Eugen Weidmann (February 5, 1908 – June 17, 1939) was a German ... -
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France's last public execution

Mashable - 04 Nov 2015
Born in Germany in 1908, Eugen Weidmann began stealing at a young age, and grew into a career criminal. He served five years in jail for robbery, where he met his future partners in crime, Roger Million and Jean Blanc. Upon release, the three men began ...
eugen weidmann

1939: France's Last Public Guillotining

New York Times (blog) - 18 Jun 2014
Today the body of the “German mystic,” who murdered for pocket money, lies in the convicts' graveyard in Versailles, and two letters are in the post. One went eastward to Frankfort, Germany. It is the official execution notice for Weidmann's parents ...
eugen weidmann

5 Mostly True Stories From 'Lore' That Will Creep You TF Out

Bustle - 02 Dec 2017
As recent as the 1930s, Eugen Weidmann was publicly executed for the murders of six people in Paris, France. Hundreds of people, including children, gathered in front of the prison and watched as he was executed via the guillotine. When the deed was ...
eugen weidmann

Our Past: Alton Box Board founded in 1910

Alton Telegraph - 16 Jun 2017
1939 – Last public guillotining in France: Eugen Weidmann, a convicted murderer, is guillotined in Versailles outside the Saint-Pierre prison. 1958 – The Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing, in the process of being built to connect Vancouver ...
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Hinrichtungen in Frankreich Das letzte Fallbeil

Stuttgarter Zeitung - 08 Sep 2017
Die Guillotine ist ein Hinrichtungswerkzeug aus längst vergangenen Zeiten? Tatsächlich liegt die letzte Exekution mit dem Fallbeil gerade mal 40 Jahre zurück – und hat im Nachbarland Frankreich stattgefunden. Die schauerliche Guillotine stammt aus dem ...
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Zeszli z gór i podpalili miasto. Dżihad przenosi się na wschód

TVN24 - 16 Jul 2017
Podczas przesłuchania oświadczył: - Nazywam się Eugen Weidmann, jestem Niemcem, a nie Szwajcarem i to ja zabiłem Lesobre'a. Zanim śledczy zaczęli sprawdzać jego słowa, musieli dowiedzieć się, kim w ogóle jest ten człowiek. Prześwietlili jego przeszłość ...
eugen weidmann

What decapitation tells us about human nature

Minnesota Public Radio News - 11 Dec 2014
Execution of Eugen Weidmann Crowd waits for the execution of Eugen Weidmann on June 17, 1939, in Versailles, outside the prison Saint-Pierre. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death and was the last man to be guillotined in public. AFP/AFP ...
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Guillotinen-Opfer Eugen Weidmann: Letzte öffentliche Enthauptung

Spiegel Online - 18 Jun 2014
Die Damenwelt schickte dem schmucken Serienmörder aufmunternde Liebesbriefe ins Gefängnis. Und als Weidmann an einem der Verhandlungstage erzählte, dass er sehr tierlieb sei und vor allem Katzen möge, bekam er von einem seiner weiblichen Fans drei ...
eugen weidmann

Christopher Lee facts - 18 Jun 2015
3. During the filming of the Lord Of The Rings he explained in great detail to Peter Jackson how it sounds when somebody gets stabbed in the back since he had experience in the war. 4. When Sir Christopher Lee was 17 he saw the death of a murderer ...
eugen weidmann

The Last Public Execution in France

OUPblog (blog) - 17 Jun 2012
73 years ago today, Eugène Weidmann became the last person to be executed before a crowd of spectators in France, marking the end of a tradition of public punishment that had existed for a thousand years. Weidmann had been convicted of having murdered ...
eugen weidmann

The reason people can't look away from public beheadings

The Independent - 14 Oct 2015
An academic has said the high number of people watching beheading videos, most recently perpetrated by Isis militants, is the result of the “sense of separation” created by the internet. Frances Larson, an author and Oxford anthropologist, suggests ...

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