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eurasian magpie

Foreign magpie spotted at Pilbara port

The West Australian - 16 Oct 2017
A foreign magpie which likely came to WA aboard a ship has been found and removed from Cape Lambert Port near Wickham. The Eurasian magpie was first spotted at the Rio Tinto facility last year, before re-appearing in August when it was reported by port ...
eurasian magpie

Local children learn about big-brained birds

The Recorder - 22 Feb 2018
One type of corvid, the Eurasian magpie, was the first non-mammal to recognize itself in a mirror. Only about a dozen other animals have been shown to recognize themselves in mirrors. In addition to recognizing themselves, corvids can recognize people ...
eurasian magpie

Zoologger: Old magpies get wise to freeloading cuckoos

New Scientist - 20 Jun 2014
Eurasian magpies have a bad reputation. If you believe the folklore, they are cunning little swines that bring bad luck to anyone who sees them. In parts of the UK, you can still hear people reciting incantations that are supposed to ward off this bad ...
eurasian magpie

For The Love of Crows

Scientific American (blog) - 29 Oct 2015
Carrion crows Corvus corone and Eurasian magpies Pica pica are a constant feature of my living space – literally coming within a few metres of my office on most days of the week – and Rooks C. frugilegus and Eurasian or Western jackdaws C. monedula are ...
eurasian magpie

The sad truth about why birds sing - 18 May 2017
A keen birdwatcher (rather, crucially, than a 'birder' or 'twitcher', whose monomaniacal passion he views as 'somewhere between an alternative lifestyle choice and an untreated neurosis'), he's a guide with a lively sense of the absurd, a wryly precise ...
eurasian magpie

The Brilliance of the Birds

Scientific American - 12 Apr 2016
My favorite example of social intelligence occurs in Eurasian jays, relatives of our blue jays and scrub jays. These birds seem to understand the mental states of their mates. A male Eurasian jay brings food to his mate. It's a way of courting. But ...
eurasian magpie

Name this creature: How to scientifically name a species

ABC Local - 05 Aug 2016
Let's say that an Australian bird scientist — an ornithologist — is talking with a researcher in Europe about magpies. But which magpies are they talking about: the Australian magpie (Cracticus tibicen) or the Eurasian magpie (Pica pica)?. By using ...
eurasian magpie

6 Fascinating Facts About the Misunderstood Magpie - 20 Aug 2014
Magpies have a reputation as thieves out to steal your shiny jewelry or take ornaments from your garden, but new research shows that flashy objects probably repel magpies. The myth seems to have built up without much science to back it up, but the ...
eurasian magpie

On the Trails: Magpies

Juneau Empire - 13 Nov 2015
These are black-billed magpies (Pica pica). The species is currently considered to comprise about twelve subspecies, spread across much of the northern hemisphere. The North American subspecies nests in the dry, cool parts of the West, geographically ...
eurasian magpie

'The Thing With Feathers' and 'The Homing Instinct'

New York Times - 07 Aug 2014
For Strycker, a discovery in 2008 by German researchers is revelatory: Mirror recognition, found in little more than a handful of big-brained mammals, shows up in only one bird species, the Eurasian magpie. Magpies are members of the corvid family ...
eurasian magpie

The Monkeys Know What's Up

Pacific Standard - 07 Apr 2015
Gordon Gallup that chimpanzees, our closest evolutionary relative, could recognize themselves in a mirror. They understood that the object in the mirror was their body, and thus things they saw in a mirror—such as a red splotch on the mirror image's ...
eurasian magpie

Montana Birding: Lumps, splits, what's that all about?

Montana Standard - 28 Apr 2016
The two pictures with this article show two of the subspecies within the dark-eyed junco, the slate-gray and the Oregon. In 2000, I gained a species on my world list, when they recognized that the black-billed magpie of Europe was a separate species ...
eurasian magpie

Bad birdies: Magpies caught on cheeky cigarette breaks

RT - 15 Jan 2016
One newspaper claims the bird has become a "hero" in Manchester, despite recent efforts by anti-tobacco to de-glorify smoking in the media. This magpie smoking a cigarette has become a hero in Manchester ...
eurasian magpie

Magpies 'feel grief and hold funerals' - 21 Oct 2009
After publishing an account of the funeral he received emails from people who had seen the same ritual in magpies, ravens and crows. "We can't know what they were actually thinking or feeling, but reading their action there's no reason not to believe ...
eurasian magpie

It's official, the superb fairy-wren is Australia's favourite bird

The Guardian - 07 Nov 2013
BirdLife Australia said the vote, a part of Bird Week 2013, was a "very close race" for top spot between the fairy-wren and that lover of all things shiny, the magpie. The hooded plover took third position, ahead of the laughing kookaburra. Other birds ...

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