Labour movement, are visibly ...
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An involved historian

MarketExpress - 07 May 2018
One of them was Eric Hobsbawm, then aged 14. He went to live in Berlin with his uncle Sydney. But those were the days of the Great Depression and massive unemployment. The Nazis came to power in Germany. They forced employers to employ Germans, ...

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