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Gulls on film: roadkill scavenging by wildlife in urban areas

OUPblog (blog) - 24 Jun 2018
Seven different species removed the roadkill; two species of gull; herring gull (Larus argentatus) and lesser black-backed gull (Larus fuscus), carrion crow (Corvus corone), Eurasian magpie (Pica pica), red fox (Vulpes vulpes), domestic dog (Canis ...
eurasian magpie

Researchers may be underestimating roadkill numbers

Science Daily - 14 May 2018
Seven species were observed removing the roadkill; two species of gull, carrion crow, Eurasian magpie, red fox, domestic dog, and domestic cat. Corvids were the most common scavengers, responsible for 42% of roadkill removals. In addition to the ...
eurasian magpie

Amount of animals killed on roads is heavily underestimated - 15 May 2018
The scavengers also included a red fox, domestic dog, domestic cat, Eurasian magpie, and two species of gull. In addition, several wood mice and a brown rat were observed scavenging on the bait, but did not assist in removing it. Birds were found to ...
eurasian magpie

Five Myths About Magpies You Need To Stop Believing

Lifehacker Australia - 10 Oct 2017
Magpie season is currently in full swing (or should that be swoop?) with dozens of parks and playgrounds descending into avian war zones. But just because something is scary doesn't mean you should believe everything you hear. Here are five bogus ...
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Zoologger: Old magpies get wise to freeloading cuckoos

New Scientist - 20 Jun 2014
Eurasian magpies have a bad reputation. If you believe the folklore, they are cunning little swines that bring bad luck to anyone who sees them. In parts of the UK, you can still hear people reciting incantations that are supposed to ward off this bad ...
eurasian magpie

For The Love of Crows

Scientific American (blog) - 29 Oct 2015
Carrion crows Corvus corone and Eurasian magpies Pica pica are a constant feature of my living space – literally coming within a few metres of my office on most days of the week – and Rooks C. frugilegus and Eurasian or Western jackdaws C. monedula are ...
eurasian magpie

102 Photos of the Boys and the Birds

Out Magazine - 14 May 2018
The very talented Walter Jenkel manages to capture the wild part of the young men he photographs, while simultaneously taming a variety of beasts and insects in the hands of his subjects. His images define a time in a young man's life of long summer ...
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Winged Victories

New York Times - 07 Aug 2014
For Strycker, a discovery in 2008 by German researchers is revelatory: Mirror recognition, found in little more than a handful of big-brained mammals, shows up in only one bird species, the Eurasian magpie. Magpies are members of the corvid family ...
eurasian magpie

The Brilliance of the Birds

Scientific American - 12 Apr 2016
But magpies can do it too. Paint a red dot on a magpie's breast, and when it sees its reflection in the mirror, it will look down at its own breast and peck at the red spot. Or mental time travel, the ability to remember the past and plan for the ...
eurasian magpie

Magpies 'feel grief and hold funerals' - 21 Oct 2009
Another magpie did the same. Then all four stood vigil for a few seconds and one by one flew off." After publishing an account of the funeral he received emails from people who had seen the same ritual in magpies, ravens and crows. "We can't know what ...
eurasian magpie

New year, new birds: 10 newly-recognised species

BirdLife International - 29 Dec 2016
It should do - this Saudi Arabia endemic was, until 2016, considered a race of the famous Eurasian Magpie Pica pica. However, unlike its widespread relative, which has a range that spans Ireland to Vietnam, just 135 pairs of Asir Magpie remain, all of ...
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Cultural Relic or Comeback Cat? In Search of the Korean Tiger

Korea Exposé - 28 Feb 2018
The exhibition charts a mind-boggling range of characters ascribed to the tiger throughout Korean history: totem animal, mountain spirit, demon dispeller, magpie companion, zodiac figure, great scholar, pipe smoker, warrior, friend, idiot. “On one hand ...
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6 Fascinating Facts About the Misunderstood Magpie - 20 Aug 2014
Editor's note: This Care2 favorite was originally posted on August 20, 2014. Enjoy! Magpies are often maligned as pests, but they're actually quite interesting birds that are usually overlooked for both their beauty and their intelligence. Here are six ...
eurasian magpie

Name this creature: How to scientifically name a species

ABC Local - 05 Aug 2016
But which magpies are they talking about: the Australian magpie (Cracticus tibicen) or the Eurasian magpie (Pica pica)?. By using the scientific name, two scientists on opposite sides of the world can know for a fact that they're talking about the same ...
eurasian magpie

Human Hands Hold the Fate of These Fragile Birds

National Geographic (blog) - 19 May 2016
She met residents like a Eurasian coot whose feathers were covered in oil and a pigeon whose wings were cut by a human. (Oddly enough, as Gesink filled the role of mama bird, a slew of white storks were admitted to the shelter during the first month of ...

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