Euthanasia (from Greek: εὐθανασία; "good death": εὖ, eu; "well"... -

Pony with injured penis is saved from euthanasia

Press Herald - 17 Jan 2018
BRIDGTON — A Maine animal rescue group says it has raised enough money to save a 15-year-old pony that lost part of its penis due to cancer and frostbite. Bridgton-based Animal Rescue Unit took over care of the pony that was suffering from cancer and ...

Betty Guy murder trial: Barry Rogers 'spoke of euthanasia'

BBC News - 15 Jan 2018
A man accused of murder asked his ex-wife about euthanasia before saying he had killed his grandmother, a court has heard. Barry Rogers, 33, and his mother Penelope John, 50, are alleged to have killed Betty Guy, 84, of Johnston, Pembrokeshire, in ...

Debating euthanasia

The Southland Times - 16 Jan 2018
In reply to Pastor John Gullick's response to my letter on Euthanasia – I did not pass judgement on your "religious beliefs". I clearly stated that "I have no religious beliefs". You have strayed from the topic in question Euthanasia, the right to die ...

Elderly Indian Couple Ask for Joint Active Euthanasia

National Review - 11 Jan 2018
A healthy elderly couple in India is asking for joint euthanasia because their lives are of no use. From the Telegraph story: Mumbai: A city-based elderly couple have sought President Ram Nath Kovind's permission for active euthanasia or “assisted ...

Marae protocol may change if euthanasia legalised

Newshub - 16 Jan 2018
Green MP Marama Davidson says historically, Māori did sometimes practise euthanasia. "Similarly as we had a form of abortion using herbal concoctions and so forth, we also had a form of assisted dying." Because protocols are not universal, it would be ...

Reverend questions euthanasia bill's impact on te ao Māori

Radio New Zealand - 15 Jan 2018
ACT Party leader David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill was drawn from the ballot last year and it passed its first reading in December with strong backing from Māori MPs across all political parties. Reverend Chris Huriwai questioned Māori MPs on ...

Canada Conjoining Euthanasia/Organ Donation

National Review - 05 Jan 2018
In my first anti-euthanasia column, published in Newsweek in 1993, I warned that eventually medicalized killing/suicide would be conjoined with organ harvesting “as a plum to society.” “Slippery slope argument!” my detractors yelled at me. “Alarmist ...

Should Pediatric Euthanasia be Legalized?

AAP News - 09 Jan 2018
Voluntary active euthanasia for adults at their explicit request has been legal in Belgium and the Netherlands since 2002. In those countries, acceptance of the practice for adults has been followed by acceptance of the practice for children. Opponents ...

The 3D Printed Machine Sarco That's Revolutionizing Euthanasia

Study Breaks - 13 Jan 2018
This specific idea has become a point of contention for many of those in opposition of euthanasia; they feel that there's a direct connection between the decision to commit suicide and psychiatric illness. Nitschke, in an interview with Vice, explains ...

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