An explosive lens—as used, for example, in nuclear weapons—is a... -
explosive lens

An explosive lens—as used, for example, in nuclear weapons—is a...

wikipedia - 20 Sep 2016
An explosive lens—as used, for example, in nuclear weapons—is a highly specialized shaped charge. In general, it is a device composed of several explosive charges. These charges are arranged and formed with the intent to control the shape of the detonation wave passing through them. The explosive lens is conceptually similar to an optical lens, which focuses light waves. The charges that make up the explosive lens are chosen to have different rates of detonation. In order to convert a spherically exp
explosive lens

UK: Defective London Bomb Is Likely the Work of an Amateur

STRATFOR - 15 Sep 2017
An improvised explosive device detonated at the Parsons Green subway station in London during the morning rush hour commute on Sept. 15. The device, which in images from the scene appears to be a white bucket concealed in a grocery bag, is likely the ...
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3D Printing Recipes Save Time, Ensure Results

Rapid Ready Technology - 21 Sep 2017
Offering comparable expertise, but applied to 3D printing metals and other materials, Optomec has now published highly detailed, vendor-specific guidelines for additive manufacturing (AM) on both its LENS (laser engineered net shaping) and Aerosol Jet ...
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Successful Digital Marketing For Restaurants

Forbes - 14 Sep 2017
The explosive growth of social media and smartphones allows your target audience to see and criticize your every move. Yelp certainly doesn't help matters by allowing everyone – particularly millennials – the opportunity to shred your business without ...
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Behind the Scenes / North Korea's relentless nuclear advance

The Japan News - 15 Sep 2017
For the miniaturization of such a device, it is regarded as important that the plutonium pit located at the core of the weapon and the implosion lens that surrounds it with explosive material be made as small as possible, and also that the explosion be ...
explosive lens

Opponent Defense Preview: Colorado

UW Dawg Pound - 21 Sep 2017
The secondary has far exceeded expectations so far, not allowing a touchdown until, ironically, FCS Northern Colorado scored three on explosive plays of between 25 and 60 yards. Granted, that could just be a case of looking ahead to ...
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Fraternity - test piece review - 04 Sep 2017
It is that reality that informs Thierry Deleuyelle's outstanding composition 'Fraternity' - an intensely thoughtful work that recalls one such horrific disaster; that of Courrieres near Lens in Northern France in 1906, when 1099 miners were killed by ...
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The Dutch Understand Flooding. Why Can't America Manage It?

CityLab - 28 Aug 2017
This article is adapted from a column published by the nonprofit online news service The Lens, and used with permission. August brings poignance to the politics of floodwater management in low-lying cities along the Gulf of Mexico. It's the anniversary ...
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We Need to Tweak the Way We Teach Kids About 9/11

UT News | The University of Texas at Austin - 12 Sep 2017
In the end, we settled on a less explosive rendering of events and stressed the unifying effects of the attacks in their immediate aftermath. I focused on the candlelit vigils ...
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'Logan Lucky' proves Hollywood still doesn't get Trumpland

New York Post - 26 Aug 2017
Tatum plays an unemployed coal miner and single dad; Adam Driver, his brother, a one-armed bartender who lost his limb in Iraq; and Craig a tattooed explosives expert named Joe Bang, whose white-blond hair and piercing blue eyes suggest an Aryan ...

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