Euthanasia (from Greek: εὐθανασία; "good death": εὖ, eu; "well"... -

Euthanasia is always wrong, Pope Francis tells doctors

Catholic Herald Online - 18 Nov 2017
The Pope has addressed the ethics of medical intervention, telling doctors at the Vatican that those caring for the sick “without shortening their life, but also without futilely resisting their death.” The European members of the World Medical ...

Palliative care and euthanasia

ABC Online - 19 Nov 2017
The euthanasia debate has brought palliative care into the spotlight with it — with advocates arguing that despite best intentions, palliative care fails to adequately provide comfortable end-of-life services for some of its patients. But Professor ...

Paul Keating welcomes defeat of voluntary euthanasia bill in NSW

The Guardian - 17 Nov 2017
Former prime minister Paul Keating has welcomed the narrow defeat of NSW's voluntary euthanasia bill in the upper house, arguing it has helped preserve Australia's “ethical clarity”. Keating's remarks came after Christian Democratic Party leader Fred ...

Nitschke designs new euthanasia machine with detachable coffin

BioEdge - 18 Nov 2017
Australia's best-known euthanasia activist, Dr Philip Nitschke, is back in the news with another machine for committing suicide, the Sarco capsule. The machine will allow anyone who has the access key to end their life by simply pressing a button ...

Decision time on euthanasia

Eternity News - 16 Nov 2017
Fear of an expanding number of people being assisted to die drives opposition to the euthanasia bills currently before the Victorian and NSW parliaments. The Victorian bill could pass the upper house as early as today. It passed the lower house without ...

Sports journalist cancels euthanasia plan

Focus Taiwan News Channel - 19 Nov 2017
Once becoming its member, the clinic will reaffirm his or her ill condition and consciousness before its second interview, during which the euthanasia date and details of how the body will be handled will be decided, Fu said, adding that he canceled ...

Terminally ill Kiwis to have their say on euthanasia - 18 Nov 2017
Esther Richards, 54, and Vicki Walsh, 50, both know what it's like to be given a terminal diagnosis. But the two mothers have come to very different conclusions about assisted dying. Richards' cancer is now in remission and she is on the committee of ...

Demand for euthanasia surges in the Netherlands

BioEdge - 11 Nov 2017
What I would like would be to have the pills with me, at my home, ready for me to use them. I read a story about a Canadian girl diagnosed with terminal cancer at 29 who had the pills given to her by court order, and who died with peace and dignity in ...

Dogs, cats at high risk of euthanasia at overcrowded shelter

WISH-TV - 17 Nov 2017
INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The largest public animal shelter in Indianapolis has announced that it is at capacity and animals are in critical need of adoption to avoid euthanasia. According to Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS), an influx of ...

Captive Bolt Euthanasia Advice

Bovine Veterinarian - 10 Nov 2017
Shearer, who also is past president of the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council (DCWC), recently presented a DCWC webinar on “Best practices and training for on-farm euthanasia.” He discussed the three approved methods of euthanasia for cattle included in the ...

'What could help me to die?' Doctors clash over euthanasia

STAT - 26 Oct 2017
Like many in Belgium and elsewhere, Thienpont, a respected psychiatrist and prominent euthanasia advocate, believes that when medicine can't relieve suffering, euthanasia — when doctors actively kill patients — should be an option. And because ...

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