Eugen Weidmann (February 5, 1908 – June 17, 1939) was a German ... -
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5 Mostly True Stories From 'Lore' That Will Creep You TF Out

Bustle - 02 Dec 2017
As recent as the 1930s, Eugen Weidmann was publicly executed for the murders of six people in Paris, France. Hundreds of people, including children, gathered in front of the prison and watched as he was executed via the guillotine. When the deed was ...
eugen weidmann

Ai là người cuối cùng bị xử tử bằng máy chém công khai?

Báo điện tử Kiến Thức - 25 Jun 2018
(Kiến Thức) - Máy chém là phương thức hành quyết tử tù phổ biến ở Pháp trong gần 200 năm. Vào năm 1939, lần cuối cùng việc xử tử bằng máy chém công khai tại Pháp. Người tử tù bị hành hình khi ấy là Eugen Weidmann. Giải mã bí mật tử hình bằng máy ...
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France's last public execution

Mashable - 04 Nov 2015
Born in Germany in 1908, Eugen Weidmann began stealing at a young age, and grew into a career criminal. He served five years in jail for robbery, where he met his future partners in crime, Roger Million and Jean Blanc. Upon release, the three men began ...
eugen weidmann

Comedian Derek Edwards makes Fort St. John debut this weekend

Alaska Highway News - 14 Jun 2018
In 1565, Matsunaga Hisahide assassinated the 13th Ashikaga shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiteru. In 1882, a tornado killed 130 in Iowa. In 1939, Eugen Weidmann, a convicted murderer, was guillotined in Versailles outside the prison Saint-Pierre, the last public ...
eugen weidmann

1939: France's Last Public Guillotining

New York Times (blog) - 18 Jun 2014
“Weidmann Goes to Guillotine With Firm Step But Eyes Shut”. Eugen Weidmann died yesterday with his eyes tightly closed. He shut them instinctively as he caught sight of the guillotine's hanging knife, when he stepped from Saint Peter's Prison, in ...
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What decapitation tells us about human nature

Minnesota Public Radio News - 11 Dec 2014
In "Severed," anthropologist Frances Larson explores Western culture's long-standing fascination with decapitated human heads. "A severed head, whether it is preserved whole or reduced to its skull, looks at us from another world where we are all ...
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Today in History: June 17

Manning Live - 17 Jun 2018
1939 – Last public guillotining in France: Eugen Weidmann, a convicted murderer, is guillotined in Versailles outside the Saint-Pierre prison. 1940 – World War II: RMS Lancastria is attacked and sunk by the Luftwaffe near Saint-Nazaire, France. At ...
eugen weidmann

Das sind die 10 schlimmsten Frankfurter aller Zeiten

Frankfurter Neue Presse - 02 May 2018
Eugen Weidmann ist ein außergewöhnlicher Verbrecher: ein eiskalter, einzig auf seinen Profit bedachter Mörder, der so gleichgültig tötet, wie andere Menschen eine Fliege erschlagen. Weidmann wird 1908 in Frankfurt geboren, zieht aber bald zu seinen ...
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Christopher Lee: Con người của những huyền thoại

Thế Giới Điện Ảnh Online - 09 Jul 2018
Sau khi tốt nghiệp trường Eton danh tiếng, Christopher Lee dành ra một năm để đi du lịch khắp nước Pháp. Theo ông chia sẻ thì hai sự kiện có tác động mạnh nhất tới mình vào thời điểm này là việc chứng kiến cuộc hành hình Eugen Weidmann, tên tội phạm ...
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Sunday Reading: Pulp Fiction

The New Yorker - 19 Nov 2017
“American in Paris,” by Janet Flanner. The relation of the murdered and the murderer is the base of any assassination. The relations between Jean De Koven, professional dancer from Brooklyn, and Eugen Weidmann, practiced criminal from Frankfurt am ...
eugen weidmann

Guillotinen-Opfer Eugen Weidmann: Letzte öffentliche Enthauptung

Spiegel Online - 18 Jun 2014
Und: Das Fallbeil traf jenen Mann, der wie kein Zweiter im Vorkriegsfrankreich das Feindbild der kaltblütigen deutschen Bestie verkörperte: Eugen Weidmann, Spitzname: "der Mörder mit dem Samtblick". "Unwiderstehlicher Drang zum Bösen". Zwischen Juli ...
eugen weidmann

The Last Public Execution in France

OUPblog (blog) - 17 Jun 2012
Versailles, France: 1939 Execution of the German criminal Eugène Weidmann (born 1908) which will be the last one performed in public. Several hundred additional spectators were apparently gathered behind a second cordon, not visible in this photograph.

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