VA Chief Eric Shinseki, Set to Meet Obama, Apologizes for 'Systemic' Crisis -
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Promoting Antifa Mayhem

The New American - 25 Sep 2017
Heaphy, a protégé of Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, is the son-in-law of General Eric Shinseki, Obama's secretary of veteran affairs (and a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations). Heaphy's appointment does not inspire confidence ...
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The Forgotten Victims of Agent Orange

New York Times - 16 Sep 2017
In 2010, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki added three Agent Orange-related diseases to the V.A.'s compensation list, and Congress allocated $13.3 billion to cover the costs. An enterprising Senate aide slipped in $12 million for Agent ...
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What's happening tonight at the Democratic convention

Wisconsin Gazette - 06 Sep 2017
“Americans Coming Together” is the theme for the Sept. 5 program of the Democratic National Convention, which begins at 5 p.m. at the Times Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C. Attendees – and viewers – can expect to hear a lot about immigration, ...
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Cohen: Mobilizing the VA for better care in Memphis

The Commercial Appeal - 18 Sep 2017
I was proud to work with then-Secretary of the VA Eric Shinseki to bring Director Robinson to Memphis, and I commend him for his work to reform the Memphis VA. Like Director Robinson, I believe Director Dunning has the credentials and passion for ...
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The Agitator #250: Agent Orange and its legacy - 18 Sep 2017
Approximately 2010, General Eric Shinseki, then head of the VA declared that henceforth any veteran who could prove he was in Vietnam and who had one of the listed conditions, would automatically qualify for a presumptive disability. A claimant also ...
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Trump's most popular Cabinet secretary is Obama holdover

Politico - 28 Aug 2017
Trump has had nothing but praise for Shulkin, and he enjoys great popularity in the Senate and House, where Roe says that Shulkin's medical background gives him insights that his two predecessors, Eric Shinseki and Bob McDonald, didn't have. “We think ...
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Know Your Opponent: Army Black Knights

Waiting For Next Year - 16 Sep 2017
If you have ever watched the history channel you may have heard of Generals Douglas MacArthur, Omar Bradley, Hap Arnold, John Pershing, Matthew Ridgeway, Maxwell Taylor, William Westmoreland, Creighton Abrams, and Eric Shinseki. Essentially, any ...
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Shulkin Receives Bipartisan Praise for Changes at VA

Washington Free Beacon - 28 Aug 2017
Neither of Shulkin's two immediate predecessors, Eric Shinseki and Bob McDonald, were doctors themselves. Shulkin's reputation among high-ranking Democrats provides hope that VA reform can remain an issue marked by bipartisanship. "So far in his ...
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VA secretary to decide on new Agent Orange ailments by Nov. 1

The Daily Herald - 07 Aug 2017
That same level of evidence was used in 2010 by then-VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to add ischemic heart disease and Parkinson's disease to the Agent Orange presumptive list. Shinseki had stronger evidence, an IOM finding of “positive association” to ...
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Obama accepts resignation of VA Secretary Shinseki

Washington Post - 31 May 2014
Eric K. Shinseki resigned as secretary of veterans affairs Friday, apologizing for a scandal in which employees throughout the VA's massive hospital system conspired to hide months-long wait times that veterans faced when seeking care. The size and ...
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Shinseki 'mad as hell' about VA allegations, but won't resign

CNN - 16 May 2014
Under withering criticism, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki told a Senate committee on Thursday that he was "mad as hell" about allegations of deadly waiting times and coverup at VA hospitals but he doesn't plan to resign. The retired Army ...
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Too Many Generals In Trump Administration?

In Homeland Security - 09 Aug 2017
When Army Gen. Eric Shinseki provided what turned out to be spot-on estimates of troops needed for post-hostility control of Iraq, he was berated and retired. But hiring so many generals and retired officers, so quickly, and – focusing on Mattis ...
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VA secretary orders face-to-face audit at all clinics

CNN - 09 May 2014
Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has ordered a "face-to-face audit" at all Department of Veterans Affairs clinics, a spokeswoman told CNN on Thursday. Earlier in the day, the House Veterans Affairs Committee voted to subpoena Shinseki in the ...
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Quora: Why Did Obama Appoint a GOP FBI Head?

Newsweek - 25 Jun 2017
Take General Eric Shinseki as an example of standing up for truth when it really mattered. He was Army Chief of Staff when the Bush administration was trying to sell the country on going to war in Iraq. As part of the pitch, they used overly optimistic ...

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